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Brooklyn Bedding Review

Aug 24, 2016

Click to watch our “unboxing” reaction video! 


Hi, I’m Jess. And I’ve never owned a comfortable bed. 


Growing up, I slept on a twin mattress harder than a slab of concrete. (I never was the wiser.) 

When I went off to college, the “cots” in the McNutt Bryan 300 dorm weren’t exactly luscious. Same with the orphanage-style Tridelt “cold dorm” I moved into for the following three years. 

Then it came time to buy my own mattress when I moved out on my own. I remember my mother and I going to “Mattress Firm” and buying the cheapest possible mattress they sold. (Because, duh. #BrokeCollegeGrade.) Neal would always complain about sleeping over because it basically had a giant pothole in the center of it, which you would inevitably fall into during the night. 

Neal’s (which became our only bed upon moving in together) isn’t great either. 

Let me put it this way–I typically sleep on my side–and waking up with half of my entire body asleep and aching was a very normal occurrence. 

So, naturally, these “bed in a box” mattresses I had been hearing about were very appealing to me. I mean–we’re officially adults. We just bought a house. Wasn’t it time for a real bed?


At last! Our first real bed! 

Coincidentally, Brooklyn Bedding reached out to me around this time and asked if I wanted to try out their boxed mattress, sheets, and pillows–no strings attached.

At first, I had been wanting to try a Casper mattress, but, with this being essentially the same concept, I figured–why not? (Also–how fast could they get here?! We needed a better bed STAT.)  

A few days later, the FedEx man dropped two bigs boxes on my doorstep. (Which is a watch-out for you, because, if like me–your fiancé is out of town, you’re going to have a fun time getting those heavy boxes up your stairs. They don’t schedule delivery!)

Thank god I’ve been doing a lot of Yoga Sculpt lately. 

(Yeah, check out how big those things are in the video–you’ll be really proud of me.) 

Anyway! Moving on. We finally got around to setting it up this past Monday–and I thought–why not film it? If we hated it, fine, and if we loved it–even better, but I wanted you guys to be able to see our real-time reactions, in the case that you too, are looking to upgrade to a “grown up” bed. 


First initial thoughts: 

1. How on earth have I lived without this incredible cloud of a bed my entire life. 

2. I bet even Oprah doesn’t have sheets this soft. These need to be on the news. 

3. I’m never getting up early ever again. 


Ok. Let’s talk more details here, shall we? 


The bed: 

I’ve never slept on a cloud, but I imagine this is what it would feel like. With Brooklyn Bedding’s mattress (called the Best Mattress Ever. That’s the product name.) you can choose firm, medium, or soft–we went with the medium, and it was the perfect amount of cushion without being TOO soft. 

Our bed is Queen sized–which is priced at $750. (Considering that’s what I paid for that crappy Full sized mattress when I was a broke college grad, I’d say this is quite the steal.) Even a King sized mattress is just $900! 

All orders come with free shipping and returns, as well as a 120 night trial, and 10 year warranty. 


The sheets: 

You guys–these sheets, there are no words. I’ve never felt softer sheets in my life. Total transparency–I did not expect ANYTHING from them either. I mean, what mattress company makes good sheets? 

Nope. Wrong. I’ll never sleep on any other sheets. They’re like butter. Smooth, satiny (is satiny a word?) butter.  I think I’ll order the grey color too! They come in white, grey, brown, and tan, in case you were wondering. They’re also made from bamboo, which sounds very scratchy, but is in fact, quite the opposite. This keeps you cool, is antimicrobial, and great for sensitive skin.

As for pricing? $69.99 for Full, $79.99 for Queen and $89.99 for King. 


The pillows: 

Along with the mattress and sheets, we also got two of their pillows. As you can see in the video, they come rolled up in a tube. (Haha! They look like sausage pillows!) but then magically unfold into the most perfectly squishy, soft, not too flat, not too thick pillow.

It molds to your head, but not in the way that the Tempurpedics do–it never feels solid or hard–but like you’re sleeping on air. Plus, they only set you back $39 each! 


Overall impression: 

If you are in need of a new bed, new sheets, or new pillows–don’t look anywhere else! I’ve never seen such amazing products for the money. You really won’t be disappointed! Thank you for Brooklyn Bedding for showing me what real sleep actually looks like! 


Have you tried a boxed mattress?

What did you think? What other questions do you have about them? 

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