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Real Women Approved: 25+ Life-Changing Household Items

Dyson Cordless Vacuum | 25+ Life-Changing Household Items

Happy Thursday! 

It’s Kendall here, back with our Real Women Approved life-changing items series! Today’s topic was, of course, inspired based on a DM convo! We’re talking about household purchases that you all can’t live without — big, small, underrated, or perhaps a tad extravagant — lifestyle luxuries that always deliver. (Also, the topics that excite us these days. Wow, just wow. ????????)

The past year has given us all a crash course in the importance of making your home a haven, surrounding yourself with things that make you happy, and finding new ways to make life easier. While nothing on this list is something you absolutely *need* per se, these items can make your life more joyful, efficient, and smart. 

From seemingly simple items to more investment (but worth it) purchases, we’ve rounded up 25+ life-changing household items to have around. If you missed it, we talked about kitchen items in this post. 

Now, to the life-changing list! 

REAL WOMEN APPROVED: 25+ Life-Changing Household Items

Cordless Vacuum: 

By far the top suggestion, cordless vacuums are simply life-changing! They are so flexible and efficient, they *might* even make you excited to vacuum each day! Once you enter the cord-free life, there’s no going back. Most of you recommended a Dyson (check out Jess’s post about hers here–she has a Dyson V8!), a few of you swear by your Roomba, and several of you love your Black & Decker hand vacuum for the car, hard-to-reach areas, and quick cleanups.

Box Cutter: 

Sounds simple, but so many of you said that you use your box cutter every day! More convenient and safer than using random kitchen utensils, box cutters are especially handy for all the online orders that we’ve placed over the past year! Also, they are an absolute must for moving!

Power Drill: 

Lots of submissions for a power drill! Always a useful tool to have on hand for hanging art and putting together furniture — and as a lot of you said, it makes you feel especially badass! This one has great reviews and you can select a number of add ons like drill kits, extra batteries, and a picture hanging kit.

Smart Bulbs: 

Perfect for coming home to a lit place, if you have outlets in inconvenient spots, and/or when your hands are full with things/children! Also, the luxury of laying on the couch and not needing to get up to turn the lights on or off for a movie is a true gift that never gets old! These bulbs are Alexa and Google compatible, dimmable, and change hues.

Riedel Polishing Cloth:

You guys raved about these for keeping wine glasses sparkly clean! There’s something about spotless wine glasses that makes you feel like you have your life together, right?

Tape Measure: 

A must before buying any furniture or art! A tape measure is also key in helping you avoid other purchasing mistakes. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ordered something, and it’s laughably small/big when it arrives!

Spice Rack:

This expandable spice shelf lets you actually see all the spices hiding in the back! This would also work great for skincare products in the bathroom. A lot of you said this has been your favorite quarantine purchase!

Lazy Susan Organizer: 

Lots of GG readers use these to organize everything — use it in a cabinet or on a shelf in the kitchen, bathroom, to house cleaning supplies, craft supplies, etc., etc.!

Bar Keeper’s Friend:

This product is definitely life-changing! Use it to make pots and pans look brand new again, clean scratches and scuffs off plates, your sink, appliances — remove rust, tarnish, mineral deposits and tough stains — it does it all!

Fabric Shaver: 

YES to this submission. Any sweater (or leggings) lover needs one of these. So many of you said you can’t live without your fabric shaver! From de-pilling sweaters to making furniture look brand new again (especially if you have pets), it’s an affordable household staple!

Battery Charger/Rechargeable Batteries:

Never run out of batteries again with a charger and set of rechargeable batteries!

Steam Mop:

A very common submission — the Bissel steam mop — especially from pet owners and moms! Perfect for cleaning and sanitizing tile and hardwood floors without harsh chemicals.

Ember Mug:

A GG reader favorite! Jess talks about hers in this post! It might sound incredibly simple, but a hot cup of coffee that doesn’t get cold is a true luxury.

Back Massage Cane:

Several of you said this affordable massage cane is awesome for muscle pain and trigger points. Great for the zoom-induced back aches.

Wine Aerator:

Many of you raved about the Aervana wine aerator- it instantly aerates and pours with the push of a button! I like how mobile it is — perfect for picnics and traveling!

Dual Recycling Bin: 

This is genius! Grab a dual recycling bin for proper sorting, and avoid pileups of recycling around the house.

Jar Opener: 

A lot of GG readers are shocked by how often they use rubber grips to open jars — definitely a great item to have around the house!

USB Chargeable Lighter:

Perfect for lighting candles, and you don’t have to worry about it running out.


Candle Snuffer & Wick Trimmer Set:

On the candle theme, many of you said you love your snuffer and wick trimmer set for candle care. This one has great reviews!


Chom Chom Pet Hair Remover:

A very common suggestion from GG reader pet owners! This hair remover keeps you all sane!

Weighted Blanket:

Several of you said your weighted blanket is one of your favorite items — helping you destress and feel calmer. This one has great reviews!

Face Steamer:

Another popular quarantine purchase is a face steamer! Makes you feel like you’re at the spa and is a great addition to your skincare routine. This one has rave reviews if you want to go all in, but this one is a more affordable option.

Container Store Plastic Boxes:

These storage boxes come in a variety of sizes and are fairly affordable for storing anything around the house. So much easier than cardboard boxes, since you can easily see what’s inside!

Native Union Charging Cords:

These tangle-free charging cords make life easier for keeping electronics charged — it’s nice and long too.

Command Hooks:

Having command hooks on hand is always a good idea! From hanging decor to holding charging cords in place next to a desk/nightstand/table, they always come in handy!

Casper Light: 

A few of your raved about your Casper light (Jess loves hers too!) which helps you wind down for better, deeper sleep. Also, you give it a little shake and it emits a soft glow to function as a night light to carry with you if you need to get up in the middle of the night. (Great for new moms too for late night diaper changes!)

Steam Surface Cleaner:

Last but not least, many of you said your Bissel steam surface cleaner is a game-changer for hard to reach cleaning spots without harsh chemicals. It also acts as a fabric steamer, too!

Thanks to everyone who sent in their can’t-live-without household items! Up next: your favorite sustainable hacks/products!

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