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Best Friends + Barbour

Barbour by the lake

I’m wearing: Coat: Barbour Trevose Rain Coat (currently on sale–$100 off–right here! This jacket is also really similar and adorable!) and Barbour striped top (available in stores–but also love this striped top), both c/o // BTW, Other favorite Barbour jackets: The Beadnell (perfect for fall/winter), the Cavalry quilted jacket and this reversible trench coat! // Jeans: old, but similar here and here // Shoes: Keds // Sunnies: Ran Ban (they fold up, perfect for travel!) also this non-folding version (and love these, too–also foldable!) 

Kelly’s wearingBarbour Jacket in Navy (Also available here. Make sure to grab the hood, too. Kelly also loves this navy Barbour for the colder months, in case you’re looking ahead! And here’s an affordable navy versionThis one, too!) and T-shirt c/o Barbour / Paige Jeans (Maternity version here) / Tommy Bahama Sandals (And love all the similar options from Madewell!/ Similar Sunglasses 

You guys, I think this is my favorite photo shoot to date–ever.

Kelly and I have done a lot of shoots with each other, but rarely any together–and of all of them, this one definitely takes the cake. Mitch and Neal will forever refer to them as “our engagement photos” but secretly, we think they’re just jealous. (Shhhhh…) 

Recently, Kelly and I had the opportunity to do a fun shoot with one of our very favorite brands–Barbour–for a post on their blog–which came out yesterday! (Click here to go check it out and read our interview!)

We got to wear some of our favorite current Barbour items–including my fave Trevose Barbour jacket–which also comes in navy! (And yes, it was hot, I know you’re wondering. But you gotta do what you gotta do for cute photos, you know?!)

Our talented friend Julie snapped these at Belmont Harbor (how amazing is she?) earlier in June and I couldn’t have been more giddy when Kelly started texting me all of them in Paris. (I probably burned up 57583384 megabytes–is that what they’re called?–of international data in one sitting, but totally worth it.) 

These pictures are even more special to me than usual, because they capture a really big time in both of our lives–me, recently getting engaged, and Kelly, right before she has her first baby!

I will forever look back at these and remember the big milestones in our lives they represent, and what an incredible friendship we’ve established in only two years. (Two years! Can you believe it!? So weird!) I’m getting emotional just writing this! 

10-15 years from now, when I look at these photos–they will remind me of when Neal proposed, and I soon found out that Kelly had helped him execute the entire plan (and even pulled her parents in on it), working with him for HALF A YEAR to make sure everything was perfect–and still played along saying things like, “Neal better tell me before he proposes, I need to be emotionally prepared!” 

They will remind me of the day Kelly found out she was pregnant and I started crying hysterically and jumping up and down alone in my living room, and our secret “wine swaps” we would make when out with friends to ensure her cover wasn’t blown. (And I would inevitably drink too much since I was drinking for two people!) 

We’re so lucky to have one of those friendships that just instantly clicked–like we’d known each other for years. We still laugh looking at her wedding photos on the wall, because it seems SO bizarre that I’m not in them! (Luckily, she’ll be in mine ;-)) I never imagined that when Krista introduced Kelly and I via Instagram that it would forever change my life. (Krista, I owe you SO MANY DRINKS!) 

Anyway–sorry for being a total sap. I just can’t wait for this sweet little baby Larkin to arrive any day now! I’m also so excited to watch Noodle for a few days while the Larkin fam is in the hospital. Noodle and I are freakishly obsessed with each other. I already have a bag of her dog food at my house. We have problems. (Also how much does she look like our child in these pictures?)

OK–I’ll stop yakking and cut to the chase–I hope you love our “nautical engagement photos” as much as we do–ha! (And make sure to head over to Barbour’s blog to see our interview!) 

BARBOUR_062916_0019 copy
BARBOUR_062916_0388 copy
BARBOUR_062916_0296 copy
BARBOUR_062916_0131 copy
BARBOUR_062916_0397 copy

BARBOUR_062916_0158 copy
BARBOUR_062916_0109 copy
BARBOUR_062916_0035 copy
BARBOUR_062916_0417 copy
BARBOUR_062916_0250 copy
BARBOUR_062916_0327 copy

Have an amazing weekend!