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Real Women Reviewed: The [UNSPONSORED] Billie Razor

Feb 26, 2020

Billie Razor review

Back in December, I announced that I wanted to start a new little series reviewing all the “hyped up” items on the internet––whether you see your favorite influencers raving about them on social media, or you keep getting those enticing targeting ads on Instagram––are they REALLY that good!? Or are they too good to be true?

I have decided each post will be broken into two parts: 1. My personal review and 2. Your crowdsourced reviews, so we can REALLY put each item to the test! And playing off of our popular series, “Real Women Approved“––what better name than “Real Women Reviewed!?” 

The Billie Razor Review

When I asked you to submit your requests for items to test, far and away, the most OVERWHELMING request was THE BILLIE RAZOR.

Which was great, because I was in the same boat––it was the one thing I was the most curious to test out, too!

If you follow a handful of influencers on Instagram, it’s hard NOT to come across the Billie razor. I will say that many of the influencers who have promoted the Billie razor have been my friends and those I trust immensely, so I knew it wasn’t going to be bad––but I was still curious to try it out for myself! 

So, after about two months of using the Billie, here are my honest thoughts.

**Funny enough, I would also like to add that I was approached for a Billie sponsorship during this timeframe but turned it down because for two reasons: 1.  I didn’t LOVE it enough to promote it at first (even though really did end up growing on me, and I still use it now!) and 2. Because it’s important to me to NOT review sponsored items as part of this new series!!**

The verdict: It’s a good, cute razor, but price and convenience are where it really shines!

Or, as reader Maryann put it, “Good razor. Nice price. Like the magnet. But it’s not MAGIC.” Here’s more detail… 

My razor background:

When it comes to razor brands, I have been an avid user of Gillette men’s razors for as long as I can remember. I think Venus razors are just crappier versions of men’s razors, and therefore, stupid and a waste of money. A men’s razor lets me shave my legs much more closely and lasts twice as long a Venus razor does before getting dull. I also hardly ever change my men’s razors and they still work fine. I maybe change the cartridge every 3 months. The only area that could have improved my razor situation was price and convenience, but I was happy with the performance. 

Also important to note:

I’ve had laser hair removal (which should be called reduction, not removal–nothing is ever going to actually prevent your hair from growing back because #hormones). HOWEVER, it grows back slower and much more fine–thus, it really is the best for preventing razor burn and stubble. (If you’re one of those people who get cactus legs right after you shave, that’s what laser hair removal gets rid of!)

Anyway–I think that’s important to note, because I’m reviewing this as someone who has pretty fine hair on my body.

My first impression of the Billie razor:

The first time I used it, I had very high expectations because of all the hype, so at first I was kind of disappointed. (Although, IDK what I was expecting. A razor is a razor, ya know?) 

Right out of the gate, it cut me around my ankle. Hooray. And the last time I cut myself shaving was when I was a teenager and used disposable pink Gilette Daisy razors. BUT–that’s a tricky area, so fine. Okay. But still, STRIKE ONE.

Using it on my legs and bikini, I have to admit though, it was amazing from the get go. I think the shave is even better than the men’s razor for bikini. But for some reason on my underarms, it gave me razor burn. (Which used to be a very common problem for me but I haven’t had razor burn since I had laser hair removal a year ago!)

To ensure it wasn’t just a new problem that started happening again, I then went back to my old Gilette men’s razor with the cartridge I hadn’t changed in like 3 months, and it, in fact, did NOT give me razor burn.

After much trial and error, I have discovered that shaving any direction OTHER than straight down causes the razor burn. (AKA something about shaving sideways on my underarms seemed to be causing the irritation.) This is just my personal experience, we’ll get into yours in a second. So I don’t really have the issue as much anymore because I’m more careful with how I’m shaving. 

My impression over time:

I stuck with it for some time because I wanted to be able to give it a thorough review, and I have to admit, it has definitely grown on me. Going on 6 months later, I’m still a Billie user!

