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Ask Jess: Sleep training June, thoughts on the Lulu belt bag, and more!

Ask Jess: Sleep training June, thoughts on the Lulu belt bag, and more!

Outfit details: Bike shorts, Crop top, belt bag 

Happy Monday! Excited to be kicking off another week here in Florida! (Although it’s chilly and overcast here today–I can’t complain though! At least it makes it easier to be inside and get some work done!) Back with another Ask Jess–jumping into more reader questions that you submitted last week! 

Ask Jess: Sleep training June, thoughts on the Lulu belt bag, and more!

What are your thoughts on the Lululemon belt bag

(For background–Kendall wrote this review raving about the Lulu belt bag, and convinced me to buy one too!) I just got mine before Florida and this is the first time I’m test driving it–I love it! It did surprise me how small it was when it arrived, but does hold a surprising amount of stuff for the compact size!In fact, it’s actually so small that I threw it inside my big tote to bring to the coffee shop haha–it’s like an oversized wallet!

It’s great for working out, running errands, and even some mom essentials. (Won’t fit a bottle, but fits everything else!) Diaper, wipes (I do have to fold the sides of the wipes so they fit), cards, phone, keys, lip gloss.) In terms of carrying baby essentials around, it’s not as roomy or functional as the Kibou (the actual diaper fanny pack that I love–that has a changing pad and will also fit a bottle!) But for a quick outing when you just need the essentials–it’s awesome.

All in all, two thumbs up! 

Did you sleep train June? 

We followed Moms on Call for everything regarding schedules, sleep methodology, etc. I don’t know if I would call it “sleep training” per say as it’s more of an all-encompassing methodology/approach but it did work incredibly well for us! We are super lucky that June just naturally is a good sleeper for the most part but I think following the methodology did play a big part of it as well. We just purchased and followed the book but they also have online courses if you prefer those. I also highly recommend joining their private Facebook group (search “Moms on Call” on Facebook)–it is SO helpful! 

What did you do before blogging full time? 

I worked in advertising as a Senior Account Executive for four years before I left my corporate job in 2014–first at Blue Chip Marketing and then Ogilvy/Geometry. I quit to be a brand manager/creative assistant for an online entrepreneur which, while I learned a lot, working for her was absolutely brutal and I was so miserable that I quit without anything else lined up (luckily I had saved up to have some cushion from my corporate job!) and I decided I would try and line up some freelance jobs to scrape by and work to grow my blog. Those were some lean, scrappy years but I wouldn’t change them for anything! Luckily I was able to grow my blog to bring in more revenue fairly quickly and eventually I was able to taper off the freelance work a few years later and focus on my blog full time! 

Nip cover recommendation to wear with sleeveless/strapless dresses! 

I have this set that works great–comes with both a sticky bra (which is great if you want more pushup/support/coverage–you can also unhook the center for extra low cut items!) and also nipple covers! 

That’s all for now! Hope you have a great rest of your day!