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The podcast I’ve been loving lately

Jul 7, 2016


Do you like podcasts? 

If you’ve known me long enough, you know I’m kind of a podcast geek. 

I think my love for podcasts all started, really, back in college. I was a Journalism major, and one of my introductory classes (J-201, I believe it was called) was taught by an NPR reporter–Sarah. 

(She was one of the first professors I had who insisted upon her students calling her by first name. The coolest.) 

Sarah was a journalist for NPR–I remember listening to one of her stories for the first time. Something about urban farming–I remember the sound of chickens clucking vividly. There is something special about radio journalism that is so intimate and captivating–something that can never be established with a print story. 

Anyway, she introduced me to my first favorite radio show and podcast, This American Life. From there, it was down the podcast rabbit hole. 

To this day, most mornings for me begin with Morning Edition, of course–I consumed Serial like an addict, and recently re-discovered a newfound favorite…


Invisibilia started right near the end of the first season of Serial, but took a very long hiatus, and last week, I discovered they had come out with a second season! I’m so excited to have something else to binge-listen to. 

So, what’s it about?

Invisibilia is all about profiling the invisible forces that control human nature–exploring why we have the ideas we have, where emotions come from, and the assumptions we make about the world around us. It will completely change the way you think and feel about the world around you. 

Some examples? How one blind man adapted a bat-like system of clicking to navigate around the city on his bike. Or–the human tendency to categorize and we crave them like drug addictions. 

Seriously, it’s fascinating. If you’re looking for some of the best podcasts out there–in my opinion, this is one of them.

Give it a download and let me know what you think. 

What are your favorite podcasts? 

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