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Sneak Peak: Our Wedding Venue!

Wooded wedding at Bridal Veil Lakes

If you saw my Instagram over the past day or so, you know the cat’s out of the bag! We’ve officially booked our wedding venue–Bridal Veil Lakes, outside of Portland, Oregon! 

Even better, it’s actually in a town called Bridal Veil (yes, that’s its name) which is the next town over from where I grew up in Corbett, OR. I didn’t plan it that way, but sometimes just fall into place, you know? 

Truth be told, we booked it months ago sight unseen. As soon as Neal and I set our eyes on the website, we knew it was the one. 

We hadn’t actually gotten excited about wedding planning at all up until that point. The whole process felt like a total drag, and we never felt like any options we happened upon were really “us.” 

I’ve always dreamed of getting married outside, which is pretty risky here in the Midwest due to the unpredictable weather. A city wedding in Chicago just felt like a money pit. Plus, as a little girl, I always envisioned my wedding to be in the Pacific Northwest. After hours of scouring Wedding Wire, I knew this was it. 

It was months until I could find the time to get back home to check it out, but this past weekend, my mom and I met our wedding planner, Becky, here–and it was exactly how I envisioned! The property is over 40 acres of gorgeous forest, with a lake (complete with canoes!) right in the middle.

(They even suggested I make a grand entrance to walk down the aisle via canoe but knowing me, I don’t think that’s quite something I need to be attempting in my wedding dress.) 

Anyway, I was so excited to share the news with you! Stay tuned for more wedding details coming soon! 

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Did you have an outdoor wedding? Any words of advice you would share? 

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