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Ask Jess (The one mostly about books–and also botox)

Ask Jess (The one mostly about books – and also botox)

We’re almost to the weekend, friends. 

Today we’re back with an Ask Jess post, where I’ll be diving into a handful of reader questions you submitted over on Instagram stories. Funny enough, the answers were all book-related (well, other than the one about botox ????) Grab your coffee and let’s dive in! 

Ask Jess (The one mostly about books – and also botox)

I know you asked for “light reading” audiobook reccos the other day, can you share what you went with and/or some other light reads you’re loving lately? 

Yes! Absolutely. For context if you missed it, on stories earlier this week I posted that I was looking for an audiobook recco (I love listening to audiobooks on walks/cooking/when I’m doing things around the house) and given, you know, the heavy state of the world, I wanted something that was light!

So many of you recommended Evvie Drake Starts Over so I went with that one! It is GREAT so far. It kind of reminds me of an Elin Hilderbrand storyline, and it’s read by Julia Whelan who is my favorite audiobook voice! (I’m VERY picky about my audiobook readers. ????)  

I also started listening to Wow, No Thank You! It is a BREATH of fresh air. I LOVE that the author, Samantha Irby, reads it. She’s hysterical and it will make you LOL! (Use code JESSKEYS on to get two books for the price of one!) 

If you’re looking for something comforting to read and you love cooking/food, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend ANY of Ruth Reichl’s books. I’m tearing my way through them but I started with her most recent hit, Save Me the Plums, and I loved it so much. I love both reading and listening to them! (I also love that Ruth narrates, too!) 

Would love any budgeting tips you have! I’m trying to save for a house! 

GO YOU!! That’s amazing!

I think the way you approach your budget is a really individual decision and there are many *right* ways to do so. My BIGGEST piece of advice is to get your hands on the book I Will Teach You To Be Rich! (Title is misleading, don’t overanalyze the title. ????) Hands down the best book I can recommend to anyone trying to get their finances in order. I wrote a whole blog post on it right here. I recommend getting both the audiobook to listen to the first time through (Ramit is really entertaining to listen to and makes such a boring subject really funny) and the physical copy to go back and reference later. It’s worth it–I promise! 

What are your thoughts on Botox/Fillers?

I have never done Botox/fillers but I don’t have anything against them! I have no idea if I will do it in the future–who knows? I’m not opposed to it but I do feel conflicted about it for a variety of reasons. I also feel strongly that there is no right or wrong answer or opinion on the matter! 

I think the important thing if you’re considering getting Botox is to ask yourself WHY you are considering getting Botox. Is it for YOU or is it because everyone else is doing it and you are feeling the societal pressure? 

I actually wrote a VERY long blog post on the subject when I turned 30 (I think that was two years ago? How old am I now?) called “The Conversation Nobody is Having about Botox” if you want my long-winded thoughts. ???? Also, make sure to read the comments as well–such a good discussion there! 

Where do you usually get your cooking inspo? Looking for cookbook reccos! 

I absolutely LOVE cookbooks, but I will admit, I rarely ever actually use the recipes in them. However, I do get lot’s of ideas and inspiration from them! ????

The only exception is truly The Defined Dish cookbook. I am a huge fan of Alex’s blog so when her book came out I had to get it immediately. I have made so many recipes of hers out of it and I can’t recommend it enough!

Everything in it happens to be Whole30 approved too. Let’s be honest, I have zero interest in ever doing Whole30, but I do like making clean/lighter recipes at home, so just knowing her recipes check the box is great. (Though I do make substitutions with non Whole 30 items, like real rice vs cauli rice, or adding noodles into a soup, all the time!) 

That’s all for today, hope you have a great Thursday! See more Ask Jess posts right here!