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Real Women Approved: Your favorite petite, tall, busty, “in the middle” and plus influencers to follow for style inspo!

Mar 4, 2020

influencers to follow for style inspo

Above: With Kelly and Krista when Krista visited Chicago in November! Kelly is one of my best friends but does not make this list because we are the same body type. ????But you should still follow her anyway!! Krista, however, wins today though because she was nominated for multiple categories. ????


Can’t find someone who looks like you to follow for style inspo? You aren’t alone, my friend!

Recently, I asked for your FAQ’s on IG stories while compiling my Everlane Jeans Guide, and I received a PLETHORA of questions like, “can you share fit tips for petite gals?” and “I’m 5’10–how short will their jeans be on me?!” and “Can you speak to the fit of the curvy jeans?!” I was inundated with all these fit relations I couldn’t answer because, well, I only have one body, and that’s not my body type! I felt like I was failing you because you guys need answers that I can’t provide! 

While the outfits I put together can be a source of inspiration for ANY body type (and I think that any of the outfits I wear can work for everyone, no matter your shape or your size)––what I cannot answer are questions on FIT for body types other than my own.

I can talk all day about multiple ways to style a pair of jeans, but I can’t speak to the nitty-gritty of how they may fit if you’re built differently than I am.

(And if you’re new here, I’m 5’6 and typically a size 0-2––AKA standard influencer body type it seems like, as unfortunately, there isn’t remotely enough representation of other sizes on Instagram these days. ????Thus, why I created this post. To hopefully introduce you to some other gals who may be a better representation of your body type!) 

It was a bit of a lightbulb moment for me, and made me realize the importance of following multiple types of people on Instagram. Yes, the ones who you can gain style inspiration from (at any size), but also those you can get FIT tips from, too. Because knowing if something is going to fit YOUR body is so important in finding the best wardrobe staples that make you feel confident and excited to get dressed everyday! 

Because being your most HELPFUL friend on the internet is always my #1 goal, I went on a quest to assemble a list for you––comprised of ALL your favorite fashionable ladies of every shape and size. (Other than my own. Because, you know, I got that covered. ????) 

I asked you to submit your favorites via Instagram stories and let me just say…you delivered!! I wish I could include ALL of the hundreds of submissions, but for time’s sake, I had to narrow it down. ????Below is a list compiled from your most popular suggestions!

Before we jump in, I would like to reiterate that this is a READER GENERATED list.

(So please don’t @ me if you feel like any part of this list is lacking in a given area––I only rounded up your most popular suggestions.) There is no hierarchy or ranking, and to be honest––I reallllly hate “labeling” women’s bodies into categories. But after hearing all of your feedback, I’ve comprised it in the way I think is MOST helpful for you guys! 

So, without further ado, here are your Real Women Approved favorite gals to follow for style inspiration — of all different shapes and sizes!  

[ggheading style=”light” size=”2″ text=”Your Favorite Petite Gals”]

(Note: Petite is defined as someone who is under 5’3. Contrary to what many people believe, the term has nothing to do with weight or size––a few of you responded with, “You, Jess!” when I asked for petite suggestions, so I felt the need to explain here. ????) 


Jean of Extra Petite

Perfectly named, Jean is a momma based in Boston, and she is the epitome of petite style inspiration! In addition to her amazing style, she has so many petite resources — from alteration guides and petite-friendly brands to styling tips and tricks!


Crystalin Marie

Crystalin is the queen of neutrals! She’s a petite style blogger based in Portland who kills it at showing how you can style one item endless ways. She’s also a must-follow if you live in a similar rainy climate.


Olivia Rink

We couldn’t have a petite style roundup without Olivia! Many of you submitted her––she’s 4’11 and started her blog in an effort to help petite girls find brands and styles that cater to their body type as well as provide outfit inspiration! She has a great feminine style and is based in NYC!

Jen of Skirt the Rules 

So many of my petite ladies love following Jen, and I do too!! She doesn’t JUST have incredible feminine style, but she posts a lot of ways to dress an outfit up, down, and wear it for many different occasions!

Lauren of Lake Shore Lady

I was so happy to see my friend Lauren submitted so many times! We’ve been friends ever since I started blogging! She’s a fellow Chicago blogger, Eataly lover, and also a bride to be, so she’s a great follow for all you petite gals planning weddings! I especially love her real outfit round-ups in addition to her traditional outfit posts!

Lucy of The Lucy Space

Lucy is a lawyer by day and petite style blogger by night. She says her closet mirrors her approach on life: organized and intentional to create more happiness! She’s based in San Francisco and is also a boy momma!

Hey Nasreen

Nasreen is an Austin based mom who posts a TON of helpful styling sessions and petite-friendly try ons! If you’re looking for “elevated everyday” looks, that is where she truly shines! Busy moms especially will love following her for her easy, comfortable, but stylish looks!

