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Ask Jess–How to Keep White Sneakers White, Vacation Dresses, and more!

How to Keep White Sneakers White, Vacation Dresses, and more!

Anddd we’re back for our third edition of Ask Jess! I’m having so much fun with this series, you guys! Keep those awesome questions coming! (Remember, you can submit them here!)

Today’s topics–my #1 most recommended dress for attending a Mexico wedding, keeping white sneakers looking new, proposing to bridesmaids, knowing when to end a relationship, and my favorite Chicago summer activities.

Ask Jess: How to Keep White Sneakers White, Vacation Dresses, and more!

Q: I’m heading to a wedding in Mexico later this summer. Do you have any recommendations for lightweight, cool dresses to wear?

A: I do! We went to Cancun this past winter (you can see all my posts from Mexico here!) and my favorite versatile dress was this lightweight maxi (pictured above!) It comes in TONS of colors (black too, if you’re wanting something dressier!) and is really easy to dress up or down. I think paired with some heels like these (or this tassel Loeffler Randall pair I’ve been dying over forever that just went on sale for under $200!) and fun statement earrings like these or these, it would be the perfect wedding guest dress for Mexico. Linking my favorite colors + accessories above!

Q: How do you keep your white sneakers so white??! I recently bought a new pair of white sneakers but have barely even worn them because I always cringe when my shoes get that first scratch…I was wondering what your protection/color-proofing routine looked like?

A: This is a GREAT question. A fabric protectant is KEY. (I used to use Scotchgard but turns out it’s got a ton of toxic chemicals in it that are really bad for you so I switched to using this brand instead!) Any protectant will do–it just helps prevent stains from happening in the first place! I’ll also treat small stains with a Tide Pen and for a deep clean, I like making a paste with Branch Basics oxygen powder and then scrubbing with a toothbrush!  More on how to keep sneakers white in this blog post!

Q: Ok, Jess…I just got ENGAGED! I want to ask my ladies sooner rather than later to be by my side and I’m wondering how you proposed to your bridesmaids? TIA!

A: First of all, HOORAY!! Congratulations!! Soak up every moment! I asked my Bridesmaids with adorable packages of goodies from BHLDN. I think they have the best selection of cute little bridesmaid gifts that you can really suit for any budget. See some of my favorites above! (How cute are these little “scratch off” balloon cards that reveal the “will you be my bridesmaid” message?)

I also had custom white and gold name tags made by my friend Katie who is an insanely talented calligrapher! I can’t recommend her enough if you need calligraphy for ANYTHING!

Q: What is your best advice on when to work on a relationship and when to let it go and move on?

A: Ah! This is a tough one. To be honest, I think you have to go with your gut reaction. Also, if you find yourself looking at your friends relationships OR your single friends social lives and thinking “that looks fun, I wish I had that”–I think it’s a good indication that maybe you aren’t with the right person. When in doubt, I think taking a break in the relationship always helps bring clarity.

I’m a pretty big believer in the fact that everything happens for a reason. I’m also a big believer that if you can’t answer with a resounding “100% yes, absolutely” when someone asks if you think that person is who you’re meant to be with the rest of your life–that’s probably an indication that they aren’t the right person for you. But I’m no relationship expert, but this is what I’ve found to be true in my experience 🙂 I hope this helps, and good luck!

Q: What are your “must do” summer activities in Chicago?

A: How to choose!? Well, for starters, I think cocktails on one of Chicago’s rooftops or patios are always in order. I wrote a post on my favorite patios and rooftops a couple years back but now it seems to have vanished from my site, so apparently a new post is in order–haha! Some of my favorites are Parson’s, Cindy’s, Big Star, DrumBar and City Winery along the Riverwalk!

Movies in the Park are always fun, as are the free concerts in Millennium Park, and there is always a new street festival to check out (you can see them all listed here!) I also love going on walks on the 606 trail, and the lakefront path is a beautiful place for a run! North Avenue and Oak Street beaches also can’t be beat on a hot summer day. (You will inevitably end up at Castaways, which is always a fun time!)

What other questions do you have? Comment below, or submit them right here