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Capsule Wardrobe Remix: Fall Essentials–21 Staples, 15 Outfits

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You guys, I can’t believe the big day is here! If you’ve been following along on Instagram stories, you know I’ve been excitedly awaiting the big reveal of my brand new series!

I haven’t been this giddy about a project in…I don’t remember how long?

This idea for this series came about a couple of different ways:

First, the realization that I often wear the same key items over and over for all different occasions. Plus the fact that I wasn’t really wasn’t showing you all the ways I was wearing them.

Second, when I asked you guys on your opinion on what you wanted to see on my blog style-wise, I heard that you wanted more inspiration on how to get more wear out of the pieces you already love (and inspiration on what else you needed to buy to fill the holes in your wardrobe)–a lightbulb went off!

So, here we are–the first edition of my brand new series (thank you to all who voted on the name!)…drumroll…

Capsule Wardrobe Remix! 

(Neal told me that it shouldn’t include the word “remix” because everyone would just think of R.Kelly, but he got vetoed.)

Here’s how it works:

The first week of each month, I will release a new monthly “capsule wardrobe” list, which will contain a fresh mix of items. Many of these will be items you already own. Think skinny jeans, or black pumps. Some will also be more on-trend pieces–like an off the shoulder sweater, or leather leggings.

In the weeks following (in addition to my regular outfit posts) I’ll release four additional posts in continuation of the Capsule Wardrobe Remix series. These posts will show you how to style one featured item multiple ways for multiple occasions. For example, from the office, to date night, to travel, to Sunday morning brunch, and everything in between. (You’ll see the first one next week–but you can get a sneak peak in the video above! Remember, this post is just the reveal of October’s items!)

I encourage you to take away what works best for you each month–and leave what you don’t! You can make it a challenge and stick closely to the items outlined, or pick and choose as you like. If an item isn’t your style, feel free to substitute something that is, and play around!

My dream for this series is that it will spark your imagination and help you evolve your style in new and interesting ways!

Even more exciting! Along with the outfit photos, as you may have guessed from the video above, I’ll be releasing short, fun videos that highlight the outfits, too! (This part will be more of a test, Cassandra and I will see how we like doing them and if I can keep up with them, haha! Make sure to let us know your feedback and if you’d like to continue seeing more video!)

So–let’s jump into this month’s capsule wardrobe remix list–yes?


Capsule Wardrobe Staples–Pants:

Leather leggings: I chose leather leggings to lead us off because I think they’re very daunting for most people. It’s easy to get fooled into thinking they’re a one-trick pony. (They’re not, guys! I’ll prove it!) I’ve had mine for years, but Nordstrom has a ton of them in stock and I’ve heard amazing things about this Spanx pair in particular. (With a control top, even better!) 

Skinny Jeans: No-brainer, I live in skinny jeans, in particular, the Rag & Bone skinny jeans. I love the raw hem but you prefer a classic hem, there is also this option!

Boyfriend jeans: I chose boyfriend jeans because they offer a completely different look than skinny jeans. If you’re looking to make your outfit look more chic and trendy, I think boyfriend jeans are an excellent way to do it. I recently got this pair from Everlane that I love. (Note: pay attention to sizing tips on their site!)

Capsule Wardrobe Staples–Shoes:

Leopard loafers: You’ll be seeing a LOT of these leopard loafers on this blog, because they really do make every outfit look instantly more stylish. Leopard always adds a ton of visual interest to any outfit. Plus, they are truly the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on my feet. They required zero break-in, no blisters–ever! 

Black pumps: I’ve owned this particular pair of Sam Edelman pumps for years. They’re slingbacks, and they’ve since been discontinued, but this pair is super similar in the d’Orsay style. This ankle strap version is adorable, too! I love Sam Edelman shoes (Nordstrom has a good selection and Shopbop’s selection is also diverse and totally different) They’re one of my go-to brands for footwear. 

Black OTK boots: I own two pairs of black OTK boots. In this month’s series, I’ll be styling the Stuart Weitzman Lowlands, but I always refer people to the Blondo Olivia’s, which I also own and love, if they want something more budget-friendly. 

Heeled Booties: I chose one pair of booties that are light tan in color–the reason for this is because tan and/or light grey are probably the most versatile color you can choose in a pair of booties! Additionally, something with a low heel will allow you to wear them both day and night seamlessly. Not to mention, actually be able to walk in them! 

These booties by 1.State go with everything I own, they are SO comfy, and are only $99! I love the shape of the toe. Plus, the fact that they’re cut out in the back too adds a little more visual interest! Because of the shape and color, they also help to elongate your leg, which is hard to find in a bootie, as most of the time they can cut you off at the ankles and make your legs look stubby! 

White Sneakers: It’s no secret that I love my white sneakers. I’ve just about worn these Jack Purcells into the ground. Keds or white Converse are also great options. They are comfortable once you break them in and they look so classic, crisp, and timeless. They’re fantastic for travel and I often wear them to bop around the city on the weekends. 

