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50+ Great Baby/Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Chicago

Baby/Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Chicago

One of my frequently asked questions from readers with kids is, “what are the best baby and kid friendly restaurants in Chicago?!”

And my answer is always that–good news–pretty much every restaurant (within reason) is kid-friendly at certain hours of the day. You don’t need to be chained to quote, “kid friendly” restaurants after you become a parent, you just may need to change the hours in which you frequent your favorite establishment! (Like I said, within reason–the latest trendy hot spot or Michelin star restaurant is probably never going to be a place you want to bring your baby–but we’re talking common-sense terms here.)

That being said, no matter how many times I give this answer, I still get met with “OK but really-what are your favorite kid friendly restaurants?!” 😆 So, I finally caved, and decided to poll all of you on Instagram stories, and organize your most popular responses by neighborhood! (Of course, with my favorites thrown in there as well!) As always, you delivered with an awesome list of spots!

If you missed my blog post on getting out and about with a baby, make sure to head there as well to read all my tips! Then, read on below for some thought starters on baby/kid-friendly restaurants and bars in Chicago!

Baby/kid-friendly Restaurants in Chicago by neighborhood:

A disclaimer: Keep in mind, most of these spots are popular with ALL kinds of people–not just parents. These are considered “kid friendly” at kid-friendly times and would not be considered kid-friendly at other times. (I.E. past 9pm). Use your best judgement and know that pretty much anywhere you go at off-hours will be fairly kid-friendly! If you’re really worried, you can always call ahead and ask!

Additionally, so many Chicago spots have patios in the summer, and patios are ALWAYS a really great kid-friendly bet, so if you can, request to sit on the patio if you happen to be making reservations ahead of time!

Whether you’re a parent, an auntie, or just friends with a lot of people with kids, you’re sure to find some awesome places on this list!

West Loop/West Town/ Wicker/Bucktown:

Lincoln Park:

Logan Square:


I hope this gave you some great ideas on new spots to put on your list!

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