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Best all white sneakers for women + 23 white sneaker outfits

Best All White Sneakers For Women

It’s been awhile since I updated my “favorite white sneakers” post–and it’s a question I often get, no matter what time of year it is–so I thought it was time for a refresh! If you’ve been around here for any amount of time, you know how much I love a classic white sneaker! A classic style for every woman’s closet, high-quality white sneakers are equal parts versatile and stylish and go with any outfit.

They can be dressed up or down and keep you comfortable and fashion-forward all at once. While I think they are pretty much seasonless, spring and summer definitely provide endless opportunities to sport outfits with white sneakers. From athleisure, everyday wear, and casual style to adding a sporty edge to dressier looks, I love the way white sneakers can transform an outfit.

You could say I have acquired quite the white sneaker collection over the years — and they all serve a unique and different purpose. (Really, they do!) Today, I’m rounding up my favorite comfortable white sneakers, the pros/cons, and breaking down how I like to style each one! (And let’s be honest, I have more than five pairs that I love 😬 but these are the ones that are still in stock!) If you’ve been looking for a pair of classic sneaks, I hope these reccos help point you in the right direction!

5 Best All White Sneakers For Women

(…in my opinion 😉)

Freda Salvador Eda sneakers

Shoe #1: Freda Salvador Eda sneakers

First up, my investment sneakers! I would say this pair is what I first reach for in the warmer months and vacations–they’re so versatile and comfy. And because they slip on, they are extra appreciated for mom life (especially when I was pregnant, too)!

I lusted over these sneakers for over a year before pulling the trigger. I know that these sneakers are expensive (granted, they’re under $300–they’re no Golden Goose). But I love this small women-owned brand. And am more inclined to spend money on their shoes than anywhere else. (If you’re looking for a similar look for under $100, this pair is similar, though I can’t vouch since I don’t own them!

These shoes are so well made and stand the test of time. And I know I’ll have them for years and years. The unique cutouts are so fun without being too trendy and elongate the leg. The leather is super soft, so they’re incredibly comfortable right out of the box, and they wipe off easily because they’re leather vs. canvas.

I think these sneakers are the most feminine of the bunch, so they’re easy to style with dresses, because of their d’orsay shape. If you are constantly feeling like you can’t pull off the “dress and sneaker” look, you will probably love these! (However, that doesn’t mean I don’t wear them with everything from jeans to shorts to jumpsuits, to athletic-wear, etc!)

Because of the cutout shape, I solely wear these in warmer temps.

(I reach for others in cold weather, see below!) I have worn them all over, from Florida to Portugal, and logged so many miles in them. I did not personally find the need to break them in because of the soft leather, but some of you said differently, so I think this is an individual thing depending on your feet.

Speaking of, I would say of all of the pairs of sneakers here, these are the softest leather. Which means I would not categorize them as “run over them with your car” durable, so if you’re looking for something that can withstand the highest level of beating up, these might not be the shoes for you. (Instead I would look at the court sneakers below which are made with a tougher leather!)

In terms of support level, these shoes are not supportive. You could remove the insoles and add your own if you wanted (if they were very thin!) or add your own added supports–but if you need a lot of support, these are not the shoes for you. They may be slightly more supportive than ballet flats, but not by much.

Sizing: True to size! BUT I know they run differently for others–so make sure to pay attention to the sizing notes. 

How I’ve styled my Freda Salvador Eda Sneakers

Freda Salvador Eda sneakers | Best All White Sneakers For Women

Just because they are investment shoes, it doesn’t mean that can’t pair well with anything… this dress is from Amazon!

Outfit details here 

Best All White Sneakers For Women

I’ve already mentioned I love the feminine flare but I really mean it, they match my personal style so well!

Outfit details here 

Best All White Sneakers For Women

A great example of how you can wear a classic pair of white sneakers and pass for business or smart casual!

Outfit details here 

Best All White Sneakers For Women

Another reason I love these shoes… they’re great travel shoes! They’re so easy to pack and pretty much the whole package when it comes to comfortable travel shoes for warm to hot weather travel.

Outfit details here 

Best All White Sneakers For Women

A perfect casual day look for a fun date, mom adventures, or just because!

Outfit details here

Tretorn Nylite Plus

Shoe #2: Tretorn Nylite Plus

The canvas tretorns are canvas (think similar to Keds or Converse) rather than leather— I finally got rid of mine after so many years because I ran them INTO. THE. GROUND. because I wore them so much! They are SO comfy–feel like you’re walking on pillows. They definitely have the most cushion out of all the sneakers on this list (granted, I wouldn’t say they’re super *supportive* but definitely more than Keds or Converse.) The canvas texture makes them perfect for spring and summer outfits–i.e.–dry weather.