I no longer have problems with cutting myself (I just can’t shave AS haphazardly as I would with a men’s razor) and it continues to be the best shave everywhere aside from my underarms, which sometimes it still does irritate occasionally. But overall, I’m very pleased with it. 

Some of you guys claimed you’ve heard people saying “you don’t have to shave as often” which I don’t actually think is true in my case, but also, again, remember-I’ve had laser hair removal so my hair grows back finer and slower anyway. IDK if I’m a good person to weigh in on this? 

Other things I like about Billie: 

The hydrating “goo” ????

A lot of people complained about this “goo” and that it gets “gummy” but I actually REALLY like the lotion-y part around the blades. I think it does a really good job of smoothing/conditioning your skin (which is important for someone who is too lazy to use shaving cream. Which I also bought from Billie by the way. It’s fine, but I don’t need an extra step in the shower. I think, however, this IS a game-changer for those who have more coarse hair).

Also, you’re not taking it out of the shower ever, why does it matter if it gets gummy when it’s wet?! That’s what the nice little holder is for! 

(FYI: To avoid this issue when you’re traveling, you just get the little travel case and voila–no problem!) 

Magnetic holder: 

I also like the little magnetic sticky holder that makes it easy to hang and access in the shower. We don’t have a lot of shelf space in our shower so that helps. But also it’s a tiny piece of plastic with a sticker. This is not proprietary technology. Why don’t other companies have this? 


It’s cute!! I’m a sucker for everyday items that have been made over to bring you more joy. I like that it makes me happy every time I see it in my shower! 

Female founded with a great mission! 

I love that they are a female-founded (well, one of the co-founders is female) startup (launched in 2018!) I LOVE brands who are consumer-insight driven and Billie was in on that right from the get-go. They talked to real women about how the razor industry wasn’t serving them (and hello PINK TAX) and figured out how to fill in those gaps. Also, they are a clean brand committed to making products free of synthetic fragrances, dyes, GMOs, sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde, cheap foaming agents and unstable silicones or BHT. 

I’m going to re-post the language on their “About” page here because I think It does a great job of explaining what they’re all about! 

Shaving companies have always been created for men which may explain why we’re still overpaying for women’s razors and referred to as goddesses for shaving.

Women shouldn’t be an afterthought in the shaving category. We deserve to have a great shave and no, we’re not paying more for it.

We’re here to make a daily routine a little more delightful and a lot more affordable.

As a company, we donate 1% of all revenue to women’s causes around the world. We are currently donating to Every Mother Counts, an organization that is committed to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for women everywhere. Together, we can build a brighter future for all women.

The convenience: 

If you’re like me, the only time you remember that you need new razor cartridges is when you’re in the shower and you’re like GAHHHH I needed to order more razor cartridges! This typically happens 5 times in a row before you ACTUALLY remember to order them. This obviously avoids that problem! This is definitely the #1 perk to the Billie razor. 


Billie razors are only $9 for the starter kit set with the Billie handle, cartridges, and holder. After that, it’s $9 for 4 cartridges that ship at the frequency of your choice (I chose mine to ship every two months). $2.25 per cartridge?!?! That’s a pretty great deal that is tough to beat!! (Also how do they make any money!? I almost feel guilty about paying such a low price!)  

Billie Razor reviewMake sure to get the travel case–it allows it to dry easily and keeps the inside of your bag from getting gooey! 

YOU weighed in about Billie!

Over 1,300 of you weighed in on a poll on Instagram, and overall, roughly 80% of you who have tried Billie voted that you were team Billie razor! I think those are pretty positive statistics! 

I also asked you to submit your feedback as to why you were pro or against Billie, and I received HUNDREDS of responses. Here were the most common ones:

Pro Billie arguments: 

I will say that the “pro” views really ran the gamut of “this is the best razor I’ve ever used in my life” to “It’s good. Not life-changing like many say it is, but I like it. I’ll keep using it.” The level of Billie love really is quite unique to each individual, it would seem. 

