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Ask Jess–Diva Cups, The Best Wool Coat, and More!

Oct 1, 2018

Diva Cup - Jess Keys

HOW is it OCTOBER? I feel like we never even got a September, it went by so fast! I hope you had an awesome weekend! Ours was busy, but super fun–and today, I’m diving into a few more Ask Jess questions! If you have one, I’d love to hear it! Make sure to submit using the form below!

Where’d you get your bathrobe that you’re always wearing on Insta stories?

Hahaha I get more questions on this silly bathrobe! Honestly, I think it’s hilarious because it’s so generic and they sell them everywhere ? It’s just a regular old waffle bathrobe but so random, it’s actually from Wayfair! I was buying some stuff for our house and it popped up and it was on sale so I added it to my order as an impulse buy! I wear it ALL the time! (BTW the photo above is from a post with my favorite K-Beauty drugstore buysmy lip stain is only $4.99!)

How did you end up like the Diva Cup!? Did your opinions of being grossed out change the more you’ve used it?

Hahaha guys I have NEVER received more DM’s IN MY LIFE as when I posted my initial thoughts of the Diva Cup. Okay, to give you some background if you missed it, I had been hearing so much about the Diva Cup and finally decided to try it out for the sake of–you know, experimental journalism–because I knew a lot of you guys were intrigued as well.

I’m going to write a whole post on it, but long story short–I was extremely grossed out the first day–I was NOT a fan. At all. I gagged the first time “changing” it–but then several of you told me to change it in the shower–and that really worked. After that, it was GREAT. You basically forget you have your period at all–I only had to change it once a day–zero leaks, and you can’t feel it at all. I am a HUGE fan now and I honestly don’t know if I’ll go back!

More detailed review to come 😛

I’m looking to invest in a nice wool jacket for winter–but it needs to be warm! Any reccos?

Yes! J.Crew! Their Cocoon coat is the warmest wool coat I’ve tried. Comes in tons of colors, too! I also wanted a new wool coat in black, so I bought the Lady Day coat from J.Crew–I love that it has a feminine silhouette and I love the buttons. I’ll report back!

Do you have any recommendations for thinner tops to layer underneath moto jackets? I love the look but I always get hot when I go inside and then I’m forced to take my jacket off, but my outfit isn’t as cute!

Yes! Look for tops made of slinky material–my go-to’s are camisoles like this one (see how I styled a cami here and here and silk tops like these (Everlane makes my favorites). A pretty wrap bodysuit would also be great because it’s just the right amount of sexy and it’s a thinner material! You can also try draping your jacket over your shoulders (vs. putting your arms through) because it’s much more breathable but you don’t lose your jacket as part of your outfit!

Why did you choose to go with the Gucci loafers instead of the mules?

I get this question every so often–my motto when it comes to designer items is that they must always be classic, not trendy. I know that mules will go out of style eventually, but loafers are always classic. They’ve always been around and they aren’t going anywhere. Mules? Not so much. If you missed it, read my post on how to know when to spend vs. save on your wardrobe staples. 


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