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Ask Jess: Ice Rollers, Love Advice, and tips on mixing fabrics!

Jan 18, 2019

Suede boots (they're waterproof!) Corduroy Skirt (on sale at Nordstrom!) but all sizes still in stock at Zappos! J.Crew sweater blazer (25% off!), Everlane camisole, similar leopard belt–all run true to size!

Suede boots (they’re waterproof!) Corduroy Skirt (on sale at Nordstrom!) but all sizes still in stock at Zappos! J.Crew sweater blazer (25% off!), Everlane camisole, similar leopard belt–all run true to size!

Happy Friday!! 

We’re back with another Ask Jess today. With all the holiday craziness, I fell off the wagon with these, but after reading your comments in the survey–I realized they are some of your favorite posts! (They’re fun for me too! ?) So thought we’d jump back in with my answers to a few more reader questions today! Here we go: 

Can you mix brushed fabrics together? For example, suedes skirt with velvet top!? Or corduroy pants with suede? I enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.

Aw thank you!! And that is a great question! Overall–yes, I think you can definitely play with mixing brushed fabrics. However, it can be a bit situational and will depend on the colors of the items you’re mixing. I am always pro texture and I think it’s an awesome way to make any outfit more interesting.

I would say if you were mixing, say, a black velvet top with a brown suede skirt–yes, that’s totally great. But if you were mixing velvet leggings with black over the knee boots, I would say that will look odd, because they are TOO similar in color and texture and they flow into each other without anything separating them. BUT, if it were say, a velvet dress with black suede OTK boots, that would be cute, because the bit of leg that is showing would separate the two enough.

Or, another example can be the outfit I’m wearing above–the suede OTK boots and a corduroy skirt work together for a couple of reasons: A. They are differing in color and texture and B. They are separated by a bit of leg. 

Overall, my tip: If you’re thinking the outfit looks odd, either play around with switching your colors, or figure out a way to put some separation between the two. A belt can be an easy way to do this, or a change of footwear. I hope this helps! 

What is your best love advice for women in their 20’s?

I get this question so much and honestly, I’m not an expert, and I do not have experience dating in the “app” world, so I’m probably not the most qualified person to answer this, but this is my personal opinion and what I will tell my daughter one day:

You need to fall in love with yourself before you will be ready to fall in love with anyone else. That is the only way you’re going to be emotionally ready when the RIGHT person walks through the door. 

I see so many women fall into the trap of marrying the wrong man because they are insecure with the idea of “being alone”– so she settles for a guy who isn’t right for her, saying, “he’s as good as I’m going to get” and “he’s great and makes me happy enough” because she thinks that being with that guy is at least way better than being alone. (SO UNTRUE!) 

So, as cheesy as it sounds–I truly believe that you need to stop trying to look for love outside of yourself, and just focus on YOU. Work on YOU making YOU happy. Learn to trust yourself and be 100% confident in the fact that YOU are the only person you can rely on for your source of happiness–nobody else. I promise, once you are in the best relationship with yourself personally, you will attract the right person. 

How do you decide which trips/vacations to take your nice camera on? Does it ever get to be a hassle to carry it around?

So, for reference I shoot with a Canon 6D and a 35mm f1.8 lens, so it’s pretty big. Yes, it definitely is a hassle sometimes, but I take my big camera on pretty much every big trip that I want to shoot blog content for. (I.E. bigger trips–but like girls trips for example, I’ll leave it at home just because those tend to be trips that are dangerous for nice camera ?) I have been looking into different mirrorless cameras. I tried the Sony A7 and HATED IT earlier this year, so it was back to the drawing board.) I think the biggest tip I have for that is to carry it in a small backpack vs. a camera bag. When I started doing that, it became a game-changer! The backpack I have is sold out now, but it’s from Madewell and they have plenty of really cute options

I’ve seen you talk about your ice roller on Instagram–can you link it again? What’s so cool about it? I’m intrigued! 

Haha yes! I LOVE my ice roller! It’s less than $15 from Amazon and basically just feels like a spa treatment and is really great for de-puffing your face (and especially your eyes) when you wake up. It also promotes lymphatic drainage and is said to help headaches as well! (It feels really nice rolling it over your temples!) I should probably do a whole post on it because I get so many questions–adding that to the list, haha! 

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Hope you have a FABULOUS weekend! Love you guys! 

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