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Jan 25, 2017


Coat: Canada Goose Shelburne Parka c/o Tuckernuck (Kelly has the navy version, which I also love!) Sizing tip: These run pretty true to size. I’m wearing an XS (but I usually wear a small), but I sized down, because I like my winter coats to be more form-fitting (because I don’t like looking like a marshmallow, and I’m too lazy to put on many layers anyway!) It’s snug, so if you like your coat to be more roomy, order your normal size! // Boots: Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots (but my favorite budget-friendly under $200 version was just restocked!) // Leather Leggings: old, but similar here (I’ve been wanting to get this Spanx version–they aren’t too shiny AND they suck you in!) here, and here (I think this version looks most like real leather, but only $79!) // Scarf: Vintage, but love this one, this one and this one! // Scalloped tee: Nordstrom–only $25 and is such a fun switch up from a basic tee! (Also comes in white!) // Grey Cardigan: Old, but similar here (I styled the camel version in this post!) and here (also can we talk about this FLUFFY one!?) // Lipstick: MAC Lady Danger // Hair: Curled with my Beachwaver curling iron + Oribe texture spray // Camera bag: Lo + Sons


Guess what day it is?

Guess. What. Day. It. IS.

(Is it just me, or do you love the “HUMP DAYYYY” Geico commercial with the camel walking through the office? Literally top 5 favorite commercials of all time.)

Anyway, today is going to be a great one, because Kelly, Emma and Noodle are coming over! I try to get together with friends to “co-work” from time to time because sometimes working at home by yourself for days on end can get lonely, and also–cute baby smiles really help cheer you up when the weather is gloomy!

Speaking of, I took these photos last week when I got together with Shaheen! We’re lucky enough to live down the street from one another, so we like to get coffee, go on walks, and sometimes run errands together!

We both needed to go to Nordstrom so we got coffee at one of my favorite spots, La Colombe (well, she brought her own tea. I got coffee.) and jumped on the El. (Fun fact: Chicago’s version of the subway is called the “El” which was first invented during the World’s Fair and is short for “Elevated train.” In case you wanted a mini history lesson.)

Another side note: These photos were taken across the street at Dove’s. Have you been to Dove’s Luncheonette? If you haven’t, you NEED to put it on your list. It’s so good. It’s a casual, trendy diner with a southwestern twist. The pazole and fried chicken are absolutely outstanding.

So anyway, we had been planning to pick up a couple things at Nordstrom and shoot that day, because the forecast said 50 degrees and sunny (aka SUMMER) but then we woke up and it was cloudy and 35 degrees. (WHATTT?)

Not THAT terribly cold, but to be honest, I didn’t really plan on shooting this outfit–so, this is a true “running errands” outfit for you 😉

I’m wearing my two absolute winter mainstays that I pull on pretty much each and every day these days–my Canada Goose parka, and my Stuart Weitzman boots. (If you missed it, Neal surprised me with them for Christmas!! He is the best!)

In December, I got the Shelburne Canada Goose Parka from Tuckernuck and oh my goodness, it has made such a difference. Winter is like a totally different ballgame with this coat. If you’re wondering if it really IS worth all the hype–I assure you, it truly is.

(I also hadn’t purchased a new puffer coat since college. It was what one might call “poop brown”, and I was convinced a down winter coat could never be cute anyway, so why bother getting a new one? Haha! So, you could say this girl REALLY knows how to appreciate her Canada Goose parka!)


I walk everywhere and actually enjoy it these days, instead of counting down the seconds until I can get indoors again. Not only is it insanely warm, but it actually looks cute! I often wear it with just a tank and leggings underneath to walk to yoga (about a 10 min walk) and I’m never cold. No extra layers necessary.

For sizing: I ordered an XS. I really prefer my coats to fit more snug and form-fitting, so I typically size down. However, if you like to leave room for layers, I suggest ordering your normal size!

One of the coolest features about it (okay, this is dorky, I know, but I promise you’ll think it’s cool too)–it has straps on the inside, so you can take it off when you’re in a store or on the El (subway) and still keep it strapped to you.

….Or, in Shaheen’s case, it makes it REALLY easy to hold my coat while she’s shooting my outfit ;-P

(This is real life.)



CanadaGoose-13 Another unforeseen benefit of OTK boots: They actually keep you REALLY warm! They’re like boot pants! How sweet is that?!

I had been wanting this pair for years and Neal completely surprised me with them unexpectedly. Which I was very upset over, because we had agreed to not go crazy with gifts! (Granted, his birthday is coming up in a few weeks, so I’ll be getting him back ;-))

I have to tell you, after years of searching for equal dupes, there is nothing that comes close to the Lowland boots. I would sleep in these boots if I could–they look so good with everything and are so wonderful to wear out at night because they’re so fashionable, yet easy to walk in and so, so warm.

(If they aren’t in the budget for you though, that’s totally understandable! I lovee this pair I got earlier this season–the only other ones that actually fit my calves snugly! They’re elastic in the back, aren’t thigh-high and don’t have the cute tie in the back–BUT–they still look FABULOUS and are way easier on the budget at $199! A total steal if you ask me! Anddd they’re waterproof!)

Okay, unfortunately I’m up late night writing this post and it’s VERY MUCH time for bed. (Not to mention, I’ve had a charcoal mask on my face for the last hour and a half that I really need to wash off now. Probably not recommended. #Overkill.)



Have a wonderful (and hopefully warm!) Wednesday!

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