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Chic and Cozy Lighting

Oct 30, 2015


1. Grey Marble Table Lamp // 2. Schoolhouse Desk Lamp // 3. Herringbone Lamp // 4. Rope fixture // 5. Black and Gold Table Lamp // 6. Plaid Table Lamp // 7. Marble Table Lamp // 8. Cloche Table Lamp // 9. Tripod Floor Lamp // 10. Clip On Brass Light // 11. Metallic Wall Sconce // 12. Chevron Deco Lamp// 13. Nantucket Table Lamp // 


You guys, HAPPY FRIDAY! 

With all the dreary fall weather (and Halloween, obviously) I’ve had lighting on the mind lately. You know, when like, 3pm rolls around, how it’s necessary these days to turn on ALL of the lights. (Wah!!) 

I actually just got TWO new light fixtures (which I’m super excited to share with you soon) and it has made such a difference! Do you ever find that lighting is something we push to the end of the priority list when decorating? I’m not sure why. Now I’m kind of addicted. 

Next up, we do need to get another floor lamp in our bedroom. It has no overhead ceiling light (wtf?) so we’ve kind of been roughing it through the dark with one weeny lamp next to the bed, and desperately need more lighting. 

Here are 13 of my very favorites, shop them all above! 

In other news, I’m pretty excited for a low-key Halloween weekend! We’re headed over to Kelly and Mitch’s to act like really old people and drink lot’s of wine and hand out candy to Trick or Treaters. What are you up to?

Have an amazing weekend and Happy Halloween! 

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