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Real Women Approved: 33 Amazing Podcasts to Binge This Week

The Golden Girl Blog Reader Best Podcasts 2018

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I’m so excited about today’s post!

Honestly, my GG reader roundups are some of my favorite posts to write, period, the end.

If you haven’t joined in the fun over on Instagram stories, I’ll often pop over there to ask your recommendations on a given topic, and then do one big ole blog post compiling all the goodness in one place!

When I decided the next topic would be podcasts, I realized verrryyy quickly that I wasn’t alone in my obsession with podcasts! I honestly can’t put my finger on just why they’re so captivating (maybe it’s because unlike TV, podcasts allow us to disconnect while at the same time, allow us to use parts of our brain that don’t really get used otherwise?) but one thing was clear–we all need more podcasts in our lives!

Now, I will stop yapping, so we can get to the goods. Read on for the GG communities giant list of best podcasts ever!

The Ultimate List Of The Best Podcasts 2018

Best Career Advice & Motivation Podcasts:

How I Built This:

I’ve started listening to this a couple weeks back since getting your reccos on it and I have to say it’s now one of my favorite podcasts!

Reader Lauren describes it as, “centered around the stories of how entrepreneurs started their companies–many of which are widely known today. (Think Zappos, Toms, DryBar, Spanx, Southwest Airlines, to name a few!) It’s great motivation and fascinating to hear the struggles and determination. Highly recommend.”

Britta also adds, “HIBT is my go-to when I need to be inspired/motivated. So amazing hearing what hard work and persistence can accomplish, and also great to hear about how some of my favorite companies/brands got started!”


Courge & Clarity Podcast (Jess’ pick!):

One of my very favorite podcasts is produced by Steph Crowder of Fizzle (it’s a cool membership site for entrepreneurs!) She interviews different entrepreneurs on different topics related to growing their business–focused both on how they got the “courage” to go for it, and the “clarity”–aka–real life, step by step takeaways you can implement in your own business! Her most impactful episode by far is this one, where she shares her very unique and helpful approach to planning out her to-do list for the week! Also, Blair was one of her first interviewees! You can listen to her episodes here and here!

Goal Digger Podcast from Jenna Kutcher:

Hannah loves Jenna’s Goal Digger podcast because “she shares small business and marketing advice. I don’t own a small business but as a marketer I’ve learned a lot from her!”

Ted Radio Hour:

Liz says, “Each hour long episode incorporates several segments on different Ted Talks centered around a common theme. I always learn something knew and they pass the time pretty fast! I love to listen to them when I make the 6 hour drive back and forth to college!

What the Eff:

What the Eff sounds like a great show for those of you in the blogging world! Bracey says, “what the eff is my fave! It’s new but sooo good and started by Sydney, who has been on the blogging scene for awhile!”

A list of the best podcasts picked by readers of The Golden Girl Blog

Feel-Good, Health/Wellness, and Self-Help Podcasts:


Charlene first recommended this one, but it came up quite a few times! She says, “Happier is hosted by Gretchen Rubin, the bestselling author of “The Happiness Project” [Jess note: a book I’d highly recommend!] along with her sister, Elizabeth Craft. They discus ways and tools to incorporate or cope with everyday situations leaving you happier. They have launched several other podcasts under this umbrella discussing unique happiness projects!”

Jessica also adds, “it just has simple life lessons that make a big impact on the way you think!”

Magic Lessons:

This recco also came from Charlene, who says, “Magic Lessons is the podcast from bestselling author, Elizabeth Gilbert, based on her bestselling book, “Big Magic.” She welcomes a new guest each week and they discuss their fears that they overcome to create joyful experiences. This has been truly inspiring and really speaks to the internal voice that holds me back.”

Savage Love:

H says, “Its a sex and relationship advice podcast. People call in and ask questions and then the host, Dan Savage, answers on the podcast. (Sometimes he’ll call people back, too!) He’s so awesome.

