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My Two Favorite Pairs of Jean Shorts

Jun 7, 2019

[one-half-first]My Two Favorite Pairs of Jean Shorts[/one-half-first][one-half]

The best jean shorts review


AGolde Parker shorts (left) vs. Treasure & Bond Boyfriend Shorts (right), BB Dakota sweatshirt –also on Amazon (LOVE this sweatshirt, I wear it so much, especially for travel!), Sam Edelman sandals (so comfy!!)


We’re off to Oregon today! We’ll be spending the next few days with my fam in the teeny tiny lake town we grew up going to when I was little! We’re having a little mini family reunion and we actually rented the EXACT house we used to own–isn’t that nuts that we found it on VRBO!? It looks totally different now, but I’m so excited! 

In other news, I’ve been getting so many questions on the topic of jean shorts. Which are worth the splurge, budget-friendly options, longer options, looser options, and more–so the two pairs I’m going to show to you today should definitely pass the test! These are the only two pairs I wear these days, and I love them both for different reasons! If you’ve been hunting for the perfect pair, I hope this helps! 

First up… 

AGolde Parker Vintage Loose Fit Cutoff Shorts: 

AGolde Parker Vintage Loose Fit Cutoff Shorts

AGolde Parker Vintage Loose Fit Cutoff Shorts - Front


AGolde Parker Vintage Loose Fit Cutoff Shorts - Back

Price: $128–Available at Shopbop and Revolve 
Length: 2.75″ inseam
Rise: 11.5″ High Rise 
Fit: Relaxed–I ordered my normal size and I’m glad I did, but you can size down if you want them tighter.
Buttons: Button fly 

Okay–these are probably my #1 most worn pair of shorts. They have become cult classic jean shorts and now I can see why, even though I held out buying them for so long.

I love that they aren’t tight on my thighs–which is my BIGGEST pet peeve with shorts. They’re definitely on the shorter side (2.75″ inseam) but what’s weird is that they don’t LOOK that short–especially considering the other shorts we’re comparing here are 4″ inseam and they look relatively the same from the front in the photo, right? I think this is because their loose, relaxed fit makes them not seem so short–vs shorts that are tight with a 2.75″ inseam? FORGET IT! 

Ok also let’s address the elephant in the room–the price tag. Obviously these are expensive for jean shorts, and honestly, it’s annoying–why are they the same price as a pair of premium denim jeans when they are like 1/8th of the material!?

I got over that quickly though, because I’m going to wear these like 5 x a week this summer. Honestly, I’d rather have ONE pair of fantastic expensive jean shorts that make me feel like a million bucks than 5 pairs of jean shorts that I’m constantly pulling at because they’re too tight on my legs. 

So there you have it–worth every penny! 

Treasure & Bond High Waist Boyfriend Cutoff Shorts

Treasure & Bond High Waist Boyfriend Cutoff Shorts

Treasure & Bond High Waist Boyfriend Cutoff Shorts - Front

Treasure & Bond High Waist Boyfriend Cutoff Shorts - Front


Treasure & Bond High Waist Boyfriend Cutoff Shorts - Back
Price: $69
Rise: 11.5″ high rise
Length: 4″ inseam
Sizing: I ordered my normal size and they’re a little big. If you want them a little tighter in the waist, size down. 
Fit: Looser boyfriend fit, much longer in length, but I think these are tighter on my thighs just due to their length and where they hit. They also have a step hem–so they’re longer in the back than the front. (Which is ideal!) 
Buttons: Button fly 

Okay, let’s jump into our next pair! I love, love the brand who makes these shortsTreasure & Bond–which is a Nordstrom brand. If you’re looking for shorts that aren’t quite so short, are super soft and stretchy, and half the price of the first pair–these are going to be your jam! They’re boyfriend cut, so they’re a longer inseam and also designed to be a relaxed fit. (They do provide more coverage in the booty area for sure.)

Like I mentioned, the denim is super soft and stretchy–and actually, it’s because these are 99% cotton ?IT ALL MAKES SENSE. (Except I don’t know how they’re jean shorts if they’re cotton? Whatever.) I’d say these almost feel like cotton they’re so soft, whereas the above shorts have no stretch. The pockets are visible on these, which I think is a cute added touch, but if you don’t like them, you can easily just push them up so they don’t show! 

Added bonus: With every Treasure & Bond purchase, Nordstrom donates 2.5% to youth empowerment organizations! 

Looking for a cheaper pair?

I highly recommend checking Abercrombie and American Eagle! I haven’t found any in particular that are current, but I really love all their jeans and have heard good things about their shorts as well! 

That you have it–my two go-to pairs of jean shorts for summer! I hope this was helpful! Do you have either pair? What do you think? 

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