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Ask Jess–How often I purge my closet, getting yourself out of a rut, favorite camera bags, and more!

Sep 11, 2018

Top, Skirt, Tote–all c/o Everlane

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Hi from Austin!

I jumped on board with Neal’s work trip this week for a change of scenery (not that I needed to add another trip to my agenda ?) but I LOVE Austin and he gets here for work every so often and I’ve been dying to come along! Per usual, I’ll be posting up in some cute coffee shops and scoping out some great local spots! (And of course, some authentic Tex Mex! YUM!) I’m actually sitting in Flower Child writing this as we speak–have you been? Put it on your list for fast, healthy lunch spots! (With free wifi!)

Today, we’re answering 5 more questions in our Ask Jess series. Let’s jump in!

How do you get yourself out of a rut?

Been there! I actually wrote a whole post with my tips on that over here!

This summer, I definitely went through a period of feeling burnt out and just feeling like I was “floating” in general–lacking my usual motivation. What helped the most was realizing that I wasn’t seeing my friends enough. I was too busy working and traveling all over and I hadn’t made enough time to see my friends–especially my blogging friends who are essentially the closest thing I have to coworkers! Sometimes you just need to surround yourself with people who GET exactly what you’re going through. If you feel the same way with work, I highly recommend networking within your professional community! You are who you surround yourself with!

What day do you celebrate as your anniversary? Your church ceremony in Indiana or your big wedding in Oregon?

Good question!

For those without any background, Neal and I did a church ceremony in Beverly Shores (the shore town where a lot of the Loftus fam have lake houses) two weeks before our big wedding in Oregon. I actually wrote a whole post on why we did it (along with photos!) right here! The day we celebrate though is September 9th (yes, we just celebrated our first year anniversary!) However, we were at my best friend Melissa’s wedding (she was so sweet she played our first dance song close to midnight ❤️ )and then we had a family thing to go to on Sunday. We were exhausted from the wedding festivities we kind of postponed celebrating for two more weeks when we’ll be doing a staycation downtown, haha!

How do you know when to get rid of or donate clothes?

I get rid of clothes like it’s going out of style. Whenever my closet is overflowing, I purge. I’m pretty ruthless about it. Whenever people see my closet for the first time they say, “WHERE ARE ALL OF YOUR CLOTHES?!”

If you aren’t IN LOVE with something–don’t keep it! (Although, confession: I do have attachment issues with many of my college t-shirts ?)

My biggest piece of advice is to read The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy (which is basically her second book that outlines the process further, giving you step by step tips and checklists!) I wrote a whole post on my thoughts on the Konmari Method right here! 

Will you ever cut your hair short?

My knee-jerk reaction is HELL NO. My hair is my favorite feature ? It’s like, my thing. Once, several years ago, I cut my hair shoulder length and got bangs and it was SO SO SO SO BAD. I looked like Barkley from Sesame Street.

My mom and my sister both have short hair, and my friends have always teased me asking me when I’m getting the “Keys family bob.” This is probably because their hair all fell out when they got pregnant and never grew back, so I guess if that happens to me, I’ll cut my hair. (And you wonder why I’m not in a rush to have children?!)

Do you take your blog photos with your Canon camera or your iPhone? What do you carry your big camera in?

These were actually questions from two separate people but I will combine them 🙂 I take all of my blog photos with a professional camera unless it’s something more fun/small like a day in the life recap, sometimes my city guides just include iPhone photos because I’m too lazy to haul my giant camera around, etc. But all my outfit photos are shot with a Canon 6D and 35mm 1.4 lens when myself/ my blogger friends / Neal are shooting–when I shoot with Hannah, she uses a Canon Mark 5D with the same lens!

If I’m carrying my camera alone by itself, I’ll often use my Lo & Sons camera bag, but I rarely take that on trips because the strap starts to dig into my shoulder after awhile, so I recently invested in this Madewell backpack that fits my camera and all my essentials! If I’m carrying my camera along with my laptop, they both fit in my Madewell Transport Tote or my Everlane Market Tote. (See photo of my Everlane tote above!) If you’re looking for some great all-purpose bags for work/travel, you definitely need to read this post! 


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