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The Perfect Carry-on for any trip

Best Carry On Luggage

Packing for a trip–whether it’s two days or two months–in a carry-on is always a daunting task. After years of searching, it seemed like the perfect rolling carry-on truly did not exist. The cutest versions felt cheap and hold absolutely nothing. The one’s that are smartly designed to fit more than three sweaters worth of clothes are absolutely hideous.

Why was there no middle ground? Up until about a month ago, I was still using my old carry-on from high school, simply because I’d just given up on finding the right suitcase.

Then, I stumbled upon the Delsey Chatalet Hardside 21″ Spinner Carry-On and knew I’d finally found the one. I know many of you guys are in the same boat, because I’ve received a ton of questions over the years on the best carry-on luggage.

So I figured, I better do a post spilling all the details for you guys before it sells out again! Here’s what I love about this suitcase, and why you absolutely need one if you’re a frequent traveler. (Or even if you’re not!)

After traveling to Iceland and back with this one, I really can say, it’s perfect for just about every traveling scenario. I never dreamed I could have such love for a suitcase. The best part? It’s only $249

Keep scrolling, and I’ll take you through all the features.


The Size:

Delsey Hardside 21%22 Chatlet

Size and dimensions are perhaps the most important when it comes to a carry-on bag. Because airlines always like to complicate our lives, there is no true standard for carry-on size, as it varies from airline to airline. However, 21″ pretty much satisfies the qualifications of most companies. (Side note: This hasn’t happened to me with this particular bag yet, but if you ever get asked to check your carry-on bag–simply refuse. It works for me about 50% of the time, and is worth a shot.) Despite its compact size, it really is very roomy. (More about that further down!)

Additionally, if you’re looking for something a bit bigger (to check!) you can look into the 24″ and 28″ Delsey Chatalet spinner suitcases too! You can also get them as a set on Amazon!


Fancy Exterior Features: 

Delsey Hardside Carry On

Think for a second what truly irks you about your current carry-on. (Aside from the fact that it’s ugly.)

Likely, Delsey has addressed all of these with this carry-on:

For one, it comes with four wheels, not two, so you never again have to deal with a top-heavy carry-on tipping over, or the strain a heavy two-wheeler puts on your arm lugging it through the airport. Because it stands upright, it’s extremely easy to balance a larger tote on top of it without the worry of it slipping off.

Additionally, it comes with both an exterior lock for security, as well as a wheel lock function, which is truly amazing when trying to get to the airport via public transportation. (Ever had to deal with a runaway suitcase on the El or airport tram? Not fun!)

It also has a telescoping handle that adjusts to two lengths, which is also very handy.

Probably the best feature of all? I’ve never felt a suitcase so light. I was previously very against taking a rolling suitcase to Europe, but this one is so small and lightweight that you could easily pick it up and run with it while sprinting through cobblestone streets to catch your train.

Also worth noting, if white isn’t your thing–it also comes in black and brown, which are equally as beautiful!


Amazing Interior Features:

Delsey Chatlet Review

Remember all those roomy features I talked about above? We’ll get into those now. (Get excited.)

This sweet little carry-on comes with a ton of extra features that I truly was not expecting. When I opened the bag for the first time, I squealed a little.

Let’s point out the obvious–the red lining is absolutely beautiful and it makes you feel like you’re traveling with a million dollar suitcase. Real champagne taste on a beer budget, you know?

The suitcase comes with two pouches which you can use for shoes, toiletries, undergarments, storing worn/dirty clothes, and so on. These come in extremely handy.

It also comes with a foldable, collapsible hanger should you wish to take advantage of the garment compartment (below, on the right, behind the zipper.) I have actually used the garment compartment for shoes, and it worked amazingly well–I could easily fit 3-4 pairs.

Delsey Chatlet 21%22 Review

Make sure to snap up the Delsey Chatalet before it sells out again! What other questions do you have regarding travel?