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Ask Jess–Kitchen updates, Good tights, SPF reccos and more!

Kitchen update, Good tights, SPF reccos and more!–Ask Jess

Sweater is old, but many similar styles here

Gooood morning! 

It’s a Tuesday that feels like Monday. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I can never decide. A short week=less time to cram in all the things you need to do, so it can get a little crazy! 

I’m also heading to Dallas for the night tomorrow with Equilibria! We have an influencer dinner there and I’m super excited! Today we’re diving into a few more Ask Jess questions I’ve received from you guys lately! 

What’s the status with your kitchen update!? 

I need to do a whole post on this!! I’m so excited but you guys. Ugh. I hate decorating/renovating/any home project. ????I so do not have the personality type for this. It’s like a full-time job and we aren’t even structurally changing anything!! We’re replacing countertops, backsplash, painting cabinets and updating the cabinet hardware––that’s it! (I hate detail-oriented projects with timelines. ????) 

Where we’re at: We finally placed the countertop order from Home Depot! We went with Silestone Statuario Quartz, which was what I originally wanted to go with (because it’s what Kelly and Mitch used in their kitchen and I loved it in person) and after several weeks of exhausting all other options, JUST like she told me would happen––I still ended up going with Statuario. Haha!! Home Depot was running a big sale so we got it for a STEAL and they came out way cheaper than any other local company. 

Next up: We need to pull the trigger on appliances, and I’m working through that now. Then need to tackle backsplash and cabinet painting! We found a cabinet painter who seems really great and gave us a great price, so I will share all of that after the project is over and I can vouch that he was in fact legit. (And yes, we’re doing dark green cabinets! Yaaaassss!) 

Do you have any favorite tights? Did you end up liking Sheertex? 

OK I need to do a whole review on Sheertex. (If you missed it, I have been testing out these $60 “miracle no run tights.” The short of it––no, they aren’t worth $60. ????I have yet to find a pair of sheer tights that I LOVE. (But also, they’re just tights? Am I ever going to LOVE sheer tights?) However, if you’re looking for super warm OPAQUE tights, I highly recommend Uniqlo’s Heattech tights

Do you still recommend the copper IUD? Any updates? I’m curious but nervous about it!

Yes! I have had it for years now and I LOVE IT. I wish the copper IUD was more commonplace in the US because it really is SO great. (It’s one of the most popular birth control methods in Europe!) It has zero hormones, and is the best “set it and forget it” thing ever–seriously, you put it in, and you’re good for YEARS. I personally wanted to get off of hormonal birth control and it was the best choice for me. I wrote a hugeee long post on it right over here

Do you have a good SPF you’d recommend? 

I have several! I have a huge long post on SPF (for both everyday face and body!) Over here in this post! 

How are you liking your Apple Watch so far!? 

I really like it!! I got it mainly to make me more intentional with moving/being more active every day. And it has ABSOLUTELY accomplished that! I am someone who doesn’t feel pulled to work out (unlike Neal, for example, NEEDS to work out for mental benefits––that isn’t me. ????) So I need some other type of external motivation––I really want to be better about doing something active every day even if I can’t make it to work out (I.E. going for a brisk walk, doing jumping jacks while I’m watching tv, etc). I’ll do a full review after I’ve been using it for a while!