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Ask Jess–Anniversary Gifts, Honeymoon reccos, How I’m liking my lash lift, and more!

Ask Jess,honeymoon locations


I’m back from Oregon and we have a MARATHON week ahead of us! Two work events (I’m working with Capital One to help promote their James Beard Taste America events! EEK!) and then we’re having a couple friends over for a low key Halloween party on Saturday (You’ll never guess what our costumes are. ?) anddd then my best friend Melissa’s baby shower on Sunday! WHEW. 

Today on the blog though, we’re back with another Ask Jess! Let’s dive into a few more reader questions for this week! 

Do you have any suggestions for honeymoon locations? 

Well, I’m really partial to Europe–I would say Italy (don’t miss the Amalfi Coast and I’ve been dying to do the Italian Riviera), Spain (you HAVE to do Mallorca!), and France (I’d want to do Paris and then I’ve always wanted to do French Riviera) would all be fantastic. Portugal would also be incredible–I went in November when it was chilly but I’ve been dying to get back there to visit the beaches! (It’s also insanely affordable). 

If you want to do a warm-weather visit, I HIGHLY recommend going to Europe in early September so you still get amazing warm weather but you avoid peak tourist season/scorching temperatures. We always like to do a trip that is part city adventure, part relaxation–so that would be a big piece of advice, since a marathon European trip can leave you feeling exhausted–don’t try to see or squeeze in too much! You want to feel refreshed after your honeymoon or any vacation–not drained!

Speaking of timing, there is nothing wrong with doing a delayed honeymoon.

In fact, we did a shorter, budget-friendly trip to Cabo right after our wedding, and then saved up for a year for our dream Italy trip and went all out. I have a lot of friends that do this and I think it’s such a great idea! Don’t be afraid to push back your trip so you have time to save for how you really want to do it. 

Aside from Europe, if you’re looking for somewhere warm where you can just sit by the pool and zone out for a week, I can’t recommend Unico enough! You may want to do a few nights there and a few nights in Tulum (where there’s more action). We went last winter and we can’t wait to go back! It’s all-inclusive but really feels like a boutique hotel–everything from the decor to the food was phenomenal. 

What do you and Neal get each other for anniversary gifts? I need help! 

We actually don’t get each other gifts for anniversaries! Instead, we always exchange a thoughtful card and spend money on an experience. (Think a staycation, weekend getaway, nice dinner, etc!) Neither of us are big *gift* people. To us, a nice card saying how much you are loved and appreciated and an experience where you can spend quality time together is a lot more special than something material. (And also we’re both really hard to buy for anyway. ?) If trying to figure out good anniversary gifts every year stresses you guys out, I suggest proposing the same thing to your significant other! 

This is my first Chicago winter–can you share any layering advice?! Tips for staying cute and warm!? 

Ohhh yes! Check out this post for ALLLLL the advice! (Scroll down to the bottom section where I share everything about what to wear!) 

Are you still liking your lash lift? Also–can I still get a discount at your salon if I mention your name? 

I still LOVE it! I got it before Spain (so over a month ago) and it’s still going strong! It’s way more subtle than extensions because you’re just working with your natural lashes–so how it looks really depends on what your lashes are like naturally. Basically it just permanently looks like you just curled them with a lash curler (which is great, because I have long lashes, they just never stay curled for more than 10 seconds because they’re stick straight!) The difference for me is very dramatic when I put on mascara. I will do a whole blog post review soon! 

And YES I got the Yumi lash lift and tint at Penny Kraft. If you book mentioning my name, she’ll always give you a discount!