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Real Women Approved: 40+ Spotify Playlists To Listen To Now

Real Women Approved: 20+ Spotify Playlists To Listen To Now, parisian cafe

Trench: London Fog (mine is a few years old, but the find the newest versions right here! I LOVE, LOVE this trench. London Fog runs big in my experience, FYI. I have the XS and it’s still roomy! Shoes: Also from a few years back but current version here! (Size down!) 

We’re back with a refresh of one of my most popular Real Women Approved posts–Spotify playlists! 

Every time I seem to hit a *mid-season* point (a la AUGUST!) all the music I’ve been listening to seems to get really old. You too? I thought it was time to mix things up again, so I asked for your updated favorite playlists to continue to build on this awesome playlist post we have going! 

Below are your favorite Spotify Playlists that you love to listen to during work, on the weekends, while working out, and pretty much everything in between. 

Best Spotify Playlists

First, I’ll kick us off with a few of my favorite playlists:

Paris Cafe Jazz 

During the day, I’m almost always playing French Jazz! It’s my favorite to put on in the background during work–because I don’t speak French, I don’t get distracted by the lyrics. Plus, when am I not dreaming of Parisian Cafes?  ❤

Smokey & The Bandit 

This is the playlist that Neal and I always put on whenever we’re hanging out together. It’s pretty much the best compilation of classic rock ever–we always listen to it while hanging out on our front porch.

Neal + Jess’s Date Night Playlist 

This is a list of Neal and I’s go-to songs for a date night in! ? 

Alright, now, time for YOUR favorite Spotify playlists: 

A Perfect Day

“Such a good playlist of oldies to star your day! It’s on every morning while I get ready for work!” — Claire

Boho + Chill

“A soothing mix that I like to play during work, cleaning the house or cooking. It helps me discover new artists as well!” — Alex

Good Vibes and Young and Free

“These have such fun, pick-me-up vibes! I like them when I’m getting ready in the morning or just when I want some music in the background. Mostly indie/alternative/electronic/pop and everything in between!” — Hannah

Tropical Morning

Julie recommended this beachy/clubby playlist! “They play it at Homeslice” she informed me, one of my favorite trendy pizza spots, so obvi it’s a winner in my book! A good playlist for a summer party or pregame.

Beach Vibes

Claire says, “I love listening to this in the car during spring and summer or at the pool! Most of the songs are beachy, kind of reggae style!” Lauren also seconds this and recommends it for when you’re “seriously struggling with the pre-Spring BS weather Mother Nature is currently sharing with us” ?

Deep Focus and Ambient Chill

“These three are my go-to’s for when I need to block out everything around me and get my you-know-what done!”— Hannah

Jazz Vibes

“When I’m in the mood for background music without vocals! It’s simultaneously low key, modern, and classy with a little bit of hip hop. Perfect for dinner at home or getting work done when I can’t handle distracting lyrics!” — Sarah

Coffee Table Jazz:

Similarly, Anne recommends the Coffee Table Jazz playlist. She says “it’s great for relaxing after a long day at work!”

Brain Food

Tatum says, “It’s my go-to at work when I want something to play while focusing (that isn’t classical piano).”

Feelin Good

“A great one for some older classics!” — Phoebe

New Boots

“For all my fellow country music lovers. It’s my go-to for all the hottest and just released country songs!” — Emma

Make Out Jams 

“Good for making out, obvi, but also just like, hanging out. Highly recommend.” — Kelsey. (Kelsey, you kill me with this description ?)

Acoustic Covers

“One of my faves! Very relaxing without the “classical music” vibe so it feels more modern (and you can sing along which is a nice extra, haha!)” — Clara


Reader Keely made this personal playlist full of Latin jams. “Most of my best friends are native [Spanish] speakers and that’s something we love to do together, listen to this playlist! The songs are super catchy for working out, too!”

Songs to Sing in the Shower

“Self explanatory–it’s my favorite!” — Elise

Lizzie McGuire Comes On At 4pm

YES this is real!? Sarah says “It’s got a lot of throwbacks from the early 2000’s and it’s fun to put on in the car or while studying just to reminisce.”

Daily Lift

“This is a great one for jammy songs that aren’t too intense!” — Phoebe

Chill Oldies: 

Meredith describes this playlist as, “basically all the songs you know but don’t really know how and somehow know all the words”

Kina Grannis

“She does great covers and has originals too! Great “Chill” playlist if you like acoustics!”

Chickpea in the City’s Playlists:

Do you follow Chickpea in the City?! You should! “She has a playlist for every occasion” GG reader, Dani says. Her “Songs I Wish I Heard in Soulcycle” gives me life for those 4am gym wakeup calls, and her “A Dream” playlist is perfect for those chill, night time/deep thinking vibes!”

Bev Cook’s Playlists 

Bev puts out monthly mixtapes that are awesome! A fun mix of oldies and new-to-me bands. I love her road trip one! Because they are seasonal, they always feels fresh and relevant! — Kendall 

Nancy Meyers’ Kitchen

SO MANY votes for this one! 250+ songs that make you feel like you’re in a Nancy Meyers’ romcom! 

Songs That Get Drunk White Girls Excited

This one cracked me up and also has my name all over it. ?”The best for a night out with the girls!” — Lauren 

Classic Rock Road Trip

“Definitely great for those who were raised on ’70s classic rock” — Sarah 

Broadway Belting 

My [very talented in the musical theatre department] friend Carly recommended this one. Perfect for singing in the shower! 

Relax & Unwind 

Love this submission from Erika for post-work unwinding! 

Rainy days in Paris

Love how many Parisian-inspired playlists you guys love! Natalie recommends this one. 

Morning Commute 

“It’s chill, but still great songs. Perfect for starting the day!” — Bree

Mountain Drive 

“It’s my go-to for any occasion! Modern day folk/rock/pop” — Lia

Guilty Pleasures 

“Tons of songs that make you go ‘ugh, this song, YASS!'” — Maddy

Great workout playlists:

Exercising is always better (er, less miserable?) with good music, yes? ?The right song can motivate you to run faster, lift heavier or to just …get off the couch! 

Here is a list of top workout playlists by my friend Terri of A Foodie Stays Fit. (She shared her 5 running tips for beginners in this awesome blog post!)

2019 Running Playlist

7 less main-stream songs that help you find your stride. 

2018 Running Playlist

21 songs (1 hour 15 minutes) of music, this list is great for a long run and has a good mix of mainstream music and lesser-known bands. 

Workout Playlist

With FOUR HOURS of music, this playlist will get you through a lot of long runs or workouts! It features a lot of upbeat songs.

Not Pop Workout Music Playlist

Ever need a break from pop? This playlist is for you! Nearly two hours of songs that still have a great beat, but, I mean…as the name would suggest––aren’t pop! 

Discover Keepers Playlist

This 7 HOUR playlist can get you through most of your workday! This is a really random assortment of songs and is great for easy runs or long walks. 

Happy listening! Do you guys use Spotify Premium or Apple Music? I use Spotify, but I’ve heard good things about Apple Music, too! Share your favorite playlists in the comments below!