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Ask Jess–On travel agents, Spanx vs. Commando leggings, Breakfast, and more!

ask jess - spanx leather leggings, travel agents, and more

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Happy Tuesday, friends! We’re back with another Ask Jess post today. Let’s jump in! ??

I just purchased the Sam Edelman Leah cap-toe pumps–I love them! I’m struggling with how to style them casually–can you share some ideas? Also, can I wear them with tights? 

Ahhh one of my favorite pairs of shoes! (Sizing tip: Run big, go 1/2 size down!) They make any outfit look so chic! I have styled these on my blog A TON over the past few years–so just do a little search right here and lots of posts with outfits featuring them will pop up. Yes! You can totally wear them with black tights and a skirt/dress. 

Casually–I often wear them with jeans (any jeans!) or Everlane’s wide-leg crops. They look just as cute with a t-shirt and jeans as they do with tights and a shift dress for the office. Don’t overthink it–I can’t really think of anything they don’t go with–you can’t mess it up! ?

What is your go-to healthy breakfast? 

Honestly, I feel like I go through phases–when I get really busy (I.E the phase I’m in now), breakfast feels like more of a nuisance than anything, so that’s why I like the Vital Proteins products–(I’ve heard you can get them sometimes for really cheap at Costco!)

I do one scoop of their unflavored collagen peptides and one scoop of their collagen creamer. It has protein and healthy fat so it helps stabilize your blood sugar and doesn’t give you that insulin spike that makes you feel foggy and shaky that comes along with drinking coffee and no breakfast. I have a whole post on collagen benefits here!  

Trying to decide between the Commando or Spanx leather leggings–what are the differences? 

I need to do a whole post on this, but here’s the gist: The Commando version *feels* and *looks* like leather. The Spanx ones look less like actual leather. I think the Spanx ones are more comfortable because they’re breathable, vs the Commando ones aren’t really (again, they feel more like leather)–which makes them warmer because they block more air.

Aesthetic-wise, it really just depends on the look you’re going for. I definitely see value in owning both pairs. Commando might be better for dressing up/going out, and Spanx more for comfy/lounging–but again, you can’t go wrong with either! I love both! 

Sizing tip: In Spanx leggings I wear size small–I’d say they run fairly TTS. Commando runs VERY small–the smalls on me were suffocating. 

I know you used a travel agent for your trip Italy––did you use one for Spain? Do you think using one is necessary? How do you decide/how much do travel agents cost? 

Our Italy trip was the first and only time so far we’ve used a travel agent. Shout out to Barb–she was phenomenal and she had planned a lot of friends’ trips, so we knew we wanted to work with her! She specializes in more luxury trips (we splurged a lot more for Italy than we would on a typical vacation because it was basically our delayed honeymoon/1 year anniversary special trip). She isn’t taking on a ton of clients right now but feel free to email her at! Her fees are typically between $500-$750, but keep in mind, with a good travel agent, you get a lot of added perks––you often get free upgrades, you always get the best rooms available, etc. 

(For example, my new friend Kelly, who is another travel agent, shared with me recently that the rooms with the best views, for example, will always go to travel agent clients, vs. the crappy corner room by the elevators will usually go to a customer–even if they’re the same “type” of room.) 

Travel agents, at the end of the day, save you time, hassle, and get you the best experience for your money. So while they’re more of an investment, they’re well worth it if the above factors are important to you!

If you’re on more of a budget, I cannot recommend Noken enough. I worked with them on my Portugal trip and it was the best experience! Everything you need is all saved in your personally curated app and it only costs $5 per day of your trip. It’s a STEAL. More details on how it all works here. We would’ve totally used them to plan our Spain trip but their platform doesn’t offer Spain yet!