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My “Back to Basics” Fall Capsule Wardrobe

fall capsule wardrobe ideas

This post brought to you by myself + Everlane! 

Goooood morning! 

Today we continue the “Fall things you can’t wear yet because it’s still 80 degrees but GET REALLY EXCITED ANYWAY” discussion. ?

Last week on IG stories (per usual) I asked for SO much feedback regarding alllll kinds of topics here on the blog, and the topic of “basics” really kept popping up in particular, so, I thought, for this month’s post in partnership with Everlane (we’ve got one more slated for October too! ??) it would be a great time to focus on just that–simple pieces you can wear tons of different ways! 

Or, as my idol, Ina Garten would call it, “Back to Basics!” 

Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Whenever someone asks for my suggestions on wardrobe staples and basics, my first responses is almost always “EVERLANE!” They truly make the best quality staples for the best prices. They have their own [ethical!] factories (which you can read all about here!) and they sell direct to you and me–the consumers, without the crazy markup! They’re all about transparency, from knowing exactly where your clothes are made, to how much profit margin they make on each item! (Scroll down on each product page and it will list how much every stage of the production process costs in relation to how much they sell the item for! It’s really cool!) 

So–now that you have my stamp of approval that all these basics I’m about to show you are 100% Jess approved…shall we jump in? 

Let’s start with the essential items in this capsule. (You’ll notice many of them are *not* strictly fall items, but evergreen items you’ll wear year-round! Hopefully this gives you some great ideas of how to style any items you currently have, and gives you some good reccos if you’ve been wanting to upgrade! ?) 

#1: Washable Silk Blouse 

jeans and blouse combo

This blouse was SUCH a hit in my capsule wardrobe from last month (I wore it here in white) that I decided to order it in black to see if it lived up to the hype! I’ve been wanting a black blouse for awhile now and you guys will be VERY happy to learn that this one is not remotely see through (I know that’s a big concern of everyone’s!) It’s also washable! I love how soft it is (its almost a velvety texture) and it’s really more of a charcoal than a black! It’s perfect for work, and for a date night, you can unbutton one button (or even wear a lacy bralette or something underneath if you want!) 

#2: Waffle Knit Henley 

[one-half-first]waffle knit and skirt for Fall Capsule Wardrobe[/one-half-first][one-half]

waffle knit top

This is the amazing burnt orange henley I’m wearing here and AGH the color just sold out before I could post this. ?BUT, good news–it’s still available in white and grey AND the orange color is still available in the non-henley waffle tee version! It’s so cute, comfy, and I know it’s something I’m going to be living in this fall! Sizing: Runs TTS, wearing a small. I’d say it’s slightly cropped! 

#3: Cotton crewneck tee 

white shirt and jeans

I love a good cotton tee, and Everlane’s are my personal favorite of them all! Personally, I just love this classic, super soft crewneck tee. What I do is I always either tuck mine in or knot them, and this one is easy to style both ways! I love a white tee because you can dress it up or dress it down and it always looks simple but chic. It’s also not remotely see through! (Tip: If you keep finding that all white shirts are see through, you’re probably wearing the wrong color nude bra–it needs to match your skin tone!) Sizing: Runs TTS, wearing a small. 

#4: Cheeky Straight Jean 

straight leg jeans

I’ve had these jeans many seasons now and they are one of my favorites in particular for fall. I love the medium wash on them that looks classic and really nice with everything! I always say that if you’ve been wanting to get out of a skinny jean rut and try something new–but that the whole straight leg/wide leg thing feels too much for you––these will be your jeans! They’re SO cute–and they look absolutely adorable with ankle boots especially! Sizing: Run TTS. I wear size 25, and I’m 5’6 for height reference. 

#5: Editor Heel 

editor heels for Fall Capsule Wardrobe

If you love the look of a sleek, classic pump but aren’t a big fan of heels, you will love these. The heels are very low and manageable, and I adore the square detail that shoes the perfect amount of toe cleavage. These are perfect for everything from work to date nights. Sizing: Run TTS 

#5: Oversized Plaid Blazer 

plaid blazer for Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Blazers are always such a popular layer for fall. I love them a little bit oversized because you can wear them to work but also make them look cute and on-trend for dinner or drinks when paired with jeans or a skirt! Everlane’s version is super well-made, flattering, and the perfect balance of trendy and polished. Sizing: Supposed to be oversized, but I’d say if you’re on the cusp, go down a size. (I.E. I’m usually a size 2 in fitted blazers but glad I went with the 0 here!) 

#6: Corduroy Skirt 

corduroy skirt

Love white skirts for summer? Meet the PERFECT white skirt for fall. Corduroy is one of my favorite fall/winter fabrics because it adds such an interesting textural element to any outfit, and it’s a little bit “seventies chic” (one of my favorite fashion decades!) This one is super easy to dress up or down! 

Sizing: I’m wearing a 0, so I’d say this runs true to size. It’s a-line and short, but not TOO short. (It passes the old fingertip trick ?) making it suitable for many office environments as well! 

#7: MAC Coat 

mac coat

You guys know I’m a sucker for a great trench coat, and this is SUCH a classic, adorable twist. It’s water-resistant and the perfect “not too light, not too heavy” fabric, which makes it the perfect transitional must-have. It comes in a cute blue plaid fabric as well as a burnt orange/brown color that is also very pretty and ideal for fall! Sizing: Run TTS, I’m wearing a 0! 

