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The linen jumpsuit you need for every trip this summer

The linen jumpsuit you need for every trip this summer

Linen Jumpsuit: Treasure & Bond–wearing XS! Also comes in plus size! It runs loose/oversized. Sandals: Something Navy for Nordstrom–they are shockingly comfortable! Come in black leather and an adorable black and white calf hair animal print too! Purse: Topshop (they have the CUTEST purses right now!) Lipstick: Alima Pure velvet lipstick in ‘Iris’ 

HAPPY FRIDAY you guys!

This week was definitely a blur. Lot’s of fun things happening behind the scenes that I’m super excited about! 

For starters, I’m putting the finishing touches on my Trader Joe’s Hacks e-book this weekend. (HOORAY!) Get excited! Hoping to launch it at the beginning of May! ??

And second… the one-piece-wonder outfit I’m about to share with you today is–I’m quite certain–the answer to your summer wardrobe prayers. 

I’m going to come right out and say it–it took me a LONG TIME to get on the jumpsuit bandwagon. (For the record, I am fully on board these days.) I don’t know why–because, rompers? Never had any hesitation–but jumpsuits? I wasn’t sure. 

I guess this jumpsuit is kind of a go-between (half jumpsuit/half romper, perhaps?). But regardless–I’m pretty sure every woman needs one–it’s that good. I wore this the first day of our trip to the Patron Hacienda in Guadalajara (Patron is the COOLEST company ever, by the way, and the Hacienda was an absolute dream–I’ll be doing a recap post on that soon! However, if you want to pre-stalk the Hacienda there’s an awesome video here!)

As soon as I walked out wearing this jumpsuit, Shaheen was like UM WHAT IS THIS I NEED IT IMMEDIATELY!! Which is hilarious because when I first saw it was like, “OMG this is such a Shaheen outfit!” ?

I’m always getting questions like, “what are some versatile staples I can take with me to Europe this summer?” or “If you could pack ONE thing for a 10 day trip, what would it be?” Or “HELP I’m trying to pack two weeks in a carry-on–what do I do!?” 

This linen jumpsuit is the answer to all of those questions–and more, my friends. 

First, an important announcement: this jumpsuit has gone in and out of stock like three times already, so if you want it–grab it ASAP before it disappears again! (FYI it also comes in olive!) I also LOVE that it comes in plus size as well! Snaps for Treasure and Bond for doing better with their size inclusivity! (Also, did you know that with every purchase, the brand makes a donation to help fund kids education across North America?! ??) 

I actually was planning to post this outfit it last week but it went out of stock so I couldn’t post it and I just held my breath hoping it would get re-stocked! It did! PHEW! I hate wasted outfit posts ?That actually happens a lot where I shoot something and then it goes out of stock and I can’t post it because it would be pointless since you can’t buy it! ??‍♀️

This is going to be your #1 travel staple over the next several months–it’s perfect for walking around exploring, wearing out to dinner, even throwing on over your bathing suit to go to the beach. It’s linen, so it’s insanely breathable–and it looks good if it’s a little wrinkled! (However, I never travel anywhere without my travel steamer–and if it’s too wrinkled for your liking, they steam right out in two seconds–I can’t find the one I have on Amazon right now BUT, I really want to upgrade to this one–it’s only $37 but apparently doesn’t spit or leak at all!) 

Now, let’s jump into three different ways you can wear this jumpsuit–all you need is a change of shoes! 

Wear it with…white slides: 

Who doesn't love a great pair of chic slides? How cute is this bag from Topshop?

This is probably the biggest no-brainer way to style this jumpsuit. Who doesn’t love a great pair of chic slides? I’m in love with this pair from Something Navy’s latest collection. They honestly look like they’d be really uncomfortable, but they aren’t at all! I love the pointed toe and the imperfect gold circle detail! I think they really elevate the casual breeziness of the jumpsuit! Also how cute is this bag from Topshop? They have the CUTEST purses right now that don’t cost an arm and a leg! 

**Not pictured–Shaheen and I stumbling around these oddly awkward and slippery rocks to get these photos. ?

Wear it with…Espadrille Wedges: 

Black linen jumpsuit and espadrille wedges outfit

If you’ve been searching for a pair of great espadrille wedges–your search is over! These wedges from Treasure and Bond are without a doubt my favorite espadrille wedges I’ve ever owned. (I love the Marc Fisher ones, but often times I won’t wear them because the platform is so tall!) These are just right, and they’re so insanely comfortable–they don’t require any breaking in! They have lot’s of colors too! 

This is a great look to wear out to dinner on vacation, on a date, wherever! You can wear the jumpsuit around all day and swap your shoes at night, and you’re ready for a night out! 

espadrille wedges Black linen jumpsuit outfit

Wear it with…white sneakers!

Black jumpsuit and white sneakers outfit’ve never seen these sneakers before. ?(You can see all the ways I’ve styled my Tretorns on the blog here!) I’m in love with these sneakers and they truly go with everything. They are also SO. COMFORTABLE! Everlane also just sent me their brand new eco-friendly sneakers and I LOVE THEM as well. They’d also look really cute with this jumpsuit! (They’re also really comfy and super supportive, you know, in case you have granny feet like me and appreciate that.) 

Just another versatile look you’ll gravitate toward again and again, especially for travel! I wish I’d had this jumpsuit for my Italy trip, because I would’ve worn this look over and over! Comfy shoes, breathable one-piece no-brainer outfit which requires zero effort to throw on. A+++ all around! Even better–throw a jean jacket over your shoulders in case it gets chilly outside! I have two and I love them both–this one is from J.Crew and is more classic, and I have Everlane’s as well in the light blue wash that is a little more tomboy-chic! ??

No show sock alert:

I think I get more questions about socks than I do about shoes whenever I post these shoes. I wear these no-show socks from Amazon. Tip: Save the cardboard cutout they come wrapped around–it’s the best way to store/organize them instead of folding them into tiny sock balls that get lost! 

white sneakers

Jeans jacket, black jumpsuit and white sneakers outfit

Hope you have a fab weekend!! 

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