Sandy a la Mode

A Salt Lake City gal, Sandy focuses on affordable, everyday (mom-friendly!) style! She posts some super helpful Q + A’s and was a super popular submission for both the “petite” and “curvy” categories!

Jess with Less 

I am so happy you all turned me on to Jess’ account! She’s a great source of petite style inspo (she’s 5 ft) but she’s focused on sustainable style and also reviews lots of Everlane pieces, so if you’re ever wondering how an Everlane piece I’m wearing will fit petite-wise, she’s a great person to turn to!!

Natalie Borton 

My friend Natalie was maaybbeee my most popular suggestion of this entire roundup and I was not a bit surprised (and I would’ve put her in here even if none of you submitted her because her account is THAT GOOD!! ????) She’s 5’4 so I don’t think that actually counts as “petite” but many petite gals recommended her, so I still think she can be put here. ????It doesn’t matter what your body type––you will get so much value out of following Natalie! She does tons of styling videos and is a fellow Everlane lover! (She has reviewed lots of their denim as well!) She also has her own jewelry line!

Liz Adams 

Another friend I am SO glad to hear you love following as much as I do, but I did start laughing when I saw her name pop up under “petite” suggestions, because like Natalie, I had never thought of her as “petite”–she’s 5’4. I had to DM her and be like, “are you petite and I’ve just been living my life thinking you were only like an inch shorter than me?!” For those of you who are on the shorter side but not QUITE petite––I give you Liz, who is not just a fellow Chicago blogger friend but also one of my favorite people to follow for her great everyday style, tips, tricks, and adorable family!



[ggheading style=”light” size=”2″ text=”Your Favorite Favorite Tall Gals”]


Ashley of Tall Blonde Bell

I love Ashley! You can’t help but smile when you look at her feed! I love her style and that she’s a fellow Midwestern gal! She describes herself as “your average tall, blonde midwest girl with passions for fashion, fitness and travel.” She has lots of helpful everyday style tips as well as athleisure and travel looks!

Amanda of The Miller Effect

I was happy to see my friend Amanda as a popular tall gal submission as well! She’s based in Dallas and posts tons of super helpful shopping-related content––from Amazon hauls, trend round-ups and tall-friendly brands.

Mary of Memorandum

So many of you follow Mary for great tall style inspiration! Based in NYC, she features tons of office-appropriate looks, which is why she started her blog. She also does a month-long “30 Dress in 30 Days” series each year with dress inspiration for every single occasion you could ever need!

Anna of See Anna Jane

Of course, it couldn’t be a tall girl roundup without my friend Anna!! I think I can confidently say Anna is my most stylish friend and the one I most often text for fashion advice. Her “shop your closet” series is amazing, where she features how to style one piece multiple ways, and she wears and reviews Everlane all the time, too! ????????

Kaci of PS Forty Six 

Another one of my faves–I love Kaci! ❤️She was submitted several times for the “tall gal” category. I’ve been loving her styling sessions lately AND––fun fact: she has her own jewelry line, too!

Amy of Fashion Jackson

Based in San Diego, Amy is 5’10 and has incredible eye for neutrals. She blends high end and affordable pieces so well and goes into a lot of detail when reviewing how pieces fit/run.

Karla Reed 

I freaking LOVE Karla and I was so excited to see so many of you do too! She was one of the most popular submissions in the “tall girl” category but I guarantee ALL of you (regardless of your body style!) will love following Karla. She posts some of the most helpful styling sessions and try ons around!


[ggheading style=”light” size=”2″ text=”Other gals who AREN’T a size XS”]

It’s kind of insane to me that a massively disproportionate number of influencers are a size 0/2. WHY?! It frustrates ME as someone who is, in fact, in that size range. So I can’t imagine how frustrating it is for most of you guys! If you’re not in either of the above categories and often feeling like your body type is underrepresented on social media, I hope this list gives you some amazing new follows! 

One note–originally, I had all of the above categories broken out separately (per your request). But I think the categories overlap so much that I’m just going to do a big ole list here!

Here are your favorite submissions for ladies ranging from size 4/6, to “in the middle” to plus size. Also, including your favorites to follow in the busty department within all those size ranges. (AKA, who can help you with one of my often asked questions, “Can I wear that shirt if I have boobs?!”) 

Krista Robertson

I was so glad to see you guys love Krista as much as I do! We’ve been “friends” for many years, despite the fact that we *just* met in person for the first time a few months ago. ????I love her classic, preppy style (with a fun dose of trendy thrown in), but you’ll also love her personality and realness.

