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Cashmere Essentials with Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor Golden Girl-6

Cashmere sweater, coat, and boots c/o Ann Taylor // Jeans: Henry & Belle // Bag: Vera Bradley // Belt: Tommy Bahama (old–similar) // Necklace: C. Wonder, borrowed from Kelly (old–similar here and nearly identical here.) Bracelets: Kendra Scott and J.Crew


So, yesterday was cold guys. And winnnnnnddd-dy!

It was the first day of the year that truly felt like winter. And as sad as it is that winter is rapidly approaching,  it was actually the perfect day to shoot this cozy outfit from Ann Taylor–warm cashmere, a pretty wool coat, and leather booties!

I’m starting to get really excited for the holidays. For one, Neal and I are planning to get our VERY FIRST Christmas tree. A REAL ONE! I’ve never had a real tree of my own before, so as you can imagine, this is certainly an adulthood milestone to be celebrated! Our first Christmas living together, and a real Christmas tree!

A Christmas tree of our own also requires us to buy, you know, all of the ornaments, and all of the Christmas lights. This will be VERY FUN. 

I’m so excited. Yes, I know this is still weeks away, but I can get excited early, right? 

The real reason I’m in the Christmas spirit so early this year is because Kelly and I have been working on something really awesome behind the scenes that we’ll be revealing on (fingers crossed, if all goes well) Monday! So make sure to check back then 😉 

In other news, circling back around here–Ann Taylor has some pretty great cashmere. This sounds a bit random, but I’ve been wanting a classic, crew neck navy cashmere sweater for awhile now. Why didn’t I already have one? I’m not sure. There are a lot of random holes in my closet that I’d really like to fill this year, and this was one of them! I absolutely love this beautiful sweater. It’s soft, super warm, and is the most gorgeous, rich, dark navy hue. It makes me feel part like my mother and part Jackie Kennedy in the best way possible. 

And then there is the camel wool coat–another “hole” in my wardrobe that it seemed I should have filled by the age of 27. A quality camel coat can now be checked off my list! I absolutely love the color, and the pop of orangey-red when you pop the collar and roll up the sleeves! 

Finally–the boots! (The boooots.) I love these boots and have worn them nonstop since I got them. They make everything look so timeless and chic, and I love the deep, reddish-brown color! (Which also makes them look more expensive than they are, don’t you think?) 

Kelly also got the cutest cashmere turtleneck and wool wrap coat (sneak peak below!), so make sure to pop on over to Kelly in the City to see her outfit today! 

Ann Taylor Golden Girl-62Ann Taylor Golden Girl-33Ann Taylor Golden Girl-10 Ann Taylor Golden Girl-12 Ann Taylor Golden Girl-17 Ann Taylor Golden Girl-66 Ann Taylor Golden Girl-24 Ann Taylor Golden Girl-27Ann Taylor Golden Girl-39 Ann Taylor Golden Girl-29Ann Taylor Golden Girl-56 Ann Taylor Golden Girl-64Ann Taylor Golden Girl-21Ann Taylor Golden Girl-40

Ann Taylor Golden Girl-2

Have an amazing weekend!