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Ask Jess: Favorite spots to buy trendy pieces, art ideas for a nursery & more

Ask Jess 5.2.22

Sunnies and top from Shopbop, reviewed over here! Necklace and Earrings from ABLE (can use code JESSKEYS15 for 15% off!)

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? I hope it was a good one!

Admittedly I’m feeling very “meh” today. We are on what feels like our 100th stretch of crappy, rainy, dreary spring weather over here and it’s really getting to me as I’m watching everyone else in other parts of the country start to break out their shorts and sandals permanently for the season and here we are still layering on the sweaters and coats. The next nice day we have in the forecast is NEXT Monday. *Cue tears* Small problems, I know. I’m going to put on a cute outfit, go for a walk, and try to hit a coffee shop to knock out some work before picking June up today. Cute clothes and a change of scenery always seem to help!

Anyway! Let’s jump in to answer a few more reader questions to kick off the week.

Ask Jess 5.2.22

Favorite place to shop for more fun/trendy pieces?

Abercrombie has REALLY been killing it lately with the fun/trendy pieces. I can always find pieces there that are fun and stylish but don’t make me feel like I’m trying to be Gen Z, you know what I mean? 😆 Plus, they often have great sales! Shopbop is also another go-to for fun pieces–plus they have Prime shipping which is why they’re always a go-to before vacation when I have procrastinated buying clothes until the very last minute. You can see my latest try on of new Shopbop purchases here!

Also, I think Nuuly is a great option for fashion/trend pieces because you can rent a bunch of pieces for what you’d spend on one thing, and you can pause your subscription whenever you want. It’s really great! I love all of their clothes! (I’ve only rented from them once so far but had a positive experience! I’ll link my review here!)

Art ideas for a nursery?

I am the WORST at decision-making when it comes to art. I know what I love, but I cannot for the life of me get myself to actually pull the trigger on anything and when I do, I never get around to framing OR hanging it. June is almost a year old and I haven’t hung any art in her nursery yet. 😂 I had some vintage prints I was planning to hang but again, never got around to framing them, but–then I saw these geometric prints on Minted which I love so much! I personally wasn’t going for a “babyish” nursery because that just doesn’t feel very “us”–so these were perfect because they’re modern and I could pick the colors that correspond with her nursery perfectly–AND they come framed–they just arrived, so I need to hang them! (I got them in the mauve color way!)

Highly recommend checking out Minted’s art because they just make it super easy, and a lot of their art is customizable in terms of color, so you can make sure it goes perfectly with your existing decor! You can use JESSKEYS15 for 15% off anytime! (Note that Minted is a sponsor but they did not sponsor this! Just sharing because I think it’s helpful!)

What are you most looking forward to right now?

SUMMER. Omg. This has seemed like the longest winter. I just want to be able to walk outside in sandals and shorts again. It feels like the crappy weather is really stretching out this year. We have a lot of upcoming travel that I’m looking forward to as well–Santa Barbara in May, hoping to plan a road trip/camping trip in June, Ireland in July, and Lisbon with Whitney in August, and back to Lisbon for our Atlas Adventures group trip in October!

Favorite spots for a celebratory dinner in Chicago?

Ada Street is always one of my top recommendations! The food is so good, it’s always seasonal, the staff is amazing, the wine is outstanding and always interesting, and they also have a great private room if you are wanting to do a group thing! Boefhaus is always one of my other top favorites–always sit at the bar! Heritage Restaurant & Caviar Bar is also very much a hidden gem but incredible food, service, and they have a great private room if you’re doing a bigger group! See my Chicago section for lots of great other options!

Hope you have a great rest of your Monday!