#8: Re-Knit Boot

re-knit boots

I’M OBSESSED WITH THESE BOOTIES. You know my love of the Day bootie? They’re very similar but made of stretchy knit material so they feel, quite literally, like socks on. Yes, one might call them sock booties. They are so sleek, chic, and beautiful. I could walk all day in these (and I’m sure I will!) Oh–the kicker? (See what I did there?) They are higher cut on the ankles so they keep your ankles warm in the winter! Sizing: Run TTS 

#9: TREAD sneakers

tread sneakers

I love these sneakers! I got them earlier this summer and they are, like so many other Everlane items, the perfect balance of “cool girl” and “classic.” They’re also super supportive and comfortable–I’ve been wearing them nonstop since I got them! Sizing: Run TTS 

Back to Basics: Simple + Chic Outfits to Recreate on your own this fall! 

#1: The wear anywhere, no-fail outfit: 

basic outfit idea

Cotton crewneck teeCheeky Straight JeanEditor Heel 

This is one of my FAVORITE outfit combinations for fall and spring. It’s timeless, it’s classic, it’s polished, and the shoes even make it a little bit sexy. I would wear this anywhere from the office (I would’ve worn this to a client meeting when I worked in advertising!) to a date night and feel great. 

#2: Cotton tee, blazer, jeans, pumps: 

business casual outfit

Cotton crewneck teeCheeky Straight JeanOversized Plaid BlazerEditor Heel 

Same outfit–totally different look with the addition of the blazer, yes? I LOVE a great plaid blazer, and this one is no exception. It’s definitely a staple you’ll reach for over and over this coming fall and winter! 

#3: Cotton tee, blazer, skirt + booties: 

blazer, skirt, boots, white tee

Cotton crewneck teeOversized Plaid Blazer, Corduroy Skirt, Re-Knit Boot

Same tee, same blazer, TOTALLY different feel, right!? I would wear this outfit pretty much anywhere! The best part is that the skirt is short but not TOO short. This is a great example of my Juxtaposition trick–AKA the foolproof method to building an interesting outfit!

Also, these booties make EVERYTHING look stylish and sophisticated. They’re the most comfortable booties ever–super stretchy (so they’re easy to get on over your ankle) and the heel is low and chunky, so you can walk forever in them! My favorite part is how they fit snug and high on the ankle for an unbeatably chic look. 

#4: Silk blouse + Corduroy skirt + chic pumps: 

[one-half-first]chic work outfit[/one-half-first][one-half]

Fall Capsule Wardrobe work outfit


Washable Silk BlouseEditor HeelCorduroy Skirt, MAC Coat 

You’ve seen this top before–in last month’s capsule wardrobe (in white!) Of course, both colors qualify as timeless staples, but I loved the white so much I wanted to test drive the black as well. It has the prettiest feminine tie sleeves–you can tuck it in or tie it at the front. I love the way you can dress it up, dress it down, layer it underneath a sweater, or jacket! 

#5: Silk Blouse, Jeans + Heels 

basic Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Washable Silk BlouseCheeky Straight JeanEditor Heel

This is definitely one of my favorite outfits of the capsule–so simple, but so lovely. A beautiful silk top and nicely fitting jeans is an outfit that is suitable and stylish just about everywhere! It’s polished enough for the office, but sexy enough for a date night! 

#6: Henley + Corduroy Skirt + Sneakers: 

casual outfit idea

Waffle Knit Henley (similarnon-henley waffle tee version here), Corduroy Skirt, MAC Coat , TREAD sneakers

No other tee screams “COZY WEATHER” quite like the henley does! (Sadly the orange sold out SO fast before I could get this post up, but this color is still available in the waffle long sleeve!) I think it’s hard to get creative with a henley sometimes–but they aren’t JUST for pairing with jeans! How cute does it look paired with the corduroy skirt and sneakers? 

#7: Henley + Blazer + Jeans + Booties: 

blazer, jeans, and booties

Waffle Knit HenleyCheeky Straight JeanOversized Plaid BlazerRe-Knit Boot

Want to be comfy but professional? Try this outfit combo! This would work great with any tee, not just a henley! Tip: These jeans and booties are made for each other–the jeans are the perfect cut (a straighter fit through the calf + cropped) and the booties are snug, so they still give you a pretty ankle line while–ding ding ding, KEEPING YOUR ANKLES WARM!! (Big bonus when it gets super cold out!) 

#8: Henley + Jeans + Sneakers: 

[one-half-first]basic casual[/one-half-first][one-half]

comfy outfit idea


Waffle Knit HenleyCheeky Straight JeanTREAD sneakers, Form bag

Last but not least, a classic, easy, “exploring around town” look that I, for one, will definitely be wearing A LOT this fall. A great way to be comfortable while still being polished. I get so many questions about these sneakers and if they’re worth the hype, and my answer is always YES! I love them so much. They’re so comfortable and actually also very supportive! ??(Which is a plus when you’re an old lady like me. ?) 

I hope you loved this month’s capsule post with Everlane! Come say hi to me over on Instagram and let me know what else you’d like to see in next month’s Everlane post! (I always take requests! ?) 

Huge thanks to one of my absolute favorite brands, Everlane, for sponsoring this post and always being such a valued partner! Thank you for supporting the brands that allow me to keep creating the best possible content for you! ?