She responded to my question box on stories nominating herself as “YA GIRL WITH DEM 34DD” so there you go. ????(Disclaimer: Luckily lots of you nominated her too. ????) Girl has some FAB curves and as one of the most submitted answers, clearly you do too!

Grace of The Stripe

Another friend of mine who was a popular nomination! Grace has an incredible, classic style with an eclectic twist. Her outfits are always interesting and inspire me to think out of the box. Many of my favorite wardrobe staples have come from Grace! (She also has a collection with Amazon coming out soon!!) Many of you submitted Grace for the “girls with boobs” category and said “she’s the only one on Instagram closest to my body type!!” She also tries to wear as many size-inclusive brands as possible (and link as many size-inclusive items as possible) which I think is so helpful and something I strive to do more of!!

Merrit of The Style Scribe

I have always been a fan of Merrit’s refined, classic style! She’s a big believer in elevated basics and neutrals. She features great seasonal capsule wardrobes and has a series focused on timeless style at any age! She was a very popular submission for the “helpful follow for busty gals” category! I also just saw she’s moving to Chicago so maybe we will meet in person soon! Happy moving, Merrit!!

Carly of Carly the Prepster

Carly kills New England, preppy style! She features lots of classic, feminine staples, preppy colors and plaid! Her reviews are super comprehensive and she serves great style inspiration! Many of you said you find Carly’s fit tips helpful as a bustier girl with a small frame.

Alicia Tenise

I love Alicia’s bold, colorful style! Based in D.C., she is all about bright patterns and print mixing outfits! Her feed is what you need when you’re feeling “blah” and need some FUN fashion ideas in your life. In particular, many of my busty gals said you look to her for style inspo!

Rosie of The Londoner

As her name would suggest, Rosie is a London-based style blogger with incredible, sophisticated style and a feed that will give you major wanderlust! She’s also a new mom, so if you’re a new mama as well (or you’re a mom-to-be!) you’ll love following her for that as well!

Kendi Everyday

Fun fact: Kendie was the original creator of the 30 for 30 challenge (where you pick 30 items and style them different ways for 30 days straight). Based in Dallas, she features a lot of neutral-based looks, and always shares her amazing everyday outfits!


I wasn’t familiar with Shannon’s account before, but I am SO glad that you guys introduced me! She’s a fellow Chicago girl who also likes to review Everlane pieces (HOW have I not come across her before?!) Her account is self-described as “exploring ethical clothing as a not-quite-plus-size person.”

Noelle of Noelle’s Favorite Things

Noelle is based in Brooklyn and features bold, playful and feminine style inspiration. She wears lots of color, textures and accessories! SO MANY of you submitted Noelle for both the “in between/curvy” and “busty” category!

Mommy in Heels: 

Another amazing Instagram friend of mine! You’ve seen me do several IG story styling sessions with Rebecca! She was a very popular suggestion for curvy and busty gals, and she also just had a baby–so she’s a great go-to for maternity and post-baby inspo! She posts a lot of really helpful try-ons (like this cute swim review she just did!) and tons of “where it multiple ways “styling sessions.

Caralyn Mirand

Another VERY popular submission for both the curvy/busty/in the middle category was the wonderful Caralyn! (Also one of my fave IG follows). She’s based in Buffalo, NY and has amazing style posts on her blog and Instagram. (She has an IG highlight “FitTipTuesday” – where she shares helpful style fit tips!) She’s also a “properly fitting bra” advocate so bustier girls will definitely want to give her a follow!

Maddy Gutierrez

I LOVE Maddy!! Maddy and I have become friends on Instagram over the past year or so (we’ve also done a few IG styling sessions together!!) She also came HIGHLY recommended by you all which made me so happy! She’s a mom based in NYC and has amazing style content–-from try-on videos, style round-ups and capsule wardrobes!

Sarah Tripp of Sassy Red Lipstick

Sarah is a style blogger who is all about body positivity and honoring your curves! She is a new mom based in Phoenix, and has an awesome, bright and bold style!

Katie Sturino

Katie’s popular fashion blog is “12ish style” (I started following her because she’s friends with Grace!) She’s based in NYC and has become well-known for her awesome “make my size” posts, where she (very respectfully) initiates conversations with many popular brands to raise awareness of how badly we need more inclusive sizing! I also love her #SuperSizeTheLook series where she recreates celebrity style!

Charlotte of the Plus Sized Prep

Seeing Charlotte on your submissions list made my heart so happy, because she is JUST as wonderful in person as she is on Instagram! Charlotte is basically a one-stop shop for what she calls, “prep with an edge” — classic feminine pieces with a fun trend occasionally peppered in.


Looking for more Real Women Approved posts? Right this way!

Thanks to everyone who shared their favorite follows for style inspiration! I hope this list is helpful and introduced you to someone new! 

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