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Best of the 15% off Beautycounter Holiday Sale

Beautycounter Black Friday Sale

(PJ’s are old from last year–but this version is so cute and similar!) 

Happy Tuesday! (It IS Tuesday, right? ????)

Thanks again for bearing with my apparently new 6pm posting schedule. ????#2020. What can ya do? 

Today I’m rounding up some Beautycounter favorites because they, like many other brands are doing this year, have launched their Black Friday sale early, and I wanted to do a *very curated* post of my favorites that are 2020 approved. (Because obviously, our beauty routines are looking a bit different these days!) 

Beautycounter Black Friday Sale

If you’re not familiar with the brand, it’s pretty much my default brand for both clean skincare and makeup and has been for years now. (They’re also a certified B-Corp!) Because they make so many great products, it made transitioning to cleaner products a few years back really easy. I’ve tried a lot of clean brands but almost always come back to Beautycounter. 

They usually only do a few sitewide sales per year, and this is one of them! I know we aren’t exactly wearing a lot of makeup these days, but one silver lining of staying at home more often is that I have more time to focus on skincare! So if you’ve been looking to switch to some cleaner products, this is a great time to do that at a discount! 

The list of Beautycounter products that I love is very long, so I’ve whittled down the list to only the top products I’ve been using most often in 2020, and organized it by section so you can shop based on your preferences!

Also worth noting, they’re providing free shipping for all orders over $50! (The sale runs now through Black Friday!) AND, if you sign up for their rewards program ($29 per year, includes free shipping on orders over $100 and 10% cashback in Beautycounter dollars with each purchase!)–you get the Overnight Resurfacing Peel and Charcoal mask duo gift set (two of my #1 most recommended products) FREE! It’s a huge steal!

Here is my 2020 Beautycounter shortlist: 

Because what we need in the beauty department has changed drastically this year. ????

Beautycounter on the blog

Most-used skincare products: 

Overnight Resurfacing Peel: 

This is the #1 skincare product I recommend to everyone and I saw results within the first couple of uses. This gives you a bright overnight–fighting dullness, helps to even skin tone, fights dry flaky patches, helps with breakouts and fine lines. It’s also not overpowering to sensitive skin like a lot of other comparable peels are. It’s an absolutely fantastic product that is great for all skin types. 

Anti-aging serum

I’ve been using this serum ever since it came out (last year? Two years ago? The years are flying!) and I absolutely love it. I think it’s hard to tell with anti-aging serums whether or not they’re working. But this one is very obvious. I didn’t really appreciate it until I stopped using it for a while and picked it up again and noticed the difference in my skin! I think it has really helped improve skin texture, dullness, and made the fine lines on my forehead less noticeable. The main ingredient in it is Bakuchiol, which is a plant-based, natural alternative in retinol that has shown comparable results in studies! (Note: I only use this at night, I find that it can pill under makeup if you don’t take enough time to allow it to completely dry before layering any product over it!) 

Anti-aging soft cream

From the same line, I also really like their anti-aging day cream, which also contains Bakuchiol. It’s very hydrating without being too heavy and makes skin so soft. I like using this day and night! (Although Grace finally got me to bite the Dr. Bader bullet–which I have been applying at night more recently and I have to admit I’m loving. The Beautycounter one isn’t as rich or luxurious as Dr. Bader, but it’s also not outlandishly expensive. ????) 

Anti-aging eye cream: 

Same anti-aging line as the above two–this is my favorite eye cream I’ve ever tried and contains Bakuchiol for anti-aging. While no product will truly eliminate dark circles (other than fillers–which I can’t speak to because I’ve never tried them), but I do think this definitely helps the appearance of darkness/that sallow look my under eyes so that I look less tired overall, and reduces the appearance of fine lines! 

Adaptive Moisture lotion: 

Their Countermatch face lotion is a really great daily lotion if you are looking for a great hydration at a lower price point! It keeps your skin moisturized ALL day. (It really does adapt to the level of moisture you need, just as the name says!) This is what I used daily for two years until I swapped it for the anti-aging soft cream and still use it if its handy. 

Charcoal mask: 

This clarifying mask is amazing at targeting pesky maskne and spot treating breakouts! If you have dryer skin (like me) I recommend using it as a spot treatment, but if you have oilier skin it’s great for targeting oil production on your t-zone. 

