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10 Insanely Chic Wallpapers

Oct 7, 2016

Guess what? Wallpaper is BACK! We scoured the internet and found the best wallpaper patterns ever. (You're going to love them!) Click to browse them all.

Hey, so.

Guess what.

Wallpaper? It’s back.

I really hadn’t given much thought to wallpaper previously. Probably because when I was “trying to find my design-self,” I was under the impression that white walls were the only option–no exception.

But then I figured out that I had actually been more of a color type of person my whole life. And THEN I started noticing wallpaper.

If you want the full back story about wallpaper and I, it goes like this.

I grew up in a pink room with BAD wallpaper. It was pastel colored with figurines of animals–maybe they were bears? Bunnies? (Mom, do you remember?) It was just one strip of them all around the room. Weirdness.

This was the eighties, remember, so I’m not sure who was responsible for this (Mom? You again? Hopefully our home’s previous owners?) but it wasn’t good. I then wrote off wallpaper for the rest of my life.

Then, fast forward 20+ years. Neal and I have a new favorite fried chicken place–one of our new local “spots” in our new neighborhood of Wicker Park, Buck’s Fried Chicken–if you haven’t been, you have GOT to put it on your list.

Anyway, it’s not just the chicken that’s phenomenal there–we also want to move in because the decor is A+. But the one design element that really jumped out at both of us? (While sitting at the bar drinking Bloody Mary’s?)

Crazy awesome, super dark navy wallpaper with gold pineapples. Best wallpaper. Ever. 

We were both like “OMG, wait, I love that wallpaper.”

So, I’ve yet to find this exact wallpaper online, but quite a bit of google stalking has lead me to find 10 pretty damn good wallpaper patterns that I just can’t get enough of.

Eventually, we would love to do our powder room in an awesome wallpaper! (I’m particularly in love with this black and gold wallpaper–Rifle Paper Company designed it! (Who knew they designed wallpaper?!) Or maybe this black floral wallpaper. (Revelation: Do I have a thing for black wallpaper?)

Also–how amazing would this textured, embossed wallpaper be on a ceiling? So much easier than installing tiles and it would make such a statement! (Wait…maybe we should do this in our bedroom…with this golden frond wallpaper as an accent wall?)

So, if you’re looking for the best wallpaper the internet can offer, just click your favorite patterns to shop them above or below!

What’s your take on wallpaper?


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