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Best All White Sneakers For Women–My Favorite 4 Pairs!

May 26, 2021

Best All White Sneakers For Women

If you’ve been around here for any amount of time, you know how much I love white sneakers! A classic staple in every woman’s closet, high-quality white sneakers are equal parts versatile and stylish and go with any outfit.

They can be dressed up or down and keep you comfortable and fashion-forward all at once. While I think they are pretty much seasonless, spring and summer definitely provide endless opportunities to sport outfits with white sneakers. From athleisure and casual style to adding a sporty edge to dressier looks, I love the way white sneakers can transform an outfit.

You could say I have acquired quite the white sneaker collection over the years — and they all serve a unique and different purpose. Today I’m rounding up my favorite comfortable white sneakers, the pros/cons, and breaking down how I like to style each one! (And let’s be honest, I have more than four pairs, but these are the ones that are still in stock!) If you’ve been looking for a pair of classic sneaks, I hope these reccos help point you in the right direction!

4 Best All White Sneakers For Women

Freda Salvador Eda sneakers

Shoe #1: Freda Salvador Eda sneakers

First up, my investment sneakers! I would say this pair is what I have reached for the most lately–they’re so versatile and comfy. And because they slip on, they are extra appreciated in pregnancy, haha!

I lusted over these sneakers for over a year before pulling the trigger. I know that these sneakers are expensive (granted, they’re under $300–they’re no Golden Goose). But I love this small women-owned brand. And am more inclined to spend money on their shoes than anywhere else. (If you’re looking for a similar look for under $100, this pair is similar, though I can’t vouch since I don’t own them!

These shoes are so well made. And I know I’ll have them for years and years. The unique cutouts are so fun without being too trendy and elongate the leg. The leather is super soft, so they’re incredibly comfortable right out of the box, and they wipe off easily!

I think these sneakers are the most feminine of the bunch with dresses because of their d’orsay shape, so if you are constantly feeling like you can’t pull off the “dress and sneaker” look, you will probably love these! (However, that doesn’t mean I don’t wear them with everything from jeans to shorts to jumpsuits, etc!)

I would say of all of the pairs of sneakers here, these are the softest leather. Which means I would not categorize them as “run over them with your car” durable, so if you’re looking for something that can withstand the highest level of beating up, these might not be the shoes for you. (Instead I would look at the ABLE or Everlane sneakers below which are made with a tougher leather!)

Sizing: True to size! 

How I’ve styled my Freda Salvador Eda Sneakers

how to style Freda Salvador Eda Sneakers | Best All White Sneakers For Women

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Best All White Sneakers For Women

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Best All White Sneakers For Women

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Tretorn Nylite Plus

Shoe #2: Tretorn Nylite Plus

The canvas tretorns are the one canvas pair on this list — I have had these the longest, and they’re SO comfy–feel like you’re walking on pillows. They definitely have the most cushion out of all the sneakers on this list (granted, I wouldn’t say they’re super *supportive*) The canvas texture makes them perfect for spring and summer outfits.

The one drawback–they’re canvas, so yes, they do get dirty, but nothing a little protective spray and oxyclean soak can’t fix. For really stubborn stains, make an oxyclean paste and scrub with a toothbrush. They seem to be out of stock at many retailers, but I found a few sizes on Amazon and here.

Sizing: TTS.

How I’ve Styled My Tretorn Sneakers

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Tretorn Sneakers | Best All White Sneakers For Women

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Able Emmy sneakers | Best All White Sneakers For Women

Shoe #3: Able Emmy sneakers

Next up are these beautiful white leather sneakers from Able! I love that this all-leather, classic pair of sneakers has the perfect amount of stylish flair with the cognac heel and thicker platform sole. (Also come with a leopard print accent in the back!)

I did find that that there is a break-in period, as they are made with stiffer leather. But it’s worth it! (Stiffer leather also=more durable!) They have 5 stars on their website for good reason–they’re so pretty! In terms of fit/support/comfort, I would probably compare them to Converse–I would not say they are supportive (but you could totally put inserts in them if you needed!) The best part: the leather wipes RIGHT off, making them easy to clean! Price comes out to $112 with my 25% off code JESSKEYS25!

Sizing: They run small/narrow– I don’t have wide feet (nor would I say they’re extremely narrow) but even I found that I needed to go up a size. I’m typically always a size 8, and I went up to a size 9!

How I’ve styled my ABLE Emmy Sneakers: 

(I don’t have as many photos of these because I got them mid-pandemic last year when I wasn’t taking a lot of photos) 

ABLE Emmy Sneakers

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how to style ABLE Emmy Sneakers

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Everlane's Court sneakers

Shoe #4: Everlane Court sneakers

These Everlane Court sneakers are my most “colorful” white sneakers (due to the hint of forest green on the back), but I love that they’re still incredibly neutral. They are VERY comfortable and require zero break in, I’d say they’re medium supportive. I also wore them straight out of the box with ZERO rubbing, blisters, etc! I love the sportier look to these sneakers and tend to pair them with more athleisure/casual looks like denim, t-shirt dresses and sweats and leggings. A sturdy leather that wipes off easily!

Sizing: TTS. I’m always a US 8 and the US 8 fits great.

How I’ve Styled My Everlane Court Sneakers

Everlane Court sneakers review

Helmet, Jeans, Sneakers, Old leather jacket (but ABLE makes a great similar one!) ABLE convertible belt bag **Use JESSKEYS25 for 25% off all ABLE items!** 

how to style Everlane Court sneakers

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Hope this inspired you to find new ways to rock your white sneakers!

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