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My thoughts on Billie’s Clean Body Products!

Billie Clean Body Products Review

Billie Clean Body Products Review

I’m really excited to be partnering with Billie today to review some of their new clean body products! As you guys know, back in December, I decided to take the plunge and test out the much-hyped Billie razor to see if it really stood up to the test. After all, almost every influencer I follow raves about Billie –so I had pretty high expectations–would it live up to them? 

At first, I will admit, I was slow to come around. I’ve been an avid user of men’s razors for decades now. (I have never been a fan of “women’s” razors, that are notoriously less effective than men’s razors, not to mention, pink tax. Woof.) I actually was approached for a Billie partnership months ago, when I was still testing it out. At that time, I declined, because I really wanted to make sure I TRULY had given it a full trial and really believed in it if I were to give it my endorsement.  (Your trust is ALWAYS first and foremost my priority. The $$ always comes second!) 

At the end of my “trial” period though, I emerged a Billie fan–won over in the end! The longer I use Billie’s products, the more I love the brand– so I was happy they reached out again to see if I’d be interested in teaming up this time around––it was a very easy “YES!” 

Why I think Billie is a great company: 

Female-focused, anti-pink tax: 

I love that they are a female-founded (well, one of the co-founders is female) startup (launched in 2018!) I LOVE brands who are consumer-insight driven and Billie was in on that right from the get-go.

They talked to real women about how the razor industry wasn’t serving them and figured out how to fill in those gaps. They knew the pink tax was, quite frankly, BS, and they wanted to put a stop to women overpaying for sub-par razors. What woman can’t get behind this mission?

I also love that they made something that makes something SO mundane (shaving) into a more delightful experience. 

Clean body products:

They launched with razors, but have since expanded their product offerings, and I’m happy to report, they are VERY CLEAN. No parabens, phthalates, fragrance, or other crap. Very much made for the clean-conscious beauty minimalist who wants fewer, better ingredients in her products! Each of their products ranks very low on EWG’s clean scale. (We’ll get more into those below!) 

They give back: 

1% of proceeds donated to charity–currently, they are supporting food banks across America impacted by COVID-19. 

Their refill packaging is compostable!

While they aren’t perfect, they are working to improve their packaging to be more sustainable–their razor refill packaging, for example, is now fully compostable! (Exhibit A from my Instagram story a few months ago when they came out with their new packaging, haha!) P.S. I use WasteNot Compost if you’re looking for an affordable composting service in Chicago! 

Billie Clean Body Products Review

So anyway–here we are! My updated Billie review. Today, I’ll be providing an update on their razor, shaving cream, and my thoughts on their lip balm, body lotion, and face wipes! Ready? Let’s jump in! 

Billie razor + shaving cream: 

[one-half-first]Billie Clean Body Products Review[/one-half-first][one-half]

Billie Clean Body Products Review


First thing’s first, let’s talk about the razor and shaving cream, which were the first two Billie products I ever purchased! (Note that while the other products in this post were provided in-kind for this partnership, I purchased both the razor and shave cream this past winter and still continue with my subscription!)

Overall? I think it’s a good little razor and comes in such fun colors that really brighten up your shaving experience. Everything is more fun when it’s pretty, right?!

I will say the shaving cream was probably the #1 thing you guys raved the MOST about when I asked for you to share your opinions on using Billie. Truthfully, I’ve never been a shaving cream kinda girl (chalk it up to laziness) so I wasn’t really sure that it was necessary, BUT I wanted to give it a try anyway since so many of you love it.

I will admit, I really didn’t have a need for it in the winter, now that summer has arrived and the need for more attention paid to the um, bikini area–I now have a newfound appreciation for the shaving cream! It’s super creamy and hydrating and is very helpful to prevent irritation. 

Speaking of–I think the Billie razor is far and away the best razor for bikini specifically that I’ve ever used (even better than men’s razors) so if you’re one of those gals who has been missing her monthly wax appointment in quarantine and HATES shaving–I think you might find this combination is a suitable alternative. 

Other things I like about the razor: 

The magnetic holder: 

Ok so it’s basically a magnetic sticker, but it really is great. You just stick the sticky side to your shower wall (I’d recommend out of the way of the water) and the magnet keeps the razor in place–voila–a holder!

This is really one of those things you don’t actually appreciate until you have it. In hindsight, I realize that 31 years of constantly knocking razors off the shower ledge and having to bend down and pick them up was getting REALLY OLD. (Not to mention, then the cartridge would pop off, you’d have to do the awkward thing where you try and get the blade back on without cutting yourself…). It’s really nice to not have to do that anymore. 

The affordability and convenience: 

$9 for the handle and starter pack, $9 for a 4 pack of refills? And delivered to your door with free shipping? Honestly, how do they make any money? (Billie, should you raise your prices? Should I be worried about you?) The convenience, I think, is probably the best part. Remember when you’d shave with a VERY dull razor for like 2 months straight because you kept forgetting to buy razor cartridges? ????Or was that just me? 

