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Ask Jess–On Advocating For Yourself, Which products of mine AREN’T clean, and Where to go on a solo vacay

Apr 5, 2019


solo vacay

Above: Me at Flora Farms in Cabo–one of my favorite places I’ve ever been! 

Hi friends!

Happy Friday 🙂 

We’re back with another Ask Jess! Some great questions in here–thanks to all of you guys who submitted questions on Instagram stories! ??I’m heading home from Guadalajara today after an AMAZING experience at the Patron Hacienda. I can’t wait to tell you all about it! 

But until then…let’s jump into a few more Ask Jess questions! 

What city would you go to for a solo getaway? 

CABO! My instagram friend/reader (but like, we’re friends ?) Dallas just went to Cabo for a solo vacay and RAVED about it. I mean, I wasn’t surprised, because I LOVE Cabo, but it was great to know that she felt safe flying solo and had the best time! She stayed at Cabo Azul (I’ve heard so many good things as well) and she did a spa day at Flora Farms! I always recommend Cabo because it’s a really cool cultural destination that feels very safe. The safest out of anywhere I’ve ever gone in Mexico–they have incredible restaurants, fun bars, shopping, and so many fun activities. See more great Cabo reccos here and here

In the states, I would probably go to Scottsdale! It’s absolutely stunning, has the best shopping, so many world class spas, beautiful hiking, and I think pretty much any activity that I’d enjoy doing solo! (Yes, I grew up there from 5th-12th grade, but I promise I’m not biased, haha!) 

Do you have 100% Clean Beauty products? If not, what are you comfortable with not being clean? 

Good question! I would say the majority are–but some of my hair products aren’t totally clean (aside from shampoo and conditioner) and a few makeup products. (I’ve yet to find a good clean makeup setting spray!)

I always recommend starting with what goes on your skin first and stays on. Your skin is your largest organ and you want to focus on the products that are being slathered on everyday and getting absorbed. For me, the things that go on occasionally, or as like, the 10th layer are not as imperative. 

For anyone who is new here (or somehow interprets this as me giving medical advice, which I am not) I want to reiterate that what products you do or do not use is a personal decision each woman should make for herself

There have never been massive, large scale studies done on any personal care products like there are on drugs, because the FDA has very little power to regulate them. Yes, you will find lot’s of people, articles on the internet, whatever that say your health is not affected by the products you put on your body. (You will also find people who tell you that buying organic ingredients is a hoax and that pesticides don’t affect our health either. Perspective.)

However, based on the data out there that currently exists, there is enough evidence for *me personally* to steer clear of using certain ingredients if I can find safer alternatives, because, why not? Better safe than sorry, in my opinion, but this is for you to choose for yourself! In the future, I hope that we can accomplish better regulation on this as a country (as has been done in the EU) so we don’t all have to be so careful reading our ingredient labels, but that’s the state of things as they are currently. 

Thankfully, we don’t have to choose between questionable chemicals and crunchy granola products that don’t work anymore. There are tons of amazing clean brands out there to choose from that perform just as well as “non-clean” brands, so this is a decision that feels good to me! 

That being said, again, all of my skincare products are clean.

Again, anything that touches my skin first and gets absorbed is my rule of thumb. Lotion, sunscreen, eye cream, serums, deodorant etc. Makeup and hair? Those transitions can come more gradually (after your skincare stuff) and when you find something that works for you. Also, a lot of mainstream brands have cut out the worst offenders (but not all of them)–like parabens, for example, so even if you can move from a brand that uses parabens to a brand that doesn’t, that’s still a step in the right direction! 

My personal take: If I can find a safer alternative, I’ll switch. If not, I’ll hold off until I can find something comparable. It’s the 80/20 rule. This is the same way I approach healthy eating. I know pizza isn’t good for me, but I’m never going to give it up. I love it too much! But little changes can add up to a big difference. Switching from Papa John’s to wood-fired pizza with all organic ingredients is still pizza, but it’s a hell of a lot better for you and is going to make a big difference in the long run–right? 

My take: I think if you’re cognizant of what you’re putting IN your body (i.e. buying organic) you should be cognizant of what you’re putting ON your body! Buy the “better for you” options where you can and when your budget allows, but also, it’s not something you should fear or let it keep you up at night that you haven’t switched over your blush. ?

If you’re looking for more advice on switching over to clean beauty, sign up for my clean beauty email list to help you do just that! 

How to negotiate/advocate for yourself when you’re first starting your career? 

Some of the best advice I ever received from one of my favorite bosses was: “You work in marketing, and you have to market yourself. Nobody else is going to do it for you.” You need to have your own best interest in mind and make a point to go above and beyond wherever you can, and keep note of that, citing specific examples so you can prove how invaluable you are!

Your #1 goal with EVERYTHING you do should be to add value whenever you can, to whomever you can. Now, that doesn’t mean say yes to so many projects that you have too much on your plate and end up doing a sloppy job because you’re too weighed down with workload. But always be looking for ways that you can improve things. Is there a better way to improve a workflow? Point it out to your manager, and if you have the bandwidth, volunteer to take the lead and look into it further. Did you read a case study that would be really valuable for another team’s presentation?

Send it to them. Then document what you’ve done. Keep a running tab somewhere of all the things you’ve done to improve the team, company, etc. And keep that in your back pocket for your review. You should never be asking for a promotion or a raise if you can’t prove the value you’ve added. 

You may also like reading my post: How to get promoted: The best career advice from my former bosses

Any reccos for Spring wedding guest dresses? 

I actually just did an entire post on this! Check out my What to Wear to a Spring Wedding post right here! I would also recommend Rent the Runway. I’ve always had great experiences with them. BUT I would always make sure to have a backup dress just in case you run into some issues with sizing. It doesn’t have to be one you’re in love with (it can be the one you wore 3 times last year to different weddings). But you never want to get into a situation where your rented dress doesn’t work and then you have absolutely NOTHING to your name. 

Hope you have an AMAZING weekend! 

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