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The Magic Truffle Sauce is Back in Stock!

Oct 22, 2020

The Magic Truffle Sauce is Back in Stock!

Happy Thursday! 

WHEW it really seems like Friday though, doesn’t it? I made espresso this morning and forgot to put the espresso cup under the spout–so that’s how my morning is going. ???? How about yours? 

It might seem strange to dedicate a whole blog post to a jar of sauce, but it’s 2020, and I think fancy jarred sauce has become more exciting than ever. 

The Magic Truffle Sauce is Back in Stock!

If you follow along on IG stories, you’ll know I rave about this white truffle sauce. Last time I posted it, you guys sold it out! Luckily, a few weeks later, it’s been restocked! ????????

My friend Luca (who is part of the team at our favorite neighborhood Italian spot, Osteria Rusticana–you’ve likely met him if you’ve been!) owns an Italian imports company. Though his main business is supplying high-end Italian goods to restaurants, he also sells some of his goods on Amazon! (Remember the olive oil I always rave about? That’s his too!) Although it’s hard to play favorites, the truffle sauce might be one of my favorite of them all. 

He gave a jar to me as a gift during the height of the pandemic, and let me tell you–life just hasn’t been the same! It took me back to my study abroad days in Florence eating truffle pasta at Trattoria ZaZa. (Their truffle pasta is so good that we ate at ZaZa two of our four nights in Florence on our Italy trip two years ago!) 

This little jar of sauce gives you the best of both worlds:

the easiest dinner you could possibly make, and also decadent and impressive–perfect for a special occasion. (Especially if you’re trying to impress someone. ????) You truly need to add nothing else to it–it’s perfect as it is. (Which is saying a lot, for me.) It’s well worth the splurge–I plan to order a bunch and give these as gifts this Christmas, too! 

My favorite way to serve it is with rigatoni (we always have a bag of this brand in the cupboard!) You don’t need to, but if you’d like to thin the sauce a bit, reserve a small amount of pasta water and stir that in.

Want to make your truffle pasta even more decadent? Add crumbled Italian sausage! (Inspired by my fav Osteria Rusticana truffle sausage pasta!) This would also be delicious as a sauce for chicken!

Anyway–I think you get it–I’ll wrap up my mushy love note to white truffle sauce now, but if you love truffle–grab a jar before it goes out of stock again. (And make sure to have some delicious crusty bread on hand to mop it all up–you won’t want any of it to go to waste!) 

Shop all Luca’s Imported Italian products on Amazon: 


Ciao friends! Have a great rest of your day! 

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