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Best Summer Bags For All Occasions

I got a request from a reader the other day asking, “What kind of bags are people wearing this summer?! I haven’t bought a purse in so long–I need some help!” and I giggled to myself because remember when everyone went like 2 years without thinking about a purse!? When the world started opening up again I was so perplexed as to what handbag trends to follow and when and what on earth to put in them. It was like getting back on a bike for the first time in years as an adult. 😂

Luckily for us, we are back to going out in the world, and that might mean you’re in search of a new summer handbag or two! Whether you’re looking for a trendy bag for travel, work, a wedding, a date night, or all of the above, I’ve got you!

Best Summer Bags

Belt bags + phone purses:

cute bags for all your summer occasions

1. Able Mare phone wallet clutch:

As you know, I’m a big fan of ABLE’s leather bags, and this little wallet clutch is so easy and versatile! I don’t own it yet, but it’s on my list! I like that the wristlet part can clip off to use as a wallet or a little tiny clutch. It would also be great for a stroller! (Just detach the wristlet part, loop it around, and then re-attach it to the stroller handle–unclip it when you need it, but it’s right where you need it! So easy!) Use code JESSKEYS15 for 15% off all ABLE orders!

2. Able Delilah belt bag:

Another ABLE piece, this one I do own, and it’s probably my most worn purse of the summer. It fits a surprising amount of stuff but it’s very flat so it’s the perfect thing to travel with as it takes up no room in your suitcase. I love that it has a hidden zipper pocket in the back for extra security as well. This will also get more beautiful as it wears and develops more of a patina over time, make sure to apply leather conditioner to keep it looking great! Use code JESSKEYS15 for 15% off all ABLE orders!

3. Karla belt bag:

The last of 3 ABLE pieces in this category, this is the smallest of the belt bags. I also own this one in black, I wore it last night actually! It’s the perfect thing to bring out with you when all you need are your ID, credit card, a lipstick and phone. It’s very tiny and you’ll forget you even have it on! And it’s also size inclusive! Use code JESSKEYS15 for 15% off all ABLE orders!

4. Rothy’s belt bag:

I own the Rothy’s tote, but not this belt bag, even though I’ve had my eye on it since last year! It comes in multiple colorways and would also be a great travel bag. Like all Rothys, it’s washable and made of recycled plastic bottles. I tried this on in-store and it’s small but plenty roomy enough to be an everyday bag. (In my opinion!)

5. Amazon woven phone purse:

How adorable is this rattan phone purse!? When you don’t need much on you, this is another really cute option and will be so cute for summer 2023 or a warm-weather vacation any time of year.


cute clutch bags for all your summer occasions

1. Woven fold over clutch:

Such a cute clutch for a summer wedding or a night out. Now on sale for $87!

2. Woven clasp clutch:

Another cute woven option–I love the gold hardware and the dainty gold chain! A little bit dressier than the version above (so cute even for a dressier wedding) but you won’t look silly carrying it with jeans either!

3. Amazon wristlet:

I have been loving this style of purse after seeing all the cool kids wear it. 😜 But really, this one goes with everything and it will only set you back $39. A great trend buy IMO.

Crossbodies + backpack purses:

Crossbodies + backpack purses for summer

1. Amazon woven crossbody:

A cute trendy look for less! Also for some reason this reminds me of my Granny so it seems to fit into both the “on trend” and “grandma chic” category which as you know is kind of my wheelhouse. 😜

2. Madewell woven crossbody:

If you want to invest in a more quality woven crossbody bag, I love the look of this one from Madewell, and their bags are always worth the spend in my opinion–they last for a really long time! This one would be great for travel as well due to the slimmer profile and secure zipper top, but it’s big enough for your everyday bag.

3. Madewell Sydney crossbody:

Another Madewell stunner, but very different! I love this fun shape and it seems roomy for the size.

4. Amazon dumpling bag:

This is another fun bag trend I’m seeing right now: the “dumpling” bag. This is another retro grandma chic one I am digging! Love the sage green color but it comes in other colors, too! Would be a great bag to wear out casually but can also be dressed up for a more formal occasion!


Totes for summer

1. Rothy’s Essential Tote:

I don’t own this specific oversized tote (I own the below!) but this one seems to check all the boxes of what many of you have mentioned you’re looking for as you head back to the office! Super roomy with a zipper closure and an inside zipper pocket! Again, it’s washable–so when you inevitably get it dirty during your commute or travel, all you have to do is treat the stains as you would with clothing and pop it in the wash!

2. Rothy’s Lightweight Tote:

This is the one I own and love. It’s super lightweight/thinner so it flattens completely and makes it super easy to pack. It’s awesome for a beach bag, work bag, whatever! It doesn’t have any inside pockets and it doesn’t zip, but that’s by design so it can be your “throw everything in and go” bag.

3. J.Crew Cadiz rope tote:

I think this rope tote is such a pretty option for a beach bag! Not too big, so if you’re on vacation it won’t feel like a burden to walk around with all day! It’s not too big, but still has enough room for all your beach day must-haves. Plus, if you prefer a different style, they also have some cute bucket bags and shoulder bags that might catch your eye!

4. Amazon beach tote:

Another cute beach straw tote option! This one is roomier and it’s a great budget buy! Also, a super slim profile so looks like it would be easy to pack! If you’re planning beach days, you might want to consider a tote bag or even one of those trendy basket bags to hold all your essentials!

Hope this helps you find the perfect summer bag!