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Caralyn’s Amazon the Drop Collection Launches Today!

Jul 16, 2020

Caralyns Amazon the Drop Collection

Guess what day it isssss?? 

Friday eve AND most importantly––the day that my friend Caralyn’s Amazon the Drop collection launches! ????????  (Time is TBD, so keep refreshing the page!!) 

If you haven’t heard of Amazon the Drop, it’s Amazon’s partnership program with different influencers that allows them to design their own pieces with a limited run, so the items are typically only available for purchase for a few hours only before they sell out! 

Caralyn and I haven’t technically met in real life, BUT we’ve become friends recently on Instagram–(you know, where I meet all of my influencer friends ????) and I know so many of you love following her as well! She is truly a light on social media for her adorable personality, style, and relatable content. I also love that she posts really helpful tips on topics that aren’t widely discussed but that SO many women struggle with––like finding a properly fitting bra, for example–a topic she is VERY well versed in! So, basically, if you aren’t following her, hop on over to her Insta and do so! 

Caralyn’s Amazon the Drop Collection

In preparation for her upcoming launch, she was so nice to send me this cute navy dress from her line, and when I posted a little sneak peak try-on of it on stories, it was a HIT!! For good reason–it’s such a classic summer dress that you can wear for SO many occasions.

Bear with me as the photos I’m posting here I shot with my iPhone tripod and a remote. ????  I didn’t have much time as I’ve been scrambling with post-vacay catchup. Andddd I forgot to take the hairbands off my wrists. But really who doesn’t have a hairband or two on their wrist all the time? Why has this not become a trend? Oh well–c’est la vie. 

[one-half-first]Caralyns Amazon the Drop Collection[/one-half-first][one-half]

Caralyn Amazon the Drop Collection


What I love about this dress: 

1: It’s a great length––short enough to be cool, and cut enough to be flowy, but not so flowy that you have to worry about it blowing up anytime the wind blows! (V. Important). 

2. She designed this dress to be regular bra-friendly (!!!) When I wear this with a normal bra, the straps are covered (that is, if you don’t tie the the straps haphazardly as I did here–like I said, I was in a rush ???? I’m really killing it at blogging these days) The elastic under the armpit ensures it hugs your bust in a super flattering way and doesn’t gape and show your bra! Here I’m actually wearing it with stickies because I’m lazy and they require less effort than actually putting on a bra but they definitely don’t offer any support–so whatever bra route you go–this dress will have you covered! 

3. It is available in a wide range of sizes, from XXS to 3X! It runs true to size. (I take a size small). 

4. It’s $49! 

5. The straps untie and are fully adjustable! 

6. The back is stretchy and very comfortable. 

Caralyn's Amazon the Drop Collection

Attempting the casual twirl. Note to self: stop forgetting to steam the sides of your dress. ????

Some things to remember when shopping Amazon The Drop collections: 

These items go FAST! Remember Grace’s collection? It was gone in I think less than 5 minutes. So make sure you sign up for Amazon’s text alerts to know exactly when the collection drops! (I don’t know what time it will be!) 

Congrats Caralyn!! So excited for you and I know your launch is going to be wildly successful! You can shop the full collection right here

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