Capsule Wardrobe Staples–Base layers:

Striped tee: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–when in doubt, choose a layer with stripes! I’ve found that classic black and white stripes add a lot more visual interest to your outfit than just a standard grey or white t-shirt. Plus, they look really cute mixed with other patterns, like leopard, or plaid! Again, mine featured here is old but this one is basically the exact same! I also love the striped “Perfect Tee” from J.Crew!

White button down: Often, the classic white button down gets forgotten about once you’ve moved past that “first office job post college” phase–and it’s a shame! White button downs are one of my favorite layers all year round. They look adorable with jean shorts and just as cute layered under sweaters, over leather leggings, or tucked into boyfriend jeans. If you’re looking to look polished and classy but still chic and on-trend, this is one of the easiest ways to do it!

Silk tank: You’ve seen me live in these this past summer–and I use the term “silk” loosely–honestly, any thin, flowy camisole will do the trick. Everlane makes some especially beautiful ones! I also love this burgundy one for only $29! In this capsule, I chose black. Again, to me, it’s the most versatile color. You can play around with another shade if it suits your fancy.

Black t-shirt dress: I kind of think this was the unsung hero of this month’s capsule–you’ll see why, but I am in LOVE with this black t-shirt dress. (Comes in navy, too!) I wear it ev-er-y-where. It’s great on the plane, out to dinner, to the office, on a date–later on, I even show you a sneaky hidden belt trick to make it shorter when you want to go out on the town 😉 Get excited. Oh, and they just came out with this turtleneck sweater dress I have my eye on, too! I love the company that makes it–Lolë–they are based in Canada and are such a wonderful company with a huge heart. They make amazing workout clothes, too! (You’ll remember them from this post, this post, and the sweater vest I wore here!)

Capsule Wardrobe Staples–Top layers:

Chunky cardigan: Another one you got a little glimpse of a few outfit posts back–this sweater by Free People (I also love this similar one) is so soft and cozy it’s to-die for! Cardigans are essentials in the fall and winter because of how easily you can throw them on over whatever you’re wearing. This one is great to keep at your desk or pull on when you wake up on a cool October morning! (Or…January morning, let’s be real. Haha!)

Convertible sweater: This sweater, you guys, is probably one of the most versatile things you could buy this entire year. It’s both cowl neck and off the shoulder. You can wear it as a tunic or tuck it into high-waisted jeans or even a skirt. There are ENDLESS ways you can wear it and to top it off, it just might be one of the softest things I’ve ever purchased. (Oh, it comes in lot’s of colors too!)

Trench coat: I purchased this trench by London Fog last Spring before my trip to London and it is one of my very favorite coats for both Fall and Spring. It has a detachable hood as well as a removable liner. Which unlike a lot of coats, does add a significant amount of warmth. I absolutely adore it and it’s one of my favorite jackets. It looks super chic for work, and just as pretty for dinner or a stroll around the neighborhood.

Leather jacket: I now own two leather jackets–one brown and one black. The black one is my newest addition and I don’t know what took me so long to get one! I definitely love both colors and I think whichever color is best for you just depends on your preferences. The one I feature this month is sadly sold out but this one from Bernardo is similar. Bernardo makes a ton of really quality leather jackets that always get rave reviews. This one from This one from BlankNYC is also super cute and under $100! (I’ll also be linking more options down below).

Capsule Wardrobe Staples–Accessories:

Leopard clutch: For the same reasons as I sing the praises of the leopard loafer, I love this leopard clutch. (Nordstrom actually has a TON of different leopard clutches right now!) I’m a huge fan of it for going out because it brightens up even the most basic outfit. Plus, it’s such a steal for less than $50 and it looks and feels like the designer version.

Leather tote: The Madewell Transport tote making the capsule wardrobe cut comes as a shock to absolutely none of you, I am sure. It’s my everything bag. Work, travel, groceries–whatever, this is always the bag I’m reaching for and it comes in several styles and colors as well.

Crossbody: I was so on the fence when I purchased this crossbody (it’s Rebecca Minkoff’s ‘Love’ bag in size small!) as to whether or not I would wear it, but I’d have to say it’ snow become one of my most reached for bags. I really love the fact that it’s olive, which is a neutral, but a really fun mix-up from the typical tan or grey. Although my exact version is no longer available, this one is nearly identical, just slightly larger!

Neck scarf: Another one that won’t shock you a bit ? I’m a huge fan of the dainty neck scarf (I love this one from J.Crew!) and I think it’s the perfect accessory to add a little French inspiration to your outfit. I own over a dozen! eBay is a great place to get vintage ones, too!

Plaid scarf: Of course, what fall wardrobe is complete without a plaid scarf? I love this one, this one, this one and this one, if you’re in the market for a new one! I love this one, this one, this one, and this one!

Next: Read the next post in the Capsule Wardrobe Remix series: How to style faux leather leggings three ways! 

(Make sure to check back weekly as I release the next post in the series!)