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Ask Jess: My favorite Christmas Movie, Europe in the Spring, White Elephant Gift Ideas and More!

Dec 14, 2021

Ask Jess: My favorite Christmas Movie, Europe in the Spring, White Elephant Gift Ideas and More!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Today we’re back with another Ask Jess, and I’m answering a few more reader questions submitted on Instagram stories. As always, thanks for your submissions!

Ask Jess: My favorite Christmas Movie, Europe in the Spring, White Elephant Gift Ideas and More!

What’s your favorite Christmas movie? 

I would say our most watched is definitely Christmas Vacation. We are constantly firing off Christmas vacation one-liners this time of year. (Neal says I looked like Ruby Sue as a child.) But I think my favorite is probably The Family Stone. (I’m a sucker for anything with Diane Keaton and Rachel McAdams!) We also love The Holiday. (I am constantly saying “Daaaaddd” to Neal in a little British girl voice pretending to be June’s voice haha.)

Where to go in Europe in the spring? Would like somewhere warm–part city/part relaxing/near water!

Highly recommend doing a combo Barcelona/ Mallorca trip! (See my Barca guide here and Mallorca guide here!) We stayed at two spots in Mallorca but Deia and the hotel we stayed at there–Hotel Es Moli–really stole our hearts! I think the later you can go the better so it’s warm enough to swim!

I have two friends who are expecting and I want to get them a nice gift that they will actually use and make them feel special. Help! 

You’re such a sweet friend! And great question! I actually have a blog post over here with what to gift a new/expecting mom! Another thing to add to that list (that I discovered at the end of my pregnancy) would be some really nice bamboo PJ’s or loungewear/bras/undies from Kindred Bravely! I have a highlight on my Instagram about them right here with my reccos–they’re such a great maternity brand! (Tip: Make sure if you’re getting her anything for her to wear in the hospital that you get it in a dark color!)

Good gift ideas for White Elephant gift exchanges? 

I have lots on my Gift Guide for Her! I think for White Elephants it’s nice to go with something funny but also something several people might really love (this is how to ensure you have a steal-able present!) For example, if you know you have several plant lovers in your girls gift exchange, you could get a crazy plant lady coffee table book! Or my favorite crackling Canadian maple syrup candle! If it’s just a regular gift exchange (I.E. you don’t need something funny) I would recommend a nice bottle of wine, whiskey, or tequila or depending on your budget–maybe Yeti mug or tumbler! EVERYONE will want to steal that! I know that’s not super creative–but I guarantee someone will be way more excited opening something they’ll use everyday rather than something out of the box!

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your Tuesday!

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