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Ask Jess: Pelvic floor PT (Did it help?), plans for June’s birthday and more

Ask Jess: Pelvic floor PT (Did it help?), a favorite summer blouse, plans for June's birthday and more

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Gearing up for the long weekend ahead? (Keeping my fingers crossed we’ll get some beach weather, as we’re heading to the lake house!) Today I’m answering some more reader questions! Also, a heads up that tickets for our Atlas Adventures Lisbon launch tomorrow, Tuesday at 10am CST! Make sure to read my FAQ post and hop on the email list if you’re interested in coming! We can’t wait!

Now let’s get to some more reader Q’s!

Ask Jess: Pelvic floor PT (Did it help?), a favorite summer blouse, plans for June’s birthday and more

Would you still recommend Pelvic Floor PT? Did it end up being helpful during labor/PP recovery?

I absolutely would. I actually never even ended up doing my postpartum consultation because I didn’t have any issues! Life just got busy and Erin and I chatted and she was like “well clearly you don’t NEED a checkup! 😆” I would highly recommend it. Of course, it’s hard to say how much was the PT and how much was chance when it came to my positive labor and recovery experience, but I do really think it helped prepare me for labor, know how to have full control of those muscles, and how to push effectively. The doctor who delivered June told me, “I can’t believe you’ve never done this before–you know what you’re doing!” And THAT I know can be fully attributed to the PT!

Labor and delivery aside, it really helped with my back pain and any discomfort I was having during my pregnancy. (It’s not JUST pelvic floor, it’s anything you need to help your body adjust as it’s so rapidly changing!) 10/10 highly recommend.

It’s also never too late to start pelvic floor PT. *You should not be peeing your pants after having a baby. This is SO COMMON but it’s not something you have to or should live with!* Read my Pelvic Floor PT blog post right here!

Looking for a great summer blouse that I can wear to work when I go into the office but also wear out to dinner, casually, for travel, etc. Any favorites?

Yes! The Willa Blouse from Faherty! (I don’t know if my code still works or if it expired by now but you can try code JESSKEYS for 20% off!) Its the best blouse–the one I’m wearing above–I take it on almost every trip I’ve gone on lately because it’s so light and versatile. I can wear it during the day with jean shorts, out to dinner with heels, etc. It’s breezy enough for a hot day, but looks cute layered under a sweater or jacket if it’s chilly. I actually featured it in my style collages on IG stories this week. You can see three ways to style it on LTK! It runs TTS, I wear a small.

Madewell (25% off site wide right now) and J.Crew (30% off site wide right now) are also great places to shop for versatile tops! J.Crew actually as a similar top to the Willa blouse if you like the style but want a gauzier fabric–it’s also 30% off! I’ll link more favorites below!

More versatile summer tops:

Can you link your sticky bra again that you wear with strapless/thin strapped tops?

Yes! You can find it here. It also comes with a set of sticky pasties which I like as an alternative to the sticky bra depending on what I’m wearing! I actually get this question so much I added it to LTK so you can always find it there too! (It’s saved as a collection when you view my profile on the app and you can also search “bra” anytime on my LTK profile and it’ll come up there too!)

Are you planning a big party for June’s birthday?

We aren’t! Neither Neal and I are birthday party people and I fully own the fact that I am not a Pinterest mom and I hate planning parties. We will try and get away without planning birthday parties for as long as we possibly can. 😂 We’ll get her a cake to sing happy birthday with whatever family is around but we have no “party” planned!

That’s it for today! Hope you have a great Monday!