Well-Fed Women:

“Awesome for women who are interested in health–it’s one of my favorite podcasts right now! They answer tons of listerner questions on nutrition, fitness, mental health, etc and give great advice based on their own experiences, which makes it more interesting to me than only hearing the science. Here, you get a little bit of both!” – Elizabeth

Party in my Plants:

I am SO glad that Lee turned me onto this podcast!

She says, “I’m moving myself, hubby and kids toward a plant based diet and her recipes, approach and enthusiasm make it all fun, and her ideas and food are fab! She likes to “take the hell out of eating healthy” and it’s just that! With her guidance I’ve adopted a VB6 approach (vegan before 6pm) and most days with a few full-on plant days mixed in. Totally enjoyable and with her advice, we’ve never felt better!”

I totally agree with you, Lee. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the episodes I’ve listened to so far!

The Other F Word:

A podcast about taking the shame out of failure, exploring what makes us human, and finding the inspiration in what most would perceive to be “failed” experiences.

Sammie says, “The first one I listened to was a marriage therapist who talks about how we perceive failures in relationships but in reality, we can work through those so-called failures and turn them around!”

(Jess’ note: I actually listened to this episode too after Sammie suggested it! It was really good and I’m excited to listen to more episodes!)

best podcasts 2018

Current Events, News & Politics:

The Daily from the NY Times:

“Short daily episodes, usually 20 min, that cover the latest biggest news stories. Perfect for a commute listen and makes me feel informed in a short amount of time!” –Hannah

“It’s THE BEST” Leia says. “It focuses on one topic, gives you good detail and context, usually 20ish minutes. I listen to it every morning while I get ready for work.”

More Perfect by RadioLab:

J says, “there aren’t many episodes, but this delves into the history and background of some of our nations most interesting and socially impactful Supreme Court decisions in an approachable way. It’s the best. Much more history than law, it  opens your eyes to just how strange a path it is to get a case before the Supreme Court and what social factors play into judicial activism.”

She adds one disclaimer, “I’m a lawyer, but have recommended this to several non-lawyer friends who’ve loved it too!”

Pod Save America:

Hannah says, “Those guys are the best! They’ve made it so much easier to keep up with politics. I’ve become so much more involved since I started listening to them! I love that they partner with other orgs and are doing great things.”

Whitney says, “It definitely leans to the left, but they try to show other points of view AND break down issues that would otherwise take a ton of time to research on your own.”

On that note, Lindsey says that “Crooked Media, who produces Pod Save America, has an awesome lineup of more political podcasts, like Pod Save the World (international affairs), Lovett or Leave It, and Crooked Conversations.”

NPR’s Morning Edition (Jess’ Pick!):

Not glamourous, but I start every morning listening to NPR’s Morning Edition! I honestly can’t stomach TV news (who can these days?) and NPR reports on the latest happenings with more lighthearted feature stories peppered in. I really look forward to it each morning!

Crime Podcasts:

My Favorite Murder:

“The hosts are both hilarious and discuss different true crimes every week. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it because I don’t like creepy things, but it’s become one of my favorites” Hannah says.

Up and Vanished:

“It’s a true crime podcast about a cold case,” Linds describes. “A man in Atlanta investigates the disappearance of Targa Grinstead, a beauty queen in Georgia who vanished out of the blue. He takes you inside a small Georgia town where lot’s of secrets emerge. I won’t spoil it but let’s just say, the podcast leads to some major discoveries! You’ll be hooked instantly!”

Atlanta Monster (Jess’ pick!):

Piggybacking on the whole “up and vanished” theme–from the same producers, comes Atlanta Monster. Have you listened to it yet? It dives into the true story of one of Atlanta’s darkest secrets–40 years later. I have a feeling it’s going to become a lot like Serial. I’ll leave it at that–just listen.

The ultimate list of best podcasts you need to binge asap

Just Interesting in General:


Hidden Brain:

This one was a very popular choice! Hannah describes as, “an NPR podcast that dives deep into different interesting topics. It’s part science, party storytelling. I’m not a huge science person but always find their content super interesting.”