Convenience and cost: 

Far and away, convenience and cost were the #1 determining factor in why you liked it. 

Hannah sung the Billie praises, “Convenience. I like that I never had to think about going out to buy a new pack! These are fab!” 

Paisleigh said, “If they weren’t so cheap, I’d probably stick with my Venus, but for $9 for 4 refills and the convenience of auto-ship, it can’t be beat!” 

Mary said, “I was horrible at remembering to buy razors, and I love that they handle that!” 

The magnet holder: 

Kai said, ” I didn’t think it was better than Venus or Hydro Schick but the magnet attachment is so good!!” 

Super close shave 

Jenn said “closest shave ever and little to no razor burn!” and Aurora agreed, “Smoothest shave ever! The shave cream also rocks as does the body wash!” 

A few gals said that you did agree that it allowed you to go longer in between shaves! P said, “I feel I can go longer between shaves, and I love that!” Sandy said, “1. I love the close shave. 2. Leaves a super smooth feeling. 3. Hair takes longer to grow out!”

Felicia said, “I’ve been using it for a year now and I’m obsessed. I used to buy men’s Gillette razors!” 

Less irritation: 

I got an argument on both sides for this––some say it irritated you less, some say it irritated you more! L said, “My legs are so sensitive and I don’t get irritated!” K said, “It doesn’t itch post-shave and it didn’t cause bumps!” 

Good for nickel allergies: 

I didn’t know this, but most razors are nickel, which many peeps are allergic to, but not Billie! Hooray!

Billie Razor review

Anti Billie Arguments:

Faster dulling blades: 

A few people said dulling blades were an issue. C said, “I like the price point, but the blades seem to dull faster than other razors I’ve used.” (My argument to that is, they’re $2.25 and they auto-ship so that’s okay?) 


SO MANY hated the “goo” AKA gummy moisturizing bar around the razor. (Which is one of the things I actually really like about it, haha! See above. But it was VERY polarizing to people!) 

Colleen said, “too goopy and slimy for me!” and Haley said, “the blades got really slimy and disgusting while traveling!!” 

Jill had a good suggestion though, “keep it away from the water in the shower, like near the edge.” 

Zoe shared my view though––”Inexpensive, cute, automated, I like the razor goo! All in all, a good solution!” 


I feel like perhaps the more sensitive types are not for Billie (which would explain why my underarms were the only thing that got irritated when using). Bree said, “I got MAJOR razor burn and bumps from it. Luckily I got a refund.” Another reader said, “I loved the idea, but the blades were too sharp on my sensitive skin.” 

Taryn said, “love the aesthetics and the holder, but it left me with razor burn and so many bumps!” 

Cartridges falling off the razor handle and/or magnetic attachment falling off the wall: 

Ally said, “the razor head on mine constantly falls off!” and many of you complained about this! (Sounds like they may have a quality issue on a specific batch? I did not have this problem at all! Definitely contact them if this happens to you, as I don’t think this is the norm!)

A said “The razor falls off my handle mid shave a lot. Maybe I’m a rough shaver!?” A few of you said the sticky part on the back of the magnet attachment didn’t work. 

Tip: I think if any of the above happens to you, you should request a replacement because not everyone is having this problem! Many of you said their customer service was fab–so it’s definitely worth a try! 

Will I keep using Billie?

After much deliberation and back and forth, I’ve come to the conclusion that I think Billie is here to stay, at least for the time being! Good performance, great brand mission, and convenient cuteness wins in the end! 

*Also because this is NOT sponsored I have not been given a promo code, which I am often asked for. However, the razor blades are like $2 each so pay full price and throw this cute startup a bone, friends!*

What is YOUR feedback on Billie!? Weigh in in the comments!! 

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