The one drawback–they’re canvas, so yes, they do get dirty and they aren’t easy to wipe off like leather, but a little protectant spray will go a LONG way. For really stubborn stains, make an oxyclean paste and scrub with a toothbrush. They were out of stock everywhere for a long time, so I never got a replacement pair (and decided to try out some new styles anyway) but I found them again on Amazon (hooray!) and still highly recommend them, so I had to include them on this list! 🙌🏼 If you’re looking for a super classic canvas sneaker, it’s hard to go wrong with these! I’ve received many DM’s from you all over the years raving about how much you love them!

Sizing: TTS.

How I’ve Styled My Tretorn Sneakers

Tretorn Sneakers review

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Tretorn Sneakers | Best All White Sneakers For Women

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Tretorn Sneakers outfit ideas

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what to wear with Tretorn Sneakers

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Madewell Court Sneakers | Best All White Sneakers For Women

Shoe #3 Everlane Court sneakers (on sale for $77!)


Shoe #4: Madewell Court Sneakers (pictured above)

I’m looping the Everlane Court sneakers (currently on sale for $77!) and the Madewell Court Sneakers together because they are nearly identical in both look and comfort. (There are some nuances in the colorways and tiny details, but they are stylistic.) Both are amazing shoes. I’ve owned the Everlane pair longer (for over three years now) and then last summer I purchased the Madewell pair to compare. (Note the Everlane style you see in the photos below isn’t current–they don’t have the dark green accent anymore, but it comes in all-white and other color ways!)

I would say both are VERY comfortable and medium supportive. (If you need more, you can always remove the insoles and use your own with more arch support!)

The Everlane ones I wore straight out of the box with ZERO rubbing, blisters, etc!

The Madewell ones took a short time to break in but are now equally as comfortable. When I put one pair on and then the other now, they now feel exactly the same comfort-wise.

I have worn the Everlane pair to probably 5 different countries and countless trips that called for many MANY miles of walking per day, and they were awesome. I have not worn the Madewell ones on an international trip yet (as the trips I’ve taken since purchasing them have been domestic) but i but I have logged tons of miles in them in Chicago and domestic trips and they are equally great. My friend Sam wore her Madewell sneakers all over Portugal and said they were fantastic!

I love the sportier look to these court sneakers and tend to pair them with more athleisure/casual looks like denim, t-shirt dresses and sweats and leggings. The great thing about them is that they are both made of sturdy leather that wipes off easily and is naturally quite water resistant, so I don’t ever worry too much if I get caught in the rain or if there is a puddle here or there on the ground.

Sizing: both are TTS in my experience. I’m always a US 8 and the US 8 fits great in both pairs.

Which one should you choose? Honestly, you can’t go wrong. Whatever style you prefer (you can look into the details on each product page).

How I’ve Styled my Everlane + Madewell court sneakers 

how to wear Madewell Court Sneakers

Outfit details here + Maha leather jacket reviewed here (use code JESSKEYS15 for 15% off!) and Sezane shirt linked here. (I also owned it in navy but it shrank in the wash, so I ordered this camel stripe in medium so I would size up knowing it will shrink!) 

Madewell Court Sneakers | Best All White Sneakers For Women

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Best All White Sneakers For Women

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Best All White Sneakers For Women

Outfit details in my Ireland packing post

Best All White Sneakers For Women

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off white Converse High Tops

Converse High Tops:

My newest pair of the bunch, and I love them so much! I got them last fall and I have loved wearing them throughout the winter (when it’s not wet–these are not the shoes you wear in the mud!) because they help avoid cold ankles in the winter! (The taller cut makes them perfect with cropped straight/wider leg jeans.)

Now, I know this is a WHITE sneaker post, but the pair I have is OFF white. (Hopefully you won’t hold it against me).

I have loved pairing them with everything from leather pants to jeans to short overalls. They add a fun tomboy twist to feminine dresses and tops. They’re my go-to for concerts (I wore them to Red Hot Chili Peppers last year!) I feel like these are definitely the “coolest” shoes I own, but despite that fact–Converse never ever go out of style. They’re always cool!

They’re comfy enough to wear all day! (Granted, they’re Converse so they aren’t supportive if that’s what you’re looking for! Again, like all shoes, you can totally remove the insoles and add your own supports if you wish!) Note: I like to wear them with these socks (to avoid any ankle rubbing!)

Sizing: Go 1/2 size down from what you’d normally wear. For example, I’m an 8 and I wear a 7.5.

How I style Converse high tops: 

how to style Converse High Tops

Outfit details here  (Bailey jacket reviewed here–get a 15% off discount with JESSKEYS15)

Converse Best All White Sneakers For Women

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Converse Best All White Sneakers For Women

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Converse high top with white jeans

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Converse high top outfit idea

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Hope this helped you find your next perfect pair of white sneakers or inspired you to find new ways to wear the ones you already own!

(Coming soon: How to keep your white sneakers white! Stay tuned!)