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Cheeky Pink Tassel Dress

Jan 16, 2017


Pink tassel dress: Shopbop–comes in SO MANY COLORS! // Sandals: Very old, but I love these, these, these, and these adorable wrap-around sandals–all would all be great for a warm-weather trip! Tote bag: a gift from my bff, Ally, for being a bridesmaid! How sweet is that!? I know she got them on Etsy, but I can’t find them currently. Although, Nordstrom does sell several similar versions! // Hat: similar here (also love this straw wide-brim fedora!) 
Monday! How is it already Monday?

Are you like me in that you say things like, “oh, it’ll be so nice when summer dies down–I’ll have so much more free time! Life will stop moving so fast!” only to then start saying, “ohh after the holidays! It’ll be so nice then!”

(Do we ever stop saying this? I swear life hasn’t stopped moving any less quickly!)

I remember when we walked into our room in Mexico, running out to the balcony, giddy over the view and the weather screaming “I CAN’T BELIEVE WE’RE HEEEREEE!!”–I stopped to take a mental picture and remember how I felt in that moment, because I knew in a blink, the trip would be over.

And that’s pretty much how it went! But luckily, I have all these great photos to remember it by, right?

We snapped these our second day (our first full day, if you will) in Cancun. We were still getting our bearings around the resort–we stayed at Secrets Playa Mujeres, and it was a dream (full review on our trip and the resort right over here!)

There was this beautiful boardwalk that took you from the hotel down to the beach. We were like giddy little teenagers walking around and taking in how beautiful it was. We hadn’t explored that side of the resort yet, and just around the bend, we saw a little tiki bar with swings, and about a dozen cabanas to the left. (More on the cabanas in the next post–we had slept in too late to snag one that day!)

I then witnessed another girl ordering something called a “Bahama Mama,” at the tiki bar, and she was promptly handed the most beautiful peachy-coral colored drink. (Which happened to be the EXACT color of the dress I was wearing!)

I decided that I had to have one. What else could you want at 10am in Mexico?

I’m never usually one for tropical, girly drinks, but something about being in Mexico changed my mind. I think I racked up Bahama Mamas in the double digits while I was there!

This dress is the perfect tropical vacation dress. I wore it here as a beach cover-up (how cute would it look with these wrap-around sandals?) but you could easily pair it with espadrille wedges like these for a dinner date! (We loved that the resort had a bunch of restaurants, many of them more upscale, which was nice to have an excuse to dress up for dinner, rather than living in flip flops the whole time!)

Shop all dress colors:

Afterwords, we headed to brunch, and then got lucky enough to snag two beach chairs right by the infinity pool, overlooking the beach! (Heaven.)

To be honest, I always thought I would get bored on an all-inclusive vacation–but I was so, so wrong. If you’re like me, I will assure you, there are so many things to do at the resort and in Cancun in general, you will never be bored! (Also, I surprised myself–ALL I wanted to do was lay on the beach and do nothing, haha!)


What-To-Pack-For-Mexico-3 What-To-Pack-For-Mexico-12 What-To-Pack-For-Mexico-4
What-To-Pack-For-Mexico-6 What-To-Pack-For-Mexico-7

Fast forward to now–you know, real life–I have to admit my brain is still in post-holiday/vacation mush. I hope this week will be more productive! Do you feel back to normal yet?

We had a very relaxing and fun weekend! We hadn’t hung out with Kelly and Mitch in FOREVER. Since before the holidays! (So yes, essentially, forever.) We went over there on Friday night and had so much fun. (Emma has grown soooo much since we last saw her. Can’t she stay tiny forever?!)

I made skinny pool dip (recipe here, but I hold the black olives. Bleh!) asian turkey sliders (which I don’t have a recipe for because I usually make up my own!) and coleslaw! Kelly made fruit salad. (That means wine. Shhhh.)

It seems like it’s been forever since I cooked anything, so it felt so good to get back in the kitchen! (Speaking of kitchens, did you see our latest kitchen update?)

What-To-Pack-For-Mexico-8 What-To-Pack-For-Mexico-9
What-To-Pack-For-Mexico-11 What-To-Pack-For-Mexico

Hope you have a wonderful Monday! Let’s all go back to Mexico soon, yeah?

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