Cleansing oil and Cococream cleanser:

I use both of these and really love them both. The cleansing oil I use mainly at night, which is super gentle, hydrating and amazing at removing makeup. If you’re just looking for a simple, basic, gentle cleanser, I love the cococream cleanser, which is part of their newer “basics” line–(which is a really affordable price point too!) I would compare it to a clean Cetaphil! I have this one in my shower! 

SOS spot treatment: 

For help targeting pesky occasional breakouts (especially with maskne!) this is a great spot maximum-strength salicylic acid treatment that’s not too harsh, and goes on clear! Will this cure super stubborn hormonal acne? No, but for the occasional breakout, it’s a great product! 

Beautycounter Black Friday Sale

Most-used makeup products: 

Their new Skin Twin Creamy Concealer: 

I had yet to find a good clean spot concealer before this one–they either weren’t enough coverage or I didn’t like the formula–but this one finally nails it! I have replaced my Laura Mercier with this one! My favorite part about it is that it isn’t cakey and it doesn’t seem to settle into lines like other creamy concealers do. For most days, I just use this as my only base (and skip the foundation!) I wear shade “Light 1” and you can find the shade chart linked on the page! 

Skin Twin foundation: 

Same as above–no clean foundation really hit the nail on the head in the coverage department before, and I REALLY love this formula. It’s buildable enough to be full coverage but is so hydrating and doesn’t look cakey! I don’t usually wear foundation unless I’m leaving the house or shooting, but I can wear this all day and not feel like I have anything on my face. I wear shade “Light 210.” 

Brow gel: 

Filling in my brows is something I tend to do every day even if I’m not leaving the house, you know, just to make myself feel like a human. ???? (After all, they’re one of the few things that shows when you’re wearing a mask!) 

Beautycounter Black Friday Sale

Favorites for body: 

Daily Shampoo and Daily Conditioner:

I’ve been using this shampoo and conditioner for more than a year now and I absolutely love it! It’s sulfate-free and of course, has none of the bad stuff. It is very gentle and easy on your hair, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg! I like that a little bit goes a long way with both. It’s hard to find a good sulfate-free shampoo that lathers like a regular shampoo and this one does the trick!

Body wash: 

If you’re looking for a gentle, hydrating body wash, I love this one and have used it for years. (Although recently the Necessaire Eucalyptus body wash has been what I’ve grativated toward lately because it smells sooo good!) Beautycounter’s will always be a staple in my shower though. Their body wash leaves your skin feeling super soft (I’d say it’s excellent for those with dry skin!) and doesn’t give it that “stripped” feeling that a lot of body washes and soaps do! It has a really light citrus scent that isn’t too overpowering (Neal uses it sometimes and doesn’t complain about feeling like he’s using “girly soap”)

What I’ve got my eye on: 

Softening hand wash and lotion duo: 

I’m buying this set for my kitchen–it’s so pretty and I’m very intrigued with the neroli scent. Since I’m always washing my hands these days, it feels like a little treat to upgrade the experience! 

Hand cream gift set: 

I buy these little lotion sets every year because they’re the perfect size to pop into all your bags. Especially now–I always want a hand lotion on me to follow up with after hand sanitizer! 

Re-upping Counterman for Neal 

He loves their whole men’s line but his most notable favorites are the face lotion and the charcoal body wash

Don’t sleep on their rewards program!

They have a rewards program called Band of Beauty–it’s kind of like Prime, but you get points with every purchase toward any future purchase! It costs $29 per year, but that gets you free shipping on all orders over $100, plus you’ll earn 10% cashback points toward your next purchase, on EVERY purchase! (It does NOT auto-renew!) 

If you spend $50 or more when adding the Band of Beauty membership to your cart, you’ll also get a travel-sized Overnight Resurfacing Peel AND Charcoal Mask duo set as a free welcome gift! It should automatically show up in your cart at checkout! 

I highly recommend everyone who is a fan of the brand (or just anyone who plans to buy more than $50 worth of product anyway!) Also, reminder, if you’re already a Band of Beauty Member, remember, you probably have product credit you can use during the sale! 

Hope this was helpful! Happy shopping!