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The best affordable leather jackets

Jul 28, 2016

Leather Jacket

Do you own a leather jacket? 

My leather jacket is without a doubt, no-hesitation, my very favorite item of clothing–and I know it’ll forever stay that way. 

It’s the perfect, non-bulky layer, but it keeps you surprisingly warm–so it’s perfect year-round. It only looks better with wear, and it goes with everything from jeans and sneakers to a slinky slip dress and heels. 

You may have heard me mention before that I got my leather jacket while studying abroad in Florence, Italy. My mom came to visit me for a week, and we had so much fun–we took a day trip into Tuscany’s wineries–explored neighboring towns, and I got to show her around to all of my favorite haunts as an exchange student. 

My favorite memory of the trip was taking her to Massimo Leather–the place everyone went to get affordable leather jackets. Massimo himself (the cutest, sweetest man!) would help you pick out a leather jacket and tailor it specifically to your body–plus, he gave some pretty sweet student discounts. My mom bought me my buttery-soft brown leather jacket as a gift, and it makes me so happy each time I put it on, remembering that day! 

Although I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t also pick up a black version, I guess I’ll have to leave that for when we go back one day 🙂 

If you don’t have a trip to Italy in the foreseeable future (and if you do, I’m so jealous!) I rounded up a select few of my very favorite leather jackets available online–at a price that won’t make you cry! (Seriously, most of them are $299!

Click on the images to shop my favorite affordable leather jackets below! (Many come in different colors, too!) 

What’s your very favorite wardrobe item? 

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