Worth noting: You can choose for your subscription cadence to be delivered based on how frequently you shave. (Mine is 4 cartridges delivered every two months and honestly, I’ve found the blades stay sharp for longer than that so I might even move my delivery cadence back.) 

The “goo” shave soap: 

I love the gooey (in a good way, IMO) hydrating lotiony charcoal soap surrounding the blades because it makes your legs so soft and silky. It has just enough, but not too much of it to where it dulls the razor. 

Tip: You should definitely get the ventilating travel case (it’s only $5!!) so you can easily throw it in your bag and air it out on the go in between uses. (But honestly what is travel?) 

It’s SHARP! 

On that note– I have learned to not be quite so sloppy and haphazard with my shaving because the blades are sharp and they definitely stay that way. I have been less than enthused about the sharpness of other razor subscriptions and these definitely don’t dull out on you, in my experience. 

Billie Body Lotion: 

Billie Clean Body Products Review Billie Clean Body Products Review

I have been a fan of this lotion ever since it came out, because this is the lotion they have in the bathrooms at The Wing. (I miss The Wing! Remember coworking spaces?)

I’ve been keeping it by my kitchen sink because my hands have needed the most TLC from the lotion department lately. (For obvious reasons.)

Do you think that’s stopped me from applying it post-shower? Nope. I’ve actually done the awkward wet dog scamper down the hall from our bathroom to the kitchen, in a towel, to apply this all over my body on more than one occasion. It’s so creamy, hydrating, and soothing without being greasy or sticky–it’s got grapeseed oil, shea butter, and chamomile–for $12, it really just can’t be beat!

(Now that I’m saying this all out loud I should probably just get two bottles next time so I’m not running down the hall like a naked mad woman… ????)


Super Salve Lip Balm

[one-half-first]Super Salve Lip Balm[/one-half-first][one-half]

Super Salve Lip Balm


Super Salve Lip Balm

Billie’s lip balm is the perfect light summer lip balm and the kind you want to buy in multiples so you have them in every purse. It’s not heavy, but it’s very moisturizing, made with sunflower oil, avocado oil, and Vitamin E. The balm is also vegan–made with a vegan alternative to beeswax!

Depending on your selection– it can also give you just a hint of natural color! IMO, go with Rhubarb (my personal favorite–a subtle red–what I’m wearing above) or Fig (a subtle, but beautiful “just bitten” jammy berry). The best way to describe the color payoff is that its color–but so natural, friends will ask, enviously, “wait…are you wearing lipstick or is that ACTUALLY your natural lip color?!” (To which you can reply, “…technically neither.”) I also highly recommend them for a date for this reason, and also because your husband won’t go “BLEH” when he kisses you right after you put this on. 

If it’s not color you seek, any of their non-colored balms are great! The flavors (if you can call them that) are very subtle! (Parsley also sounds weird, but it’s not at all!) 

The Life Changing Magic of…Billie’s Face Wipes

Billie's Face Wipes

When I told you guys that I’d be teaming up with Billie later this month over on stories, I asked you all if you’d tried any of Billie’s newer products–and the comments about the face wipes. WOAH. THE RAVING. Someone even said “the face wipes are life-changing.” Life changing FACE WIPES? Really? 

I know face wipes can be a much-debated topic in the realm of skin care and sustainability. I’m happy to report–Billie’s face wipes score high marks in both of these categories.

Not only are they infused with non-drying, sensitive skin-friendly ingredients, but they are 100% plant-based and biodegradable. (Another beauty item I get to toss in the compost! Why is that so satisfying?) 

I truly loathe most face wipes–and I really only use them when I travel out of convenience, and even I will admit–these are a REAL treat. 

Over the past weekend spending so much time outside, I would come in and use one of these to wipe off all the dirt, grime, and leftover makeup on my face, and it left my skin so soft without having to put on extra moisturizer afterward! (Coming from a girl who has dry skin–that’s saying a lot.) 

I also keep them on my nightstand for when I’m too exhausted to wash my face. (Which I will admit, I am a stickler for my skincare routine, so that’s rare, but when it does happen–these are very appreciated.) 

What’s different about these wipes is that they’re fortified with Hyaluronic acid for moisture, Vitamin C for brightening, and they easily take makeup off in just a few swipes. (No scrubbing! Even mascara!) They’re ophthalmologist and dermatologist approved, too. 

Great summer idea: Keep these in the fridge for a two-minute treat when you need to cool off! ????Ahhhhh. 

Billie's Face Wipes

All in all, I’m majorly impressed with ALL of these products and give them my enthusiastic stamp of approval! So if you’re looking for awesome, clean products to add into your rotation, give these a try!

Thanks so much to Billie for sponsoring this post! All opinions in this review are very much my own. And thank YOU, my girls, for supporting the brands that help keep this blog running, and that allow me to keep creating the best possible content for you!

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