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10 Essentials for your Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Sep 26, 2016

Capsule Wardrobe For Fall: 10 essential items your closet needs!

Capsule wardrobes are one of the buzziest things happening in the style world right now. I don’t have one per-say, but I do have several pieces I return to again and again, as do you–I’m sure! (Not to mention, in a Kon-Mari craze several months back I donated about 90% of my closet, so you could say, by default, I do have a capsule wardrobe at the moment.) 

At the turn of each season, there are a handful of pieces that I absolutely cannot wait to wear. Neutrals, autumn-inspired pops of color, plaids (obviously!), and fun textures are always what I gravitate toward–items that can make a boring outfit a whole lot more interesting.

These ten are super special because they can be worn just about 100 different ways, and made to work for any occasion, day or night–desk to dinner. 

SO, capsule wardrobe or not, I guarantee, you’ll be cycling through these 10 items on a weekly basis this fall. Letttt’s jump into them already, yes? 

1. Colored booties 

I absolutely love rust, wine, and burgundy hues for fall. It’s a really nice way to add a pop of color that can still pass as a neutral. (Who knew that was a thing?) Deep navy’s and greens are also a very close second. Sole Society has some especially cute booties in all types of colors–I just snagged these “Flynn” booties, which will be coming to you in an outfit post soon! Nordstrom, of course, has no shortage either. 

2. Toggle Cape

Have you seen J.Crew’s Amsterdam collection. Hot damn I want one of EVERYTHING. (P.S. J.Crew is sold at Nordstrom now–Yippeeee free shipping!!) One that really stood out is this gorgeous toggle-clasped cape, which comes in navy as well as grey. Just too good. 

3. Plaid Scarf 

Clearly necessary for ANY fall wardrobe, I am so looking forward to ALL. OF. THE. PLAID. I really love this scarf in particular–don’t get me wrong, I love my red and blue/green tartans as much as the next girl, but the subdued colors in this pattern in particular make this scarf a softer option for more feminine outfits. 

4. Preppy Mules 

UMMM these horse bit loafer mules (Cough. Gucci knockoffs) are perfect and also $89. (EIGHTY-NINE.) They also come in navy. *Adding to cart* 

5. Not-so-tan trench

My mother always told me that beige was a terrible color on me–something only blondes could pull off. (Thanks, Mom!) As much as I love the classic, light-colored trenches, they never really did much for me color-wise. But the deeper, richer hue of this trench is flattering on all skin-tones, and doesn’t wash you out! 

6. Silk Scarf

I mean–I had to put one on here. Are you really surprised? I can’t get enough of this black and white one with little parisian doodles all over it. (Be cuter, I dare you.) 

7. Black cross-body 

This designer dupe is super chic, roomy, and will only set you back $50! YEP. Gimme that. 

8. Art Deco Stone Earrings

I’m not usually one for large, dangly earrings, but these art deco gems are something really special. I love the black and tan vibe they’ve got going on–which makes them easy to pair with any fall outfit and a very simple way to make a statement. 

9. Suede mini 

70’s have been THE decade for a couple seasons now, and this one is no different. If you haven’t purchased yourself a suede mini, girl–you are missing OUT! They are so much fun, make you feel like Charlie’s #1 angel, and they look great with heels and flats alike. 

10. Black turtleneck 

The most functional AND chic award goes to the black turtleneck! One of my favorite style icons is Jackie O–a woman who knew the true value of one of these bad boys. (This is one of my all-time favorite photos of her!) As much as Neal makes fun of me, I am a self proclaimed turtleneck addict. I mean, they just look so good with everything! If you’re only going to add ONE of these items to your capsule wardrobe, I mean, this should probably be it. (No, you won’t look like a mime. I promise. Wear it with that silk scarf above. I die.) 

What are your capsule wardrobe necessities for fall? 

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