Memory Palace:

“More than just a history podcast,” Tiffany says. “The host, Nate, uncovers relatively unknown moments in history and uses his extraordinary storytelling abilities to turn them into riveting and heartfelt narratives. If you want a taste, begin with “The Wheel”–it’s my favorite podcast episode of all time!

The Longest Shortest Time:

Roo says, “I love this podcast! It’s about parenting, which I love as a mom, but the stories are interesting even to non-parents, too!”

The Tub Talk:

S loves this podcast about “weird shower thoughts…and other random things” (Hm. This sounds intriguing.)


Angie says “this is one of my favorite podcasts!” (Jess’ note: I agree! I love it too!) “It’s all about what you can’t see, for example, synesthesia–people who can’t feel other peoples emotions, how clothes impact emotions, and so much more!”

Awesome Etiquette:

“A podcast whose hosts are part of the Emily Post family and they work to answer questions posed by listeners on ways to handle different situations with consideration, respect, and honesty! It’s fun and lively and not stuffy as you might think an etiquette podcast would be! It’s helped me to be a more considerate person to the people I care about and everyone I interact with and I think everyone could benefit from it!

Elizabeth says, “It’s actually so helpful for modern day etiquette questions. Totally approachable, non-stuffy etiquette tips!”

Chris Loves Julia:

“Such good personalities with awesome home styling tips, house advice, and life discussions!”–H


For Harry Potter fans, Potterless is ???” H says. “It’s a twenty-something reading HP fo rthe first time and his commentary with his friends is so real and funny.”

A list of which podcasts you should listen to


Super Entertaining, Girl-Power Podcasts:

2 Dope Queens:

Kaleigh says “2 Dope Queens is one of my absolute favorites! Two women host a comedy event in Brooklyn featuring comics that aren’t as well known. It’s a great spotlight for females and people of color. Who doesn’t need a laugh right now?! They have a four-part HBO special coming out next month, too!”

The Morning Breath:

“Two real life sisters recap the fast five entertainment stories in a funny banter. Be warned, they talk really fast!” Lauren describes. Nicole adds that “their commentary on shows like The Bachelor, HGTV and Bravo are hysterical.”

Bachelor Party:

Comedian Juliet analyzes the contestants from the bachelor with guests. Beg Higgins was on the first one! #BachelorNation” –Lauren

Lady Gang:

Hosted by Becca Tobin (from Glee), Jac Vanek (designer) and Keltie Knight (Entertainment Tonight host)–they just talk about the most random things but they’re hilarious. Guests range from celebs to makeup artists to doctors and they take advice questions from readers. –Nicole

Sarah describes it as, “a very women positive podcast. They are fun and silly and true to themselves! It’s three like D list celebs (and they know it) talking like you would talk to your best friends.”

Lady Lovin:

Elizabeth suggested another badass female show–Lady Lovin! “Hosted by Lo Bosworth, Jilly Hendrix and Greta Titleman. They bring different guests on each week and talk about love, relationships, self-care, and amazing women who have started their own businesses. They end each podcast with the guest sharing about a woman that inspires them. So good and so funny!”

Call Your Girlfriend:

H says, “I wish the hosts, Amina and Ann were my best friends but I’ve been listening to them for so long we basically are already. Super smart, informative, hilarious takes on everything from politics to body image to feminism to culture. Their live show is like a religious experience.”

Guys We F*@ked Podcast:

Caroline says, “I’m seriously obsessed with this podcast. It’s raunchy, but also so relatable, and a nice reminder that as women, we’re not alone in the emotions and BS we deal with!”

Bitch Sesh:

“Hosted by two hilarious women. Although it is real housewives focused, in the beginning, they just talk about their lives and it always puts me in a good mood. They’re the best.”–Jessica

Jess keys of the Golden Girl Blog: Best Podcasts 2018

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Did I miss any!? What are your favorite podcasts? Comment below with any you think should be added to the best podcasts 2018 list. Thank you to SO many of you who responded and shared so many amazing recommendations!

Make sure to stay tuned into insta stories so you can weigh in on our next reader roundup prompt! 

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