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Neal’s Winter Wardrobe Favorites from Bonobos

Nov 26, 2019

Winter Wardrobe Favorites from Bonobos

Hi friends,

Neal here taking over the blog today!

I hope you are gearing up for a relaxing holiday and long weekend ahead with family and friends!

As you know, it’s the biggest shopping day of the year, and I’m excited to be teaming up with my longtime favorite brand, Bonobos, today to ensure you have plenty of great gifting options for all the men in your life!

Right now, they’re offering 30% off their entire site as well as in their Guideshops!

When it comes to holiday dressing for me, I love a good festive outfit, but when I’m buying winter staples, it’s important that I choose items that can be worn long after the holidays are over. (Hard to do with the classic bright red Christmas sweater, you know?) Today, I’ll be sharing two different looks that accomplish exactly that.

But first, I want to go into detail about why I love Bonobos so much. I know it’s easy to look at a “sponsored post” and think, “oh, they just gave him those clothes to wear––he wouldn’t actually buy them with his own money!” but that couldn’t be further than the truth. I’ve been a Bonobos fan since the beginning. In fact, when Jess first started our blog, I used to dream that one day, she’d be able to land a Bonobos sponsorship for me! Now, years later, here we are––this is our third time we’ve been lucky enough to pair up with them! It is not an exaggeration when I say that Bonobos easily makes up half of my wardrobe.

[ggheading style=”light” size=”3″ text=”Why I Love Bonobos:”]

They have fits and cuts and sizing for a ton of different body types: 

A lot of men (myself included) struggle to find clothing that fits properly. Whether your guy is tall, stocky, slender–whatever–often, “regular” sizing just doesn’t quite work. Somehow, no other brand figured this out, but Bonobos has. Their clothing comes in a ton of different fits, cuts, and inseams.

Their style is fashion-forward, yet super wearable:

Jess likes to describe my style as “classic, but always with a twist”––and that’s how I would describe Bonobos too. You can find everything from really fun statement pieces with classic lines, to basic wardrobe staples, to fine suiting. They have something for pretty much any occasion, and it’s always going to make your guy look like a million bucks.

Quality and affordability: 

Their stuff is great––many of my Bonobos pieces I’ve had for 5+ years and they’re still going strong. Most of their pieces are $100 or less. As Jess says, that comes down to a very affordable “cost per wear.” Speaking of affordable, everything is 30% off right now, too!

Alright, now that you sufficiently understand our love for Bonobos, let’s talk “outfit details.” (That’s the correct terminology, right?)

Casual Button Down Look 

Winter Wardrobe Favorites from Bonobos

This outfit is something I’d wear for a lot of different occasions, whether that be a holiday party, casual Friday at the office, a date night, or Christmas dinner with your family.

Brushed button down shirt: (30% off!)

I really like this brushed button down shirt for so many reasons. First, it feels like a flannel, but a really lightweight version, so you won’t overheat inside. I chose this particular pattern/color because it feels wintery and festive without being overly “Christmasy”––so I’ll still wear it into Spring. It comes in dozens of other colors as well.

The great thing about this button down is that it comes in three different lengths––one of my biggest pet peeves is when shirts are too long or too short, and they look odd tucked out. But your guy can customize the length based on his own body type, to ensure it’s the perfect length every time. They also come in tailored, slim, and straight fits, based on how your guy prefers his shirts to fit.

Sizing: Jess says I need to tell you my sizing. For reference, I wear a size M (I’m always a M), slim fit, and regular length.

Travel Jeans: (30% off!)  

If you’ve been reading long enough, you guys know I’ve been a big fan of travel jeans for many years now. I think this is a great pair of pants for any guy to have in his closet, because they can be dressed up like chinos or slacks, or dressed down like jeans. They really are made of denim, but they look like dressier pants! I travel a lot, both for work and fun, and I can throw a pair of these in my bag, pull them out, and go. They don’t wrinkle, and they hold up beautifully.

Sizing: Their pants run true to size. I’m wearing the slim fit.

[one-half-first]Winter Wardrobe Favorites from Bonobos[/one-half-first][one-half]

Winter Wardrobe Favorites from Bonobos


Polished sweater look:

Bonobos outfits

Washable merino wool sweater (30% off!)

Here I’ve kept my same travel jeans (versatile, I told you) but changed into this washable merino wool sweater for a more polished look. Now, if you wanted to dress this up even further, your guy could easily add on a blazer, some dressier shoes, or even wear this sweater under a suit. It’s an awesome sweater because, as the name suggests–it’s washable, so you can save on that dry cleaning bill. It’s also thin enough to be very “layerable” but the wool still ensures it’s warm! It comes in tons of colors, but I really liked this subtle herringbone in particular.

Bonobos favorites Winter Wardrobe Favorites from Bonobos

[ggheading style=”light” size=”2″ text=”More Bonobos Favorites:”]

Unconstructed Italian Blazer: 

I really like all of Bonobos’ blazers–I think this unconstructed Italian knit blazer is an awesome gift for any guy, because it’s super wearable. Some blazers can feel stuffy or overly dressy, but this one can easily be dressed up and down to its unstructured design. Comes in a ton of different colors. It’s also a really decent price point ($350) for such a nice blazer.

Italian 5 Pocket Pants: 

My other favorite pair of casual Bonobos pants are the Italian 5 pocket stretch pants. They’re easier to dress up than a chino, super comfortable, and really sharp looking. He’ll wear them everywhere from the office to nights out. They run true to size for me.

Waffle Henley: 

I’m a big henley guy, and Bonobos makes some great henleys. I’ve acquired several pairs throughout the years. I really like the look of this one as well. I may be adding this to my cart as we speak. I’d say these run true to size. (I wear medium).

Pocket square

A pocket square is an awesome stocking stuffer for any stylish guy. I’m partial to polka dots, like this one.

Boxer Briefs 

It may be odd to broadcast my favorite underwear on the internet, but these are them. I felt the need to add these because it’s actually really difficult to find comfortable, well-fitting underwear as a guy. What can I say? Bonobos has it down.

Italian Stretch Wool dress pants 

If your guy has been looking for a good pair of pants for the office, I highly recommend these. I have these in grey and most often wear them paired with blazers when I want to look dressy but don’t want to be in a suit.

Brushed Button Down

This is actually the same button-down I’m wearing above, but in a forest green. I love this shade because, again, it looks perfect in a more “holiday” like setting, but it’s something you’ll wear year-round, anytime it’s chilly.

Cashmere hoodie

Hint hint. This is on my Christmas list. I think this would make the best gift for any guy, especially one who tends to dress more on the casual side. While this is a hoodie, it still looks really polished and put together. I can’t say enough good thing about Bonobos sweaters. I have acquired several over the years and they never disappoint!

Looking for more gifts? They have a whole Gift Guide section of their site right here with a lot more ideas! 

Winter Wardrobe Favorites from Bonobos

Well, I think that just about does it! Thanks for letting me take over the blog today, gals! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and it helps you shop for the men in your life!

Huge thanks to Bonobos for sponsoring this post. It’s a honor to get to work with a brand I’ve loved and worn for so many years! 

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