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Ask Jess–What we eat in an average week, my comfiest pair of shoes, and more!

Sep 4, 2018

Ask Jess: my comfiest pair of shoes, and more | The Golden Girl Blog

Omg happy SEPTEMBER ?

SUMMER, DON’T GO!!! I’m not ready yet.

In happy news though, it’s our anniversary month ? We’ve never really celebrated a real anniversary before (there was no “day” that we actually started dating) so this is very exciting! We’ll be celebrating my bestie Melissa tying the knot to her future husband Tyler on our real anniversary weekend, but we’re planning a fun staycation in Chicago a couple weeks later for the occasion!

We also had the nicest weekend at the lake spending Labor Day with friends and family and taking lot’s of time to relax! Anyway, let’s jump into another Ask Jess! I’m going to start doing these hopefully on a weekly basis now, because they’re fun for me to answer, and I know you guys love them too! (Plus, they only take a few minutes for me to write which honestly= SANITY ?)

Make sure to keep the questions coming! (Look for the link to submit your question at the bottom of the post!)

What’s the comfiest pair of shoes you own?

Oh my gosh that’s a really hard one! I think I would have to say my Allbirds! (Pictured above!) They seriously feel like fluffy cloud heaven on your feet. But my loafers (both my Gucci loafers and my Sam Edelman loafers–I have them in Leopard but they come in tons of colors) are a really close second!

What is your weekly routine as far as eating in and date nights?

This really depends on the week and it can fluctuate based on what I have going on.

I try my best to grocery shop at the beginning of the week, and I’ll usually eat meals at home Monday through Thursday (typically when Neal is traveling).

Whenever I cook for myself during the week, I try to make it primarily plant-based (i.e. I don’t typically buy meat or very little of it, and no dairy products unless I’m having girlfriends over and want to throw together a little cheese plate). You can read more about my Plant Based Diet experience here (the bottom of the post also includes my favorite easy recipes!) There’s also this post on my healthy Trader Joe’s shopping listmy favorite enchiladas, taco bowls, and the morning smoothie that will actually fill you up! I also believe in balance–if I’m eating out, it’s too hard to avoid meat and dairy altogether so I typically just order what sounds good. (I don’t believe in paying good money for something you don’t enjoy!)

We usually cook breakfast at home on the weekends and typically eat out for dinner. (Or if we’ll cook dinner together at home together for a date night in, it just depends on what we’re feeling! Read about our favorite date night spots in this post!)

What are your favorite parts of living in Chicago? What would you change if you could?

My favorite part is that it’s truly a very “liveable” big city. You have the allure of the city but there are lot’s of homey neighborhoods that are quiet. Everything is walkable, and Chicago is much more affordable in comparison to other big cities out there. Additionally, the people are amazing–everyone is really friendly and nice here. The summers are pretty tough to beat–there are so many patios, outdoor activities, there’s the beach–so many places to “get out of the city” that are just a short drive away. It really has everything.

The downside (the only downside) is the winter. UGH. It’s not even the cold that is that bad, it’s that it lasts for a really long time–basically until April. But I tell myself if it were beautiful year round everyone would move here and then it would be ruined.

If you’re curious, read this post, which is basically everything you need to know about moving to Chicago!

How many “trendy” items do you buy each season? Do you follow any rules to this?

I’m not really a big “trends” person–I feel like I’ve gotten this question over and over and over again lately and I think I want to write a whole separate post on my views on “style” and “fashion” as a whole–but I really just buy what I love. I don’t focus on what is and isn’t “in” and instead I gravitate toward what makes me feel confident, comfortable, and what I’ll get a lot of wear out of!

That being said, obviously I still buy clothing that is “fashionable”–if I happen to like something that is “trendy”–I’ll buy it, but I don’t shop based on what’s “in style” if that makes sense.

Hope you have the best day! If you have a question you’d like me to answer, submit it right here!

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