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Feb 25, 2019

Favorite Purses for Travel

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Happy Monday!

Did you have a good weekend?

My best friend Michal was in town from San Francisco staying with us for Friday night, and we all went to girls dinner with my college besties at Mott Street on Friday, and Saturday we had Neal’s birthday dinner with his best friends at San Soo Korean BBQ! It was SO GOOD and so much fun. I highly recommend it, especially for a group! We ended the night at Louie’s Pub, which is always our go-to spot for Karaoke! (Also, I met SO MANY OF YOU there!! Louie’s is the GG reader hangout spot! We should do an official reader meet-up there!?!? ?) 

Let’s jump into this week’s Ask Jess questions! (Remember, you can submit your question here and I will do my best to answer it!) 

What are your favorite purses for travel? 

I really, really love the Madewell Transport Tote for all-purpose travel. It’s the best bag, it holds SO MUCH stuff and it zips at the top, which is key. For a smaller purse, I always recommend Lo + Son’s cross-body Pearl bag! It’s so versatile, has so many different pockets and compartments! For warmer climates/vacations, I always bring this straw Amazon purse. It’s like $15 so you never have to worry about banging it up. ?

Do you have any good suggestions for what to get bridesmaids for bridesmaid gifts? 

I always think a classic piece of jewelry is a great idea! I gave my girls Kendra Scott earrings! They have a whole bridal line that is great for bridesmaid gifts as well as bridal jewelry! (They don’t sell the exact ones I got my girls anymore but these are similar!) I think these Nashelle initial necklaces (you can get them at Nordstrom!) would also be so cute! (My sister heads up marketing for her! She’s based in her hometown in Bend, Oregon!) 

What were those sneakers you were just posting about on Instagram stories? In the market for a new pair! Also, random, but what kind of no show socks do you wear with them? I need new socks! 

Tretorns! I am in love! They took zero breaking in and they feel like cloud slippers on your feet! I order these no show socks on Amazon–I think they’re great! They’re thin, which I like, and they have grips on the heel so they don’t slip off your feet! 

Any “experience” ideas for guys? No clue what to give my husband for his birthday! 

Yes! Neal has been wanting to do Krav Maga forever and for his birthday I recently got him a 10 class pack at Krav Maga Force. I think another fun gift idea would be classes for boxing or a rock climbing gym––all cool experiences that guys probably wouldn’t go out of their way to get themselves but really appreciate. Neal was so excited. 

Hope you have the best Monday!

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