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Everyone Needs These No Slip, Invisible Amazon Ankle Socks (Plus A Hack for Storing Them!)

Okay, this isn’t the most exciting blog post I’ve ever published. Or maybe it is? (Similar to my vacuum post or my laundry post?)

As you likely know by now–it can be tough to find no-show ankle socks that actually STAY PUT and don’t slip off and ball up underneath your feet when you’re wearing shoes. (So annoying!) In fact, I didn’t know just how hard it was to find good ankle socks until it became one of my most frequently asked questions, so I decided I probably needed to dedicate a full blog post to it. ? So…here we are! Huzzah! 

Above: Wearing my Tretorns with said invisible magic socks 

The Best No Slip Ankle Socks

The truth of the matter is–it turns out, I’ve been sitting (standing?) on a pair of hidden gems–behold–the ankle socks that DO NOT SLIPand even better, they’re available on Amazon. You can get a three pack for $9 or a 6 pack for $13! I seriously bought like 20 pairs so I’m never out of them. (I also got rid of all my other sub-par ankle socks and therefore they ALL MATCH NOW and it’s so amazing.) 

How do they not slip? They have this little gel thingy on the back that adheres them to your feet super well. It’s like magic. In addition to not slipping, they’re very low-cut, meaning you can get away with wearing lot’s of different shoes with them. They’re also super thin, so they don’t make your feet hot either. 

I buy the same color every time–black–so I don’t have to worry about matching them up.

There are few games I hate more than the “find the matching sock” game. I also think white socks get dirty and gross looking and black ones never show anything. Except for lint–which, usually isn’t that big of a deal, unless you plan to take photos of your socks and post them on your blog–then it’s kind of a drag, but, I figure you’ll look past the obvious lint on my black socks because you’ll be too excited to add these socks to your cart. I didn’t really realize how badly in need I was of a lint roller until I was editing the photos. OH WELL! Done over perfect, right? 

My hack: The best way to store ankle socks: 

My hack: The best way to store ankle socks: 

You know that little cardboard thingy your socks come wrapped around? Don’t throw it away! That thing is GOLD! Keep it and wrap your socks around it instead of rolling them into a ball only to get lost in the scary abyss of your sock drawer. Then you can Kon-mari them and store them neatly in your sock drawer–and they take up virtually no room. BEST TRICK EVER, RIGHT!? 

Okay well, this was a short and uneventful post. But, there you have it. GO BUY THE SOCKS