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Real Women Approved: 10+ Best Gifts for Expecting & New Moms

10+ Best Gifts for Expecting & New Moms

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Happy Wednesday!

Kendall here with another Real Women Approved post! Today’s topic is all about the best gifts to give expecting or new moms, and I went straight to the source (you!) for your honest, real feedback! Thank you to everyone who chimed in on IG — your suggestions were amazing as per usual! 

As a new mom myself, I know how incredible it feels to receive gifts for yourself throughout pregnancy and into postpartum life. While everyone is focused on baby (including you!), it’s so appreciated when something shows up at your door that forces you to take care of yourself.

Whether it be a hot meal, self-care products, a luxurious piece of clothing that makes you feel amazing, or a service that makes postpartum life a lot less stressful–there are many ways to show your friend support in this new phase of her life. The end of pregnancy and first weeks of newborn life are such a magical/emotional blur and any sentiment of well wishes can make all the difference — even just a text of encouragement!

10+ Best Gifts for Expecting & New Moms

Before we jump in, a few overarching notes: 

First, consider asking how she’d like to be supported! 

Everyone is different in what kind of support they need, and what will fill their cups! Consider her love language when trying to decide what to give her. What will mean the most to her? 

Keep in mind that while material gifts are fun to shop for, that may not always be the best way to show up for her, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box.  Also, if you’re not sure if she’ll like something or if she has it already, run it by her first. She doesn’t care about the surprise–she has a newborn to worry about! 

Consider sending her a text checking in, and ask how you can show up for her right now! Even something as simple as, “Hi my love! How are you feeling? Thinking about you! I would love to gift you either a cleaning service, a GrubHub gift card, or a pair of these PJ’s (they’re so soft, all my mama friends recommend them!)–you tell me which sounds the most helpful for you right now, otherwise, I will pick for you! Love you!”) 

Or sometimes just showing up with a cup of coffee, or texting her the times you’re free to come by and hold the baby while she showers or takes a nap, mean a whole lot more. Sometimes the best gifts are things money can’t buy! 

Now, let’s jump into more amazing thought-starters from you! 

Gift her meals: 

When we asked over on IG stories, meals were by far the #1 most talked-about suggestion (and rightfully so)! New moms (and dads) need meals! Here are some different ways to feeding the new mom in your life: (and remember you can send meals after the 3-month mark – a time they will probably not be receiving meals anymore but would like to be!)

First, talk to her ahead of time (or if you know some of her besties, ask them) and see if there is already some kind of meal organization happening. Too many people dropping off food at once, or too many nights in a row can get VERY overwhelming in a hurry, so if there’s a coordinated effort, you want to be involved in that! 

Drop off a homemade meal

If you live local, this is a much-appreciated way to feed a new mom. Text her beforehand to let her know what you’re making and exactly when you’ll drop it off. (Tip: if she has a Pinterest, scour her Pinterest board for recipes she’s pinned–that way you know she’ll like it! Don’t just assume she likes lasagna!) Give her a choice between two things making it easy for her to choose, or simply just say, “I’m dropping off this chicken stir fry tonight for you to eat whenever–you only have to respond if that doesn’t work for you!” 

Then be sure to leave the meal on her doorstep so she doesn’t feel the need to get dressed/entertain/etc. (You can see the baby later when she’s ready!) Make sure to make her something that keeps in the fridge for several days or can be frozen in case she can’t eat it right away! 

Send delivery takeout

If you aren’t local, send her (and her family) a meal from a nearby restaurant. Again, let her know what you’re sending and ask her to respond *if* she has a problem with it. The less a new mom has to do (like figure out what she wants for dinner and remember to get back to you) the better! If you can, ask her a few favorites BEFORE baby comes so you already know what she likes! 

Delivery gift card

Lastly, gift cards are ALWAYS appreciated! New moms and families will rely on takeout meals after the initial few weeks and having a stash of gift cards to UberEats, GrubHub, DoorDash, Daily Harvest, etc, is a great way to help them out! This is a really safe way to go for anyone who is a picky eater or if you aren’t close enough to know her favorite go-to’s! 

Blue Apron gift card

The gift that keeps on giving–truly! Even after new parents have gotten into a new routine, they have way less time than ever before to do things like meal plan and grocery shop. Gifting a meal subscription like Blue Apron allows them to still have the free reign to enjoy homemade meals without any of the stress. (And is also an awesome way for the non-birthing partner to take the reigns and own something to really help a spouse who still has a baby attached to her/his hip at all times!) Jess + Neal approved! You can read Jess’ Blue Apron review here. (Disclaimer, BA is a GG brand partner!) 

Gift her house cleaning: 

Another super popular suggestion was providing a house cleaning service for a new mom or mom-to-be! Many of you wished someone had provided this gift to you! Be sure to run the idea past a new mom to confirm her interest and work through her preference logistics. i.e. would she like the house cleaned while she’s at the hospital, a week into postpartum life, or a few months in? It’s also a great idea for moms-to-be at the end of their pregnancy!

And with that, let’s jump into the roundup with your other amazing gift ideas! 

Real Women Approved: 10+ Best Gifts for Expecting & New Moms

Monthly Flower Subscription: 

Many of you suggested getting a new mom a monthly flower subscription! While many people send the family flowers right after the birth, a monthly flower subscription is a great idea to brighten their day weeks and months afterward!

Looking for a good subscription service? This article breaks down the 6 best flower subscription services!

Barefoot Dreams Blanket:

This is a very luxurious gift for a new momma who is surely spending lots of time cuddling her newborn. Truly the softest blanket ever, and a splurge she may not buy herself! (Jess’ note: wrapping myself in this blanket on the couch is truly one of the best parts of my day, every day.)

Air Pods: 

Many of you suggested air pods as they are great for middle of the night feeding/pumping sessions. Take it a step further and send her your favorite podcasts to binge, too!

Newborn/Family Photo Session:

A few of you suggested going in on a group gift to give a new mom a newborn/family photo session! While this is definitely something you should run past her/coordinate details (before baby comes, if you can, so she doesn’t go ahead and schedule a newborn session o her own). It’s a wonderfully sentimental gift that she’ll treasure forever! Plus, photo sessions can be pricey, so giving as a group is a great way to get her something big that she wants!

Personalized Necklace: 

Giving a personalized necklace with the name or first initial of a new mom’s baby is a sweet, sentimental gift to celebrate motherhood! Etsy has endless options!

Comfy Button-Up Top: 

If you know a mom is breastfeeding, giving a BF-friendly top is gold! Look for anything with buttons and made of a soft material! I still live in linen button-downs, which are great for breastfeeding and beyond!

Massage & Pedicure after 6 Weeks PP:

Love this idea! Several of you said you loved receiving a spa gift card for a mani/pedi a few weeks postpartum. Offer to book an appointment for her too and/or babysit so she can leave the house for an hour!

Water Bottle:

Several GG readers suggested giving a nice water bottle to spruce up her bedside table and remind her to hydrate. These bkr glass water bottles come highly recommended from you all and come in a bunch of pretty colors! Jess also LOVES her hydroflask with the sport cap–makes it easy to drink and keeps your water cold all day!

Ember Coffee Mug:

A gift that is both practical and a luxury! A coffee mug that keeps your coffee warm is arguably the best gift a new mom can receive!

Nice Pajamas: 

Many of you suggested a pair of nice pajamas for a new mom snuggled up in newborn bliss — and several of you recommended Lake pajamas for their pima cotton material! The Nordstrom Moonlight Pajamas are also incredible.

Wine and a Face Mask: 

A few of you shared similar ideas to this one — something that reminds a new mom to relax, take care of herself, and take some time for herself! The simplest things often mean the most! (If you live in Chicago, you can order her a wine and face mask package delivered from Foxtrot!) Or, just drop off her favorite bottle along with a little mask and/or a Sephora gift card!

Thank YOU for submitting these amazing gift ideas and suggestions! Be sure to reference it the next time you’re looking to treat a new momma! 

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