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Ask Jess: We’re headed to Florida, my new hair cut, favorite jean shorts, and more!

Green swimsuit,June’s suit, June’s hat, sunnies, headband

We’re on our way to Florida today–for two whole weeks! I cannot WAIT for that 80 degree weather and sunshine! This will be the longest trip we’ve ever taken with June in tow, and we’re so excited. Let’s kick off the week with some Ask Jess reader questions.

Ask Jess: We’re headed to Florida, my new hair cut, favorite jean shorts, and more!

Where are you heading in Florida? And why did you pick that city over others? 

We’ll be heading back to Fort Lauderdale! We’ve been there a few times now! Neal’s family has been vacationing there for a long time, so it’s familiar, it’s a direct flight, really quick from the airport, not overly expensive, not sceney (love a Miami trip but Ft. Lauderdale is easier with a baby), it’s always hot (South Florida is a must for us for that reason!) and where we’re staying is very walkable if you stay near the beach.

This time we’re staying at our family friends’ condo, but last year we rented this house and LOVED it. (Note though it’s not by the beach, and you’ll likely want a car).

Where are you on your press on nail journey? Did you find any you liked!? 

I’m actually working on a full review of these! But long story short, I gave up on the Olive and June press-ons. Too much work.  BUT I ended up really liking the imPRESS version because they are pre-glued and way faster to apply. Most of them come with a square shape so I like to file them so they’re more oval, but that takes a lot less time than I thought it would. (I was VERY frustrated with my first application and then I got the hang of it.)

They are good for about a week–a couple do start lifting at the cuticles after a few days, but I’ve been able to put a little dab of nail glue underneath and that did the trick to secure them for several more days. I think you can’t beat them if you just want your nails done for a weekend or a week-long vacation. If I wanted them to last for longer than that though, I would still go get a gel manicure at the salon! I’m still working on perfecting them, but so far, I’ve been impressed. (As the name would suggest.) More detailed review to come!

Favorite pair of jean shorts? 

I LOVE A.Golde’s denim shorts. I have both the “Parker” style and the “Reese” style (which sadly I don’t think they don’t make anymore because I can’t find them stocked anywhere!) However, I love the Reese because they’re longer and looser, and the Parker long/loose style looks identical, so I’d give those a try if the original Parkers are too short for you!

For a budget-friendly alternative, the Abercrombie high rise dad short is GREAT and so cute. I just noticed they restocked them! I bought a pair right after I had June last summer (in a much larger size, so they actually fit and I had shorts that were cute and comfy that weren’t spandex!) and wore them all the time!

Where do you get your hair cut and what do you ask for? 

I go to Stacia at Sine Qua Non (I’ve gone to her for YEARS). She works out of both their West Town and Lakeview locations and is amazing for both cuts and color. (I can’t speak on behalf of color as I don’t dye my hair but I know many of you go to her for color and have rave reviews!) I don’t typically ever give her direction, I just tell her to make it look good. Typically she’ll just do long layers, but when I got it cut last week, she gave me more layers (shorter layers in the front) and she says it’s called a “long shag” and apparently it’s all the rage right now, but I know nothing about hair trends.

I wish I had photographic proof aside of the one Instagram story video I filmed of how it looked after it was cut and styled. But June barfed in my hair the next morning before I ever got a photo. This article has a bunch of “long shag haircut” photos though!

Favorite moisturizer for dry skin? 

Sunday Riley’s ICE Ceramide cream is AMAZING. I’ve repurchased countless times as my skin gets really dry in the winter and does wonders. For a more budget-friendly version, I always recommend Waleda Skin Food Rich Cream! If your skin still needs help with dryness, a hyaluronic acid serum (I have used/loved this one for years!) can go a long way in the hydration department as well.

Hope you have a great rest of your Monday!