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Our favorite nontoxic baby skincare products we use for June!

nontoxic baby skincare products

Sooo everyone’s been asking about my baby’s skincare routinneeeee.

Kidding. Actually not kidding. I get this question for every Q+A lately. So in today’s post, I’m sharing all about the new-to-me brand I fell in love with, and highlighting some of the stars in their lineup that we use regularly!

Obviously I had to order June her own bathrobe for the sake of these photos. (Because duh.) So even if you aren’t in the market for baby or pregnancy products, I hope you enjoy the A+ entertainment value.

nontoxic baby skincare products

Our favorite nontoxic baby skincare products we use for June!

In all honesty, I was so wrapped up in the baby registry stuff that researching baby skincare/bath products didn’t cross my mind for the longest time, until my friend/agent/manager Molly introduced me to a brand called Evereden, which makes nontoxic products for moms, kids, and babies. She sent me their Golden Belly Serum back when I was pregnant. I had never heard of the brand before, so I didn’t have super high expectations, but I ended up LOVING the serum so much and I was so sad that I didn’t discover it until my third trimester–I wish I’d been using it the whole time!

More reasons I fell in love with the brand:

Evereden is developed by dermatologists and pediatricians who are also moms, and focus on the cleanest, gentlest ingredients! You can find every ingredient listed on every product page, what it’s derived from, AND it’s EWG rating! I just love everything the brand stands for, so I’m really excited to be working with them! Also, I’m a sucker for their packaging. It looks beautiful on her changing table!

Basically, I was HOOKED, so A. I asked Molly to pitch them for a sponsorship (they said yes!) Thus they are sponsoring today’s post, thank you Evereden!) and B. I immediately placed an order (with my own money) loading up my cart with products for June! It can be so overwhelming to navigate all these different baby brands and products, so I was ALL IN on having a one-stop-shop brand for everything.

So let’s jump into my favorite products from Evereden! You can use code LABORDAY for 20% off all single SKU products, as well as a few of their select bundles: the Cleanse + Hydrate Bundle, Luxe Pregnancy Skincare Bundle, and Kids Happy Face Duo. (All of these make such great gifts, too!)

skincare products for babies

Skincare routine for babies

Shop our Evereden favorites:

Golden Belly Serum

Okay, not baby product–it’s a mama product, but I couldn’t NOT include my favorite belly oil in the Evereden lineup! This oil is AMAZING. It smells incredible, and leaves your skin so silky and soft–the best for itchy skin! I’ve also been using it postpartum to help fade dark spots on my belly and help skin regain elasticity! In their clinical trial, it also reduced the appearance of stretch marks by 62%! Makes the best gift for a mom-to-be!

Baby Face Cream: 

Ever since she was born, June has loved when we massage this cream on her face! Newborn skin can get really dry and inflamed, and this is so gentle, soothing, and moisturizing and has helped hers so much! I also love the pump because it’s easy to do with one hand and one pump is the perfect amount of product for her face and neck.

Jasmine baby lotion: 

We put this on every night after her bath, and I love the super light Jasmine scent that still somehow has that “clean baby” smell. (Note, it’s naturally scented –no added fragrance!) It absorbs really quickly too, which is key–because she gets cold after her bath and we gotta get it on FAST!

Soothing powder lotion: 

I think this is the COOLEST product. As there is a lot of sketchiness in baby powder ingredients, I definitely did not want to use the old fashioned baby powder on her. I love that this lotion is soothing, made with zero questionable ingredients, and is easy to apply (and doesn’t get everywhere like a powder does!) Being a summer baby, getting sweaty in all those rolls is inevitable, and this helps sooth skin and prevent redness and irritation.

Foaming baby wash and shampoo

Another product I love because the formula AND packaging was thoughtfully designed! This baby wash is super gentle, non irritating or drying (so it’s won’t exacerbate cradle cap or peeling newborn skin!) and the pump is very easy to do one-handed.

Happy shopping! Huge thanks to Evereden for sponsoring this post! All baby partnerships we take on go directly toward June’s college savings, so your support means the world to us! As always, opinions are 110% my own, and I only take on sponsorships with brands that I adore and use regularly!