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Brand Spotlight: Joanna Pop

Jul 28, 2014

You guys know I love a good Etsy shop. When I happen along one that catches my eye, I’m like, holy bananas, I really need to share this with someone (in this case, as many someones as possible. Which obviously led me…here.) 

To say I’m enthusiastic about Joanna Pop’s cheeky sketches is an understatement. So when she reached out and asked if she could do a sketch of me, I was ecstatic. Me? Seriously? I’m so not even remotely cool enough. 

But of course, I said um…yes. 

And that little finished product is the first image you see above! I love how she captured the detail in my Georgie & Elaine skirt, and my favorite striped sweater. If you missed that post a few months back, you can find it here! 

Be sure to browse her website and Etsy store for dozens of adorable little prints. She also does custom sketches for a very reasonable price (which you should probably get now, before she becomes famous and starts charging big bucks for her work). 

Happy Monday! 

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