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Ask Jess–Fun Facts, More about my family, and how we split our finances as a couple

Dec 1, 2017

Ask Jess–Fun Facts, More about my family, and how we split our finances as a couple

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Favorite 90’s Nickelodeon show?

Haha! This one is so fun! Definitely All That. Old school Amanda Bynes was the best in “Ask Ashley”, and nothing could make me laugh harder than Laurie Beth Denberg’s SHHH THIS IS A LIBRARY!!! skit. (Where is she now!?)

Do you have a least favorite food/food you just can’t stand?

Sadly I really hate seafood and fish. I try to like it SO HARD and it honestly is one of the qualities I’m most embarrassed about. It’s really annoying to always be the person who orders chicken terriyaki at sushi restaurants or orders chicken fingers off the kids menu on vacation at an Oyster bar. What’s crazy is that I loved it as a child, but then my parents had a Lobster Boil party on Christmas Eve one year in our house and it smelled SO. AWFUL. I lost my appetite for all seafood and have hated it since. (So strange.)

Best brand for an LBD? Or any favorites that you have?

I think Bardot makes the prettiest, cutest dresses at great prices and they have a TON of LBD’s right now! I’ll link my favorites below. Also how cute is this long sleeve black mini dress with the bow in the back!?

I know you’re an aunt–how many nephews/nieces do you have? Being an aunt is the best and I always love hearing more about your family!

Ask Jess–Fun Facts, More about my family, and how we split our finances as a couple

Ask Jess – Fun Facts, More about my family, and how we split our finances as a couple

How cute is this photo Kelly snapped of all of us at our wedding!?

Fun fact: I’ve been an aunt since I was 14! My sister, Alissa, and I are 10 years apart and she has four kiddos! I have three nephews, Jacob, Matthew and Andrew–they are all superstar athletes and smart cookies and I’m so proud to be their aunt! I also have a new baby niece, Ashlynn (with two N’s after our mom, Lynn). Ashlynn turns 1 in December–I can’t believe it’s already been a year! They grow up so fast! She’s just starting to walk and recently learned how to blow kisses.

They all live in Bend, Oregon–I can’t wait to see them when we go home this Christmas! (We’re doing Christmas here this year with Neal’ family and then heading there on the 27th for several days!)

How did you and Neal handle splitting finances when you got married?

Everyone is SO different in this, and it’s really a personal preference. I think you have to find the right balance that works for you. For us personally, we keep things separate and always have. It’s just easier for us that way! Since we’ve lived together for a few years now, it didn’t really seem necessary to mix everything up and do anything different for the sake of being married. We each pay different bills and it evens out! The Everygirl has a really good article on 5 ways to manage money